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Friday, September 30, 2005

he can stand up in the crib now Posted by Picasa

another cool jam for Sunday night... Posted by Picasa


Reccomended for your weekend grooving...

Saturday, October 1st
Rich Medina
’s "Connecting the Dots" record release Loft Party
$8 with RSVP, $10 without (events@studiodistribution.com)
69 W 14th St @ 6th Ave NE corner NYC

Sunday, October 2nd
Red Bull Artsehcro with DJ Radar & Raul Yanez
2pm, Carnegie Hall (tickets available at www.carnegiehall.org) This historical event is not to be missed. Trust, this is completely next level. Be there.

-For all my gaming heads, some info on the cool next Gen consoles

Have a good weekend, keep it positve and safe

Thursday, September 29, 2005

just wanted to put this up, So you know, be on the lookout...Rufus Posted by Picasa

Just fixed my Hello, so the SCR returns with images!!!! -- Peep this show in Sunday Posted by Picasa

Better than you think

A few movies that are better than you think

  1. I, Robot - I like Will Smith as an actor. I don't care if it's not cool.
  2. I like Hitch too
  3. State Property 2 - early blog readers will remember my praise for Dash Films and the 1st State P
  4. The Cat In The Hat - the Mike Meyers version
  5. Aviator
  6. Best In Show - although it's pre-cursor This Is Spinal Tap was a little dissapointing. I just peeped it this past weekend
  7. Saved - nice indie flick. That fake Britney Spears (can't remember her name - she was in Entourage this season) was pretty good
  8. The Terminal - been a Tom Hanks fan since Soap
  9. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  10. Team America - America FUCK YEAH!!!!

y'all peep the Rhymefest video yet? Saw it this morning - pretty dope

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

If you can't, then don't

Listening to Jaylib 'Champion Sound' and some Madvillian joints on the 25 Bus on the way to the office this morning. Those are two of the best indie releases since Black Star. I haven't peeped a lot of Stones Throw more recent releases but they have to be the best indie label out there right now. I never got into Quasimoto, but the Jaylib record showed me what is so special about Madlib's production.

I was telling my man Ariel from Fat Beats why I had to put 7H on ice this year. Money (or lack thereof), headaches, drama, personel, the flawed ditribution business model blah, blah, blah. But what I didn't sya was that I don't have the hot records or the great artists. And if I can't produce a record that I enjoy as much as 'Champion Sound', 'Madvilainy' or 'The S and The V' I am going to stay out of the game.

I have made that mistake before - putting out records to keep up with the Joneses or just to 'feed the machine.' Never again. Besides revising my business model and tightening up my own shop, I will be on the sidelines until I can work with another visionary. Someone who is interested in shaking up the game. Moving it another direction. Move it forward.
anyhooo, in other news:

-ooooohhhhhh, Tom DeLay, you're in trouuuuuubbbble

-peep the video streams from my new favorite rapper, Rhymefest. This is the joint with Kanye, 'Brand New'

Real Video Streams: http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_hi.ram http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_med.ram http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_lo.ram

Windows Media Streams: http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_hi.asx http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_med.asx http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_lo.asx

Quicktime Streams: http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_hi.mov http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_med.mov http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_lo.mov

-also catch Common's new video for 'Testify' on MTV2
9/29: 10:30am
10/02: 8:30am

- I love this new KORN deal with EMI

Monday, September 26, 2005

Summer is over

...and thank goodness. Enough of the heat. Bring on the Fall and FOOTBALL.

Cool weather, chicken stew on the stove and the Jets on the tube...I caught a flashback to the good days at 880 Boynton...

I am a bit more into College Football this year as well... poor, poor Michigan

Eli Manning is a bit better than I thought, even though the NYG's lost

Tough loss for my Jets

Brett Favre has lost his mojo...

A different world (like Cree Summers) w/o Randy, even though the Vikings won

But T.O. has to be the best WR in the league

I love the Dr. Teeth of the NFL. Pop shit, then back it up.
In other randomness:

Tim Russert is a dick, (so is Magatu)

The conservatives will never abandon W. (you see that clown on Chris Mathews)

Some cool tech news, digital video game distribution and academia takes video game design seriously

I actually don't agree with this, please post your thoughts. This is a tough argument to sell

What's up with D? 'don't ride the whit horse' as they say

And finally, I love Brooklyn - just joined the new Brooklyn lacrosse club. Scrimmaged SUNY- New Palz yesterday. Never thought I would ever be playing lax in Prospect Park.

