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Friday, March 31, 2006

"Not only am I a great MC, but yes, I love triangles like Telly on Sesame Street"
-The Big Daddy, you know like your father
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The shot that ended the war

an excerpt from

You ‘Bamas' should all Thank the BDK
which can be viewed in its enitirety on Brooklyn Bodega
I've realized growing up in the Bronx in the 80's instilled in me a peculiar view of Hip-Hop. Probably something akin to growing up in Cooperstown or Canton, OH. Hip-Hop started in the Bronx and Bronx heads take that s**t seriously. For probably the 1st decade of Hip-Hop we felt that Hip-Hop was ours. Our baby, our mode of expression and henceforth we owned the keys to the house.

I think Jeff Chang documents this sentiment in his phenomenal book, 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop.’ Jeff lays out in detailed and wonderful language how important the Bronx was in our culture's birth.

To truly understand the BDP vs. Juice Crew beef we must view it through the proper territorial lense. This was more than beef as we know it today. 50 vs. Game, 2 immature millionaires in a pissing contest. No this was a battle for the ownership of a culture, if such a thing is possible. Hip Hop was Bam, Flash, Red Alert, Kiss FM, and Boogie Down Productions. It was not Marley Marl, Shante, Mr. Magic, and Queens (Bridge). So sayeth the uninformed pubescent Bronx smart alec kid.

So when the BDP/Juice crew beef started it was Civil War.
Choose a side as the battle rages for the future of our nation. 'South Bronx' to 'The Bridge' to 'The Bridge Is Over' to 'Duck Alert' and on and on.
KRS destroyed Shan...

Thursday, March 30, 2006

You ain't as fly as we is

"I am the excecutive producer of this classic album, one of the SC's favorite people, and the Uncle of another prominent Native Tongue MC...Who I'm is?"
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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

for shame
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All Hail Funkin' Lesson

So the word is out and the Big Daddy is headlining the Festival. We just received two more confirmations that I can’t announce until The Bodega says so. BTW, make sure to check out the Bodega to get tickets and info. Also James is coming up with some hilarious posts. It’s also his birthday today so as a gift forward him all the spam you get in your inbox today.

The South. A rape case. And the only guy not under suspicion is the Black guy. What goes around comes around I figure.
If this is true those dudes need be sent to the Oz of North Carolina to wash another man’s drawers for the next 15-20

Watching the Video Music Box tribute to Professor X on Saturday night. Wow, I haven't seen these videos in like 12 years.
X Clan will go down as a small group with a major impact. They waved the afrocentric banner that is so closely associated with the Golden Age. And they repped it hard. On every track.
While a lot of rappers run their jibs, Professor X was leading marches.
Kweli, Mos, Common, and certainly dead prez would not have existed without X Clan. I would go as far to say that dead prez is a more militant and slightly better organized X Clan with MC’s worse than Brother J and better than the whole BlackWatch Movement.

New trivia question

Brother J of X Clan went to a prominent NY High School with several other students who went on to form their own influential Hip-Hop groups. Name one of his schoolmates.
And as a bonus what was the name of the high school?

Monday, March 27, 2006

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Peace is not the word to play

The Nation of the Gods and Earths aka 5%'ers must be held in high regard even by skeptics. If for no reason than for the Nation's ability to
artistic force of the last 100 years (at least).

Listening to the iPizzle on the 25 Bus and this post woke me up. I
remember speaking with J-Live about this years ago. He was the 1st
member of the Nation that I ever sat with for real. Anyone who knows J knows that
he takes his lessons as seriously as his music or family. So when he
broke down the basics to me I felt like I was listening to a proper
representative not an interloper.

That day in St. Louis before doing a show with Natural Resource (Ocean
and What What aka Run Run Shaw aka Jean Grae) J took pleasure in laying
out some of the elements Hip-Hop had co-opted from The Gods and Earths.

Just a few:

-The salutation of 'Peace'
-'Word is Bond'
-Cipher as in rhyming in one
-'Do the knowledge'
-'Ak' (as in "My boys I call them Ak")
-almost all Brand Nubian songs (definitely Jamar verses)
-The Wu catalogue
-Gang Starr
-more Busta lyrics than one would think

I also wonder what Hip-Hop would be without the overtly arrogant
patriarchal nature of the Gods. A strong case could be made that the
study of 120 by NYC's Black male youth empowered many of Hip-Hop's tent

Entrepreneurship, unabashed courage in the face of corporate money, the
limited sense of community re-investment. And unfortunately the
Judeo-Christian sense of male chauvinism in the wrong hands gave birth
to the rampant misogyny in Hip-Hop.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

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More trivia

Name three people who got the gas face in the video of the same name?

