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Friday, September 02, 2005

Looting vs Finding

I had some witty observations on why grown men still buy sneakers, but it seems silly with everything going down South.


Interesting to how people of color are consistently being labeled as 'looters.' Eb sent me a great pic depicting the news bias in this matter. But I can't upload it. Check it on O-Dub's blog and on Daily Kos

Are you a looter when you are scavenging for a food in the midst of a disaster of this magnitude. Especially when thousands have not seen a cop, trooper, or soldier in a week.

Now is the time for tough guy George Bush to show the same balls he did with Iraq. I think that America should be very careful. We are spread very thin across the globe. And with sending troops and resources down to the Gulf Coast will spread us even further.

I know it is rude to discuss, but what will be the political ramifications for the Bush political machine. He better get his ass in gear or he can put Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama in the blue colimn in '06/'08.
In business related news, just for balance sake. I willl be down in DC for this. Try and make it if you can
In less than two weeks, hundreds of musicians, technologists, industry insiders, academics and attorneys will convene in Washington, DC at what's shaping up to be the most compelling music/technology event of the year.

Register today for our fifth annual Future of Music Policy Summit, September 11-13, 2005 at GWU's Lisner Auditorium in Washington, DC. Co-presented by FMC, the Entertainment & Sports Law Committee of the Maryland State Bar Association and MICPEL.

It's unlikely that a group of panelists and speakers as important and influential as these will be assembled...again...ever. This is going to be one scrumtrulescent Summit, so don't miss this opportunity.

Legendary funkmaster GEORGE CLINTON
Consumer Electronics Assn president GARY SHAPIRO RIAA CEO MITCH BAINWOL and president CARY SHERMAN Eliot Spitzer's lead payola investigator TERRYL BROWN CLEMONS Radio promoter JEFF McCLUSKY Blogger GLENN COOLFER Harvard Berkman Fellow DEREK SLATER ASCAP artist/producer JOE HENRY Gartner Group researcher MIKE McGUIRE Canadian member of Parliament SARMITE BULTE ASCAP artist/avant-garde pianist MATTHEW SHIPP

..and 100 more panelists including:

Public Enemy co-founder HANK SHOCKLEE
US Register of Copyrights MARYBETH PETERS Original Napster creator, Snocap co-founder SHAWN FANNING R.E.M. Advisor BERTIS DOWNS and bass player MIKE MILLS Meet the Composer's HEATHER HITCHENS NARM president JIM DONIO
...and even more. See entire list of confirmed panelists here:


Sponsored by: ASCAP * Microsoft * Consumer Electronics Association * Recording Artists' Coalition * AFM * BMI * Online Gigs * CD Baby * AFTRA * SESAC * IODA * The Recording Academy * Public Knowledge * Groove Gumbo * EFF * Epiphone Guitars * KEXP-FM Seattle * Indie-Music.com * Just Plain Folks * Starpolish


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