Have a nice day (sorry for any typos, i'm late for our staff meeting)

Friday, September 23, 2005

Have a Good Weekend

it's a 50 Cent World and you are just paying the cable bill. In continuing with the 50 media takeover, here comes the video game.

Straight up, this is uber-violent, and socially deviant. But as my man Doug to the Nyce used to say 'sometimes you need some VIOLENCE'

do not let the shorties view these clips
Click here for exclusive details on 50 Cent: Bullet Proof: http://www.gamespot.com/promos/50cent/


Intro: http://www.vugames.com/videolist.do?video=15411

Cut Scene: http://www.vugames.com/videolist.do?video=15407
In other egghead news. You know I like the tech/music tidbits.

General Motors has announced that it has now produced more than three million vehicles with factory-installed XM Satellite Radios. XM is the exclusive satellite radio partner of GM, which offers more than 50 vehicle models that feature XM Satellite Radio. In model-year 2006, nearly 90% of GM's U.S. retail models will offer factory-installed XM satellite radios as either an option or as standard equipment. GM began offering XM Satellite Radio in select Cadillac models in November 2001, the same month that XM launched its service nationwide.

Satellite Radio, digital distribution this is where it's going. And with my peoples Kyle and KB repping at XM, that organization is gonna be good for Hip-Hop.


and a bit of Randomness for you to ponder over the weekend

to an 18 year old today as compared to 30 year old

-Bow Wow is LL Cool J

-Omarion is Bobby Brown

-Marques Houston is Al B Sure

-Little Brother is Boogie Down Productions (ATCQ, De La, etc...)

-Kanye West is Q-Tip

-Young Jeezy is Too $hort

-Lil Kim is Roxanne Shante

-Dip Set is The Juice Crew

-Paul Wall is MC Serch

-Ying Yang Twins are Nice N Smooth

-Sean Paul is Shabba Ranks

-Amerie is Jody Watley (sort of)

-Duran Duran is Coldplay


and lastly two RS Clients on Cold Pizza two days in a row---RayJ and Roll Bounce

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Notes from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

On baby sitting duty today, but thanks to our on the field
correspondent, the Alma G, we have some nice breaking info.

Seems like the Luis Viton got caught with his pants down. Although I
find it hard to believe that Def Jam would allow an uncleared sample on
the lead single of the biggest album of the year. Read on...


BASSEY BLASTS KANYE: British diva Shirley Bassey is reportedly fuming
over Kanye West sampling her 1971 hit, “Diamonds Are Forever,” for
his single, “Diamonds From Sierra Leone.” Bassey claims to be
considering legal action. "He didn't ask my permission to have me
singing on the his song,” she told London’s Daily Mail. “I didn't
even know it existed until I heard him performing at the Live 8 concert.
I didn't even hear from his record company, which wasn't very nice. One
way or another, he is going to have to pay me a lot of money."

The SCR will keep our eyes on this. May be an old crooner looking to
cash in.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hip-Hop pops a 'Woodie'

The C to the O and Dante Beze have been nominated for mtvU's 'Woodie' award. Their version of the VMA's.

If you are not hip to mtvU (it's only broadcast on certain college campuses) peep their broadband site Uber. My man Yomi over there has been trying to make it happen and has done an excellent job incorporating some excellent Hip-Hop programming over there.

Plus they support our events, so they get extra love.

Here is the skinny (SCR bullet time)

-Common received 4 nominations for the mtvU Woodie Awards in the categories of "Woodie of the Year," "Road Woodie," "Good Woodie," and "Alumni Woodie."
vote now for Common at mtvU.com as many times as you want!

Woodie of the Year - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/theyear.aspx
Road Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/road.aspx
Good Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/good.aspx
Alumni Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/alumni.aspx

-Mos Def received a nomination for the mtvU Woodie Awards in the category of "Alumni Woodie."

vote now for Mos Def at mtvU.com as many times as you want!