In keeping with the 'Gas Face' video theme

Bonus questions 1 and 2:
What famous DJ signed to Wiesel Records?
And what was their 'signing bonus'?

Email your answers to info@brooklynbodega.com

Saturday, March 25, 2006

The best thing about the NCAA Tourney..

...there is a guy named 'Big Baby' involved


Sorry that the SCR was silent for most of the week. Email and web
servers were down at the gig.

Talk about a draining experience.

Thanks for hanging in there with us. We'll be back in full and total
effect next week...

...with a Big Daddy of an announcement

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Yeah Skip.

Adam Moorison as Bird? Heeeeeeeeeeeeelllllllllllllllll Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
Bird over Magic - double Hell Negative!

I love Cold Pizza, btw and DVR (I think I mentioned that. Watch 24 while taping Navy at Colgate, word up)

Wake info for Professor X

Thursday, March 23, 2006, 3 ? 9pm

House of our Lord Church
415 Atlantic Avenue
(between Bond and Nevins Street)
Brooklyn, New York 11217

A,C, G Trains to Hoyt/Schermehorn
2,3,4 Trains to Nevins Street

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The Father

So no correct responses to yesterday's trivia question
The correct answer was Father MC and Puff was a dancer in Father's video 'Treat 'em Like They Want To Be Treated'

So take that knowledge with you to your next dinner party

-Been working with the great Professor Prince Paul on a show for XM Radio. Be on the lookout for it after Easter. gonna do this one right

-your man Mark Cilantro has been at it again. Check it out

-Headliner for the Festival is a done deal, but I can't officially announce, but he used to rock 'three cuts in his eyebrow'

-Also the #2 slot has been filled and it's gonna be crazy, maybe even a Fiasco

Today's question:
What is the name of the Craig G song that shared a sample with a monster hit from Biggie?
email answers to info@brooklynbodega.com for a Public Enemy DVD

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Ok new policy on the trivia question. Email your answers to info@brooklynbodega.com
Winners will be announced in the following day's post.

Since the president for life of Cuba's knowledge is so diesel here is Monday's question #2

What was Hip Hop impresario Sean 'Puff Daddy Diddy' Combs first signing as an A&R at Uptown Records.
and the bonus - what role did he play in said artist's video featuring k-Ci, Mr. Dalvin, Devante and J0-Jo?

Fidel Negro with the call!
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Monday's trivia question...

...on Sunday because that's how I do

and for a bonus stupid dookie prize...

Sucks to be Diddy right now
He is ducking a few lawsuits
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Word to your Mother

My bracket is busted. After popping a lot of shit I have realized that my Big Dance knowledge is woefully lacking.

But in my defense - Bradley!!?!?!?! who knew?
Hopefully UConn will pull it out and save the remains of my bracket.

Happy Belated to my man Greg Trani who threw down at Via last night. A late night for the SC, but well worth it. (bad ass Indian ladies! where was this club when I was single?)

-Word to CSTV and DVR from Time Warner. Watched the tourney, taped Uncle Ralph and professional lacrosse

-and word to the YMCA swim class, brunch at The Heights Cafe and Music Together, the best parts of my week

Friday, March 17, 2006

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To All the Activists and Fighters for Hip Hop Culture, I am sorry to say that A Great King and Warrior, PROFESSOR X aka Lamumba Carson, has just passed on today to be with our Ancestors and among the Gods and Goddesses of the Supreme Force One God who is called by many names. May Amen Ra/ Allah be with our brother's soul any May his Father, Sony Carson, receive him to be with The Ancestors of The Indigenous People of the Planet so called Earth.
We ask that all who love Hip Hop Music to call all these so called Hip Hop Radio stations and Video shows requesting to hear X-Clan Songs on the airwaves as well as to see X-Clan videos all over the world on TV.

Peace and Blessings To All"
Brother Afrika Bambaataa
The Amen Ra of Universal Hip Hop Culture

hate the moustache
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Day 2 of the greatest time of the year

-My upsets specials fell apart yesterday

-Damn Tennesssee!

-And the Gonzaga train will derail. Come on Mike Davis. Hate the moustache

-Thank You GW for covering the spread.