Alumni Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/alumni.aspx

Here are some links to some more Katrina songs like they Black Lantern joint I posted on Sunday:

Big Sty 'Cry 4 US'


Big Sty made noise a couple of years ago with a song called ‘It’s a Problem’ here he took swipes at everyone from Ja Rule to Suge Knight…This time we get a softer side of this ATL rapper as he takes major swipes at George Bush in a song called ‘Cry 4 Us’ .. Drop Sty's peep a line with your feedbackdantanalv@yahoo.com


Jahi 'New Orleans'


Jahi originally from Cleveland nows makes noise overseas in Denmark. he expresssed major frustration at only being able to get a little bit of news via CNN and Fox about the Hurricane victims. He knew what he was seeing was false… He decided to record a song addressing the issue… Drop Jahi a line and let him know how you feel about his song...onefammusic@hotmail.com


K-Otix-George Bush Doesn't care About Black People


Radio version


This song comes courtesy of Houston based rap group K-oTix..This is a cool remix of Kanye West’s hit song Gold Digger.. Big shout out to them for this hook up. It’s already big news in the Lone Star state... Drop them aline and let 'em know what you think.... mic@k-otix.com

Mos Def 'New Orleans Dollar Day (Katrina Klap)


Mos Def comes with a wicked remake of the Juvenile’s hit song Nolia Clap… Mos gives this song some much needed political substance and even takes some shots at Bono and U2 for being absent when the ghetto really needs their Live 8 help…


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Slum Village drops October 25th; Ringtones a week earlier


The new Slum Vill self-titled heater drops on 10/25. Everyone knows how big of a Slum fan (drunken tirade in Maryland anyone? Sorry D.)

The package will feature a bonus DVD and in a marketing move I am especially proud of the album will be available as ringtones on October 10th. In an innovative deal with Ringtone leader, Zingy, Room Service has put together a deal that will give the technologically adept Slum nerd a chance to peep the whole album 2 weeks before the rest of you plebes.

SCR Bullets (because who needs complete sentences?)

-J Dilla returns. Dilla and BR Gunna produced most of the album

-13 exceptional tracks and an up-close and personal DVD , discussing the changing lineup in the group

-no Capitol Records, this one os on the indie Barak, helmed by my man RJ Rice

-first single, “Ez Up”
real: http://www.barakrecords.com/audio/slum village_ezup.ram quick time: http://www.barakrecords.com/audio/slum village_ezup.mov windows media player: http://www.barakrecords.com/audio/slum village_ezup.wax

-features newcomer J. Isaacs, a singer from Minnesota.

-video directed by Mike Taylor (Boyz in ‘da Hood)

-it's better than their last two, TRUST ME

Track Listing

1. Giant

2. Set It

3. Can I Be Me

4. Call Me

5. 05

6. 1,2

7. Multiply

8. 1-800 Slum

9. Hear This

10. Def Do Us

11. Hell Naw

12. EZ Up

13. Fantastic

Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm A Genie in a bottle

So this weekend I sold my old mp3 player and put the money towards a 20 gig iPod. For a long time I popped mad shit about the iPod. Saying it wasn't the best player and all that. In the past few days I have proven myself wrong. This joint is dope.

And here are a couple of the patented SCR bullet points (I am late for a staff meeting)

-I tried to be a good boy and buy some songs on MSN music before my trip to DC. and when i got on the train the joints weren't there!!!??!!!!

-quite simply, the syncing of the iPod and iTunes is what all these services have been trying to copy.

-The user friendlessness of the Apple movement is simply unrivaled. The ease of running this device makes me want to change from PC to Mac

-Sometimes when you have 92% of a market, it's because you have the best product. That and phenomenal marketing

-And finally, the issue of copyright infringement in the digital music age is an attempt to put the genie back in the bottle. It is logistically impossible to control all these songs (copyrights) floating around.

I am using my man Dave's old PC and he had a bunch of songs on his iTunes and now those songs are on my iPod. I didn't pay for them. Functionally it is simply too hard to police these songs. There are so many cracks in the system it is a waste of time to try and patch them.

The days of getting paid off of recorded music is over. Let it go. Focus on live performance, writing lyrics and music for 3rd parties, licensing music to media outlets, publish your written works (a bound book of your rhymes akin to a book of poetry), podcast, blog, give seminars, teach children.

We need to stop acting like pre-pubescent kids and act like professionals. Take your craft seriously if you plan on making a living from it. The 'We' refers to all of us -artists and executives alike.

The 'label' is not going to swoop in and put you on easy street. More times than not they won't really help you pay the bills beyond that initial advance. Trust me, I have been on both sides.

Speaking of which, check out Brian Coleman's 'Rakim Told Me'
Nothing like first hand accounts from the elders themselves. The Ultra Magnetic section is awesome. They didn't even receive an advance from Next Plateau, but I wonder how Keith claimed they were paying their bills...

As high as the stakes get when paper get lowI be tellin Derick, "Tell Cara get us a show"

Sunday, September 18, 2005

The Black, not Green...

...Lantern. Check this out. This cat took the 'Gold Digger' song and video and flipped it into "George Bush Don't Like Black People"

Kanye's comments athough not insightful, but simply honest have been the strongest statement of this whole disaster. The power of Hip-Hop. It is the pure truth while everyone pussy foots around the issues. I love it.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Done Did It Again

Another great show last night. I can’t front the Room Service team is the shiznit. QB’d again by own Alma G (Unit) this year’s CMJ was off the hook. I am slightly hung-over (me, Doug Nyce, James, and John were hitting our complimentary Bacardi all night) and tired (had to get up to take Miles Boogie to his baby music class at 945 this AM) and it’s humid. Soooooooooooooooo………….I am gonna be str8 to the point

-One Block Radius is the best Hip-Hop act you haven’t heard yet. Really impressive

-Stephanie McKay is cool as shit. Fearless. She got in front of that Hip-Hop crowd and won some fans. The reggae joint was hot

-J-Live has still got (although I missed most of the set)

-Wrekonize is not just another contest winner

-Damn! I missed Ras Kass. He was cooler than his reputation led me to believe. Somebody told he was an asshole

-Rhymefest is still my favorite new rapper. Twilite Tone is the man. They all killed it, just like they did at The Festival

-The Justus League is better than you think. Never heard most of them…they did their thing

-Little Brother is hot right now (imagine me speaking like Mugatu from Zoolander)

-The Chancellor actually met someone who reads this silly blog of man. Big up to Impose

-I met Lyor Cohen, Julie Greenwald, and Kevin Liles…a big moment for a nerd like me. Although I think I was the only who got giddy.

-T.I. was in the house…kind of weird but cool. I say what up and he said “Shorty, you don’t know me.” FYI, I got an inch and about 80 pounds on him…he was a small table

-Brother Kweli was in the house. Unfortunately LB didn’t bring anyone up. Why? Me no know

-The camera adds 10 pounds…ask Amanda Diva

Have a good weekend, thanks for coming out last night.
We are going to Sesame Street Live tomorrow…my life as a soccer dad begins

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Congressman Jefferson

Before I get started let me point out some evidence backing up yesterday’s post. 

Kanye announced new tour and speaks on the importance of hitting the road

Where them dollars at?


I am sure many of you have heard about the story about Congressman William

Jefferson, whose is the congressman for the N.O.


Let me preface this by saying I have met the Congressman and his family

on several occasions. My brother Torey Bullock is married to the

Congressman's daughter Jalila who's is state rep in La. The family is

all good people from the top to the bottom. I jave broken bread in the

house in question, so I am probably far from objective.


I saw the interview on CNN last night and several isssues were raised

that has had my mind racing..


1. The house were raided over a month ago. Why is this story just now

'breaking'? Because the Congressman is the perfect discraction. He's

Black, Democratic, and paid. While the 'liberal' media attacks Bush,

FEMA, and Skeletor, the Republican spin machine launched the story the

Black Democrat who abused his power to check on his house while people

died. Although that it is true, it should be noted that the Congressman

never asked for a National Guard taxi, but also did not refuse it when

he should have. that has been admitted.


2. Does the Republican power structure really want a story about a

politician who mis-used his power or authority in the wake of Katrina?

Because I can think of several cats who could really suffer from that

argument. In purely nuts and bolt terms, how many people potentially

died b/c of the Congressman's bad choice and how many died b/c of Bush's

poor choice. And with that nursing home facing negligible homocide

charges this could be a situation that both Democrats and Repubs should



3. There is a decidedly socialist response to Katrina.  A sense that the government must come in and provide all pertinent assistance to its citizens, when the citizens are unable to provide for themselves.  This is completely understandable and a viewpoint I agree with.  The problem is we live in a capitalist society where if you can’t afford health care you die on the street.  This conflict seems to be the elephant in the room.  I say this to say that essentially what the Congressman was wrong in hindsight I bet most of us would have done the same.  We are taught to take care of ourselves and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  So are we really that outraged that the Congressman went to check on his private property and the belongings of his daughters.  You think those cats in the Superdome would not have done the same if they could.  You think George Bush would have waved off the help if his Crawford Ranch was possibly being looted.


This issue has added for me another level of discussion. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Wheel Is Broken

The Wheel doesn’t work

Still thinking about the FMC Conference. I have come to the conclusion that the whole thing is messed up. For all the complaining artists do about their deals and the industry how many hip-hop artists were at this conference.

As far as I could tell, one, and he was with me, Blue Black.

How many Hip-Hop labels: 2 (3, if you count me, but I no longer count Seven Heads as a traditional label), and one of those cats was on a panel

One management company. A real cat we met named Enrique, who was definitely on his hustle.

There may have been more, but I was more in educational mode than networking (shame on me)

So with all the complaining, the grief labels get (unfortunately myself included), the disgruntled artists, the laid off execs and junior execs how many took the time to build with the commissioner of the FCC or the head of the RIAA.
Four cats.

And the four that came were not even four of the biggest dogs in the indie or major scene. No rep from Def Jam or j or Stones Throw or Swisha House or BME or Def Jux. No artists who felt they have been chewed up by the system. No El Da Sensei (smile), no J-Live, no Slum Village, no Leela James.

This whole industry simply works at such inefficient levels it is a surprise the wheels are still on. 9 out of 10 projects do not recoup.
9 out of ten artists make no money on album sales. Labels are batting .100. Numbers like that get you bounced out of the league and gets your franchise contracted like the Montreal Expos.
Not in the music business. In the music business those numbers attract more lemmings to the edge of the cliff in hopes that will be the one cat who makes it.

Hopes that they will be Madlib, El-P, Young Jeezy or Kanye. That they will be PB Wolf, Dame, Jay, or Michael Watts. Never realizing that they will most likely end up like Zhigge, Leaders of The New School, Guesswhyld or Jay Biz. (The last couple of mentions were some cats who should credit for this whole indie thing but are lost in the annals of history because they couldn’t repeatedly score in that 99th percentile).

Here is a mews bulletin that everyone from Young Buck to George Clinton will clue you in on.




We must stop measuring our success by how many records we sell. Kanye sold 3 million and will tell you that is not what pays for the Sonny Crockett blazers. If you wanna be a real capitalist, let’s measure your net worth. Tally the whole pot. That’s who wins.

I don’t want to hit y’all with all of this at once. So tomorrow will be:

-The Media needs to stop perpetrating the myth
-Musician vs. celebrity

Monday, September 12, 2005

USA Rail

On the Amtrak back from the Future of Music Conference. Looking forward
to seeing my boy Miles Boogie. No fun if the homies can't have none.

The conference was at George Washington in D.C. A copule days down there
makes me remember how much I like being in a college environment. It's
good to be around people whose main purpose or aim is problem solving
and intellectual advancement. Too often I am surrounded by negativity
and complaining mainly by suprisingly incompetent people.

Struggling with those incompetents takes up most of the team's time in
the office. So much that sometimes we don't have time for out own
intellectual advancement.

There was some heavy dudes at this conference that were straight up
inspiring. Bumped into one of my favorite Hip-Hop smarty pants, Jeff
Chang. Good dude. Finished 'Can't Stop' on the way down Sunday so the
timing is great.

I envy Jeff. I would love to get paid to travel the country and have a
captive audience listen to my thoughts on Hip-Hop. I'll have to settle
for Eb and Alma.

Heard from: the Commissioner of the FCC, head of the RIAA, Shawn Fanning
(dissapointing. For someone I credited for starting a revolution he was
disturbingly polished), the founder of CD Baby, and actually a neighbour
from 55 Washington who has developed some cool new software.

George Clinton spoke today. A truly wise elder. Dropping knowledge
effortlessly. Hank Shocklee talks too much, though. Anyone who was at
the PE symposium knows what I went through. (As I told Rob, this n&^%a
ain't gonna make me miss my train."

Some randomness
-does NewsCorp own Myspace?
-the only online retailer generatign dough is iTunes
-do you wanna be a celebrity or a musician
-a new tax coming from your IS
-copyright law is booooooring
-Starbucks the new biggest music retailer?
-Prince and the NPG is the only doing it and therefore has the least to
-sell a recording of the show at that show

Long post. Good to be back. As always let's keep it positive. Train is
pulling into the good Penn Station. I'm out.

And no more tiny text, sorry

Live From the District

Peace party people,

At the Future of Music Policy Summitt sharpening my mental sword, as it

This is a great event that I highly reccomend. Just finished peeping a
panel with the original Napster, the head of the RIAA and the head
Technology guy at Microsoft. Some real cats.

My initial thoughts: they are may smart people in the music biz
(certainly smarter than my ass), and people desperately want to put the
genie in the bottle.

More later...

CMJ this Thursday, don't front

Friday, September 09, 2005

Off and On

-As always for Katrina coverage check my peoples Ian, J-Smooth and their extensive list of links

- Rhymefest gets Kanye's back

-first head has rolled. That is a good sign.

-What is the deal with those $2,000 debit cards? You know there is gonna be a lot of theft and hustling with those.

-Great piece about the knucklehead FEMA director on WNYC this morning. Of course on the fairest man in media's show, Brian Lehrer. You can always get it on podcast.

- Trendz of Culture's Grapevine on 'Cuts' last night. Why I was watching 'Cuts' - don't ask. I won't tell

-Listening to new Sadat from Female Fun. Some good, Some bad

-Common's 'Be' video is not a commercial, says Geffen. No matter what it looks like. no matter
belated Entorage review:

-Was Ari's advice to E wholesome or did Ari realize that was his only way to keep Vince. Remember Ari is seasoned vet who has not only been around the blocs, owns a piece of it.

-I did not realize Ari ran that office. Thought he was just one of the top agents

-Is Saigon that good?

-Glad Vince grew some cojones, but it is a bit weird how all three of the guys livliehood is based on Vince

-I bet we won't even see any shooting of Aquaman, like we never saw the shooting of 'Queens Village'

-Funny how little we see Vince work. Only that commercial really

-Those are stil the best foursome since George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine or Stringer, Avon, McNolte, and... you get my point

sorry for the anemic posts. busy week. little sleep

(on a really seperate note there should be a rule, if you are gonna get on message boards and pop shit, you have to put your name, email, and phone number so you can't hide behind cowardly mis-informed posts. And so you can be found to catch your ass-whooping)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Unacceptable incompetence

Poking around the web about Katrina. Check veteran blogger Ian at Different Kitchen. He is doing an excellent job at posting information that will keep the pressure on.

My blog will be resigned from my big mouth commentary and the occasional distraction because if the Katrina atrocities are all I ever read I will not be able to function.

Enotourage post tomorrow. and R. Kelly's performace at the VMA's was genius.

In the meantime, Kanye was absolutely right.
I don't want to see Barbara and George Bush crack another fucking (excuse my French, Dad) smile on TV. Smug bastards. Out of touch, elitist assholes

How can George Bush talking about sitting on overtly racist Trent Lott's porch while people are drowning in e. coli contaminated water.

He must resign, and I hope Congress brings him up on charges of criminal negligence.
Twice now he has refused to read research at his disposal and thousands of Americans have died. He is wicked, and incompetent at best. I run my own business and if anyone under my employ (Bush works for us, remember that) with these 2 blunders under their belt would be terminated immediately.

How many tragedies will he let this country walk into before we can fire him.

And this is not partisan talk. It is common sense. Bush's management style is simply ineffective and deadly when faced with extraordinary circumstances. He is a business man, he must understand this viewpoint.

Please let's keep this in the forefront and do not let the Larry Kings of the media allow us to gloss this over.

People have died while I wrote this post.

Monday, September 05, 2005


The Swift chancellor is gone…

It’s Miles’ first Labor Day and we are gonna hit the
parade on Eastern Parkway

A little difficult to really max and relax after having watching on this Katrina coverage all weekend. Actually watched a lot of coverage on Fox. On Friday they were doing some hard hitting coverage, but then on Saturday and Sunday they switched to rah-rah USA mode. Geraldo was really bringing it.

But before we bounced I wanted to post a link to the video of Kanye’s
wild out. Please see it before you comment too much. I have been commenting that there is no Rudy type leadership in the aftermath. The Mayor is stepping up. It’s certainly not Skeletor. Odd that Kanye is the 1st cat to really say what we all think. Articulate or not.

Also wanted to link to the video from Jefferson Parrish president Broussard from
Meet The Press. I had to definitely wipe the tears. It is as bad as we think down there times 1,000.

I am scared to hear the ‘stories’ the Mayor was referring to on
60 Minutes last night.

We are planning some extra elements to the CMJ show to raise some dough. Also going through the house to give up as much as I can. Please do the

Friday, September 02, 2005

Looting vs Finding

I had some witty observations on why grown men still buy sneakers, but it seems silly with everything going down South.


Interesting to how people of color are consistently being labeled as 'looters.' Eb sent me a great pic depicting the news bias in this matter. But I can't upload it. Check it on O-Dub's blog and on Daily Kos

Are you a looter when you are scavenging for a food in the midst of a disaster of this magnitude. Especially when thousands have not seen a cop, trooper, or soldier in a week.

Now is the time for tough guy George Bush to show the same balls he did with Iraq. I think that America should be very careful. We are spread very thin across the globe. And with sending troops and resources down to the Gulf Coast will spread us even further.

I know it is rude to discuss, but what will be the political ramifications for the Bush political machine. He better get his ass in gear or he can put Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in the blue colimn in '06/'08.
In business related news, just for balance sake. I willl be down in DC for this. Try and make it if you can
In less than two weeks, hundreds of musicians, technologists, industry insiders, academics and attorneys will convene in Washington, DC at what's shaping up to be the most compelling music/technology event of the year.

Register today for our fifth annual Future of Music Policy Summit, September 11-13, 2005 at GWU's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC. Co-presented by FMC, the Entertainment & Sports Law Committee of the Maryland State Bar Association and MICPEL.

It's unlikely that a group of panelists and speakers as important and influential as these will be assembled...again...ever. This is going to be one scrumtrulescent Summit, so don't miss this opportunity.

Legendary funkmaster GEORGE CLINTON
Consumer Electronics Assn president GARY SHAPIRO RIAA CEO MITCH BAINWOL and president CARY SHERMAN Eliot Spitzer's lead payola investigator TERRYL BROWN CLEMONS Radio promoter JEFF McCLUSKY Blogger GLENN COOLFER Harvard Berkman Fellow DEREK SLATER ASCAP artist/producer JOE HENRY Gartner Group researcher MIKE McGUIRE Canadian member of Parliament SARMITE BULTE ASCAP artist/avant-garde pianist MATTHEW SHIPP

..and 100 more panelists including:

Public Enemy co-founder HANK SHOCKLEE
US Register of Copyrights MARYBETH PETERS Original Napster creator, Snocap co-founder SHAWN FANNING R.E.M. Advisor BERTIS DOWNS and bass player MIKE MILLS Meet the Composer's HEATHER HITCHENS NARM president JIM DONIO
...and even more. See entire list of confirmed panelists here:


Sponsored by: ASCAP * Microsoft * Consumer Electronics Association * Recording Artists' Coalition * AFM * BMI * Online Gigs * CD Baby * AFTRA * SESAC * IODA * The Recording Academy * Public Knowledge * Groove Gumbo * EFF * Epiphone Guitars * KEXP-FM Seattle * Indie-Music.com * Just Plain Folks * Starpolish

Thursday, September 01, 2005

My Sweet Brother Numse

ESPN’s 50 in 50 is almost over and although it was a stupid idea at first, I think I might have caught every one. Even on the weekends.

devastation from Katrina is so much worse than I thought. How I got that misperception, I don’t know.

saves the music industry. 850K!?!?!? That is indeed getting it done. And the joint is that good. A little long and some of the fat could be trimmed, but isn’t that always the case?

I just caught the Cree Summers reference in 'Spaceship'

Who caught the 'Sweet brother Numse' reference on 'Gone'?

iPod/cell phone. Two of the great innovators of our time come together. I seen it coming.

BBC getting down with downloads

Watching ESPN talk to Roger Federer this morning. Please stop referring to Lance as dominating his sport like Tiger or Michael. It is simply