-No thanks to BC for messing it up. I di dhave them in the office pool so it's all good

-Let's go Oral (snicker) Roberts and Texas cover those spreads

-Don't bet against Lute and Tom to the Izzo until the Sweet 16

-So are Starbury and LB cool now? I haven't been following. Somebody give me the gist


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

10 years!? - I thought there would be more people at my party
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Busta Rhymes is in effect

Had a dream last night that (..And my man came by the studioAnd his name is...) I was arguing with my lawyer cousin as he was trying to tell me how to run my business. My heated response to his
condoscending attack was 'why am I even listening to you. I've been
running my own business for 10 years!'

And I woke up this morning to realize that last February marked 10 years
since I struck out on my own. From 7H Promotions to 7H Management to 7H
Recordings to Uncle Junior Records to Do Things For The Kids to Room
Service Productions. 10 years on the hustle. Can't front, feels good to
still be here.
I'm just as geeked about the Festival as I was about 'Soon
Come...' or 'The Best Part'

Sad when I think about how many cats are not in the game anymore. (Happy
that some are gone)

Thanks to the clients who've hired us, artists who trusted us, employees
who toiled with us, interns who volunteered, colleagues who built with
us, family and friends who loaned us money to make ends meet, and fans
who enjoyed our work.

Let's keep it moving

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

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"oh shit, he gets props too"

The answer from yesterday's question was the Chocolate Boy Wonder Peter Phillips aka Pete Rock. My man answered Skeff Anslem which is not what I was lookign for but could be right. My man, if you have some info to share with the SC please do.

I got that info from the marketing push from Loud for Soul Survivor back in 1990 whatever. Where is Chris Lamonica?

Remember the adlib 'Pete Rock for the beat you don't stop'

And on Sunday while you were watching the story of a murderous, racist Italian from New Jersey I was keeping it real watching the story of a struggling Black family from the Projects. Then after the rerun of 'Good Times' I peeped the Sebastin Telfair documentary "Through The Fire."

Outstanding! Go peep it. I have mad respect for that cat and his family. From Moms to his 2 older brothers to his little man.

I can't front I caught a tear at the end. Whatever, I am a softie.

Later, gotta fill out my bracket before the Hampton game

Monday, March 13, 2006

"I have a dream that one day...
...a 45 year old rapper will score 2 reality shows where he gets women of all races to rock gold fronts and have sex with washed up C-List actresses and aspiring strippers. On that day I will grab my iPod and listen to that rapper's politcally tinged songs and rejoice and exclaim
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A lot to talk about today, but as usual not enough time

-The answer to the last trivia question was the Kool Genius of Rap aka Kool G Rap. He introduced the R to Marley after hearing about this dope MC from the Island. Rumor also has it that the Extra Large Professor did a lot of the composing on ‘Paid In Full.’ As anyone can read from the liner notes, he was unaccredited.

My man Aqua Boogie said Freddie Foxxx introduced Rakim to Marley. I never heard that story.

-Flavor Of Love!
Flav just went with the baddest chick. Especially after New York gave up the milk. No need for the cow.
Hoopz is a little tomboy-ish for me. Still fine, though.

-what a run by Syracuse. I like that kid McNamara. I do think they will lose the 5/12 game

-No Virginia (not a chance)

-No Michigan (I know Joey is pissed)

-My bracket was 80% last year. I’m winning the office pool this year. Watch out Trani!

-March Madness is the greatest sporting event of the year!

Today’s trivia question – Who produced ‘Jazz’ (We Got) by A Tribe Called Quest
a Gorillaz CD
HipHopSite's Preemptive Hype vol. 12

Friday, March 10, 2006

The original God MC
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You Can Get A Smack For This

Didn't realize it was BIG's anniversary until I peeped the Bodega.

But I am really uncomfortable with his mom getting in on the Biggie franchise. She sounds like some movie producer I could have seen at The Standard in LA last week. Great spot, btw.

Busy day, short post again.

Shout out to Kenny on the great call with the Grav answer to Wednesday's question. e us at info@brooklynbodega.com with your address. Same for AD on the Gary Grice answer. I may have told you to hit me at the Room Service address, but the Bodega folks will be holding down the prizes.

I gave my prime question to the Bodega, but I got more where those come from

Today's question:
What legendary rappper introduced Rakim to Marley Marl and set the wheels in motion for 'Paid In Full'?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Gordon Parks
cool as shit - before most of us were born
Good Night pops
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What happened?

-I leave town and the Knicks win 2 in a row.
Is that what those bums needed? Whatever works.

-RIP Gordon Parks

-Still on West Coast time so I need a nap - short post today

Today's trivia question:

What Chicago rapper featured a young Kanye on beats and Rhymes in the late 90's? And what was the name of the album?

Hint: he was on the same label as the artist formerly known as Fashion

Winner gets a Rawkus Records 'Best of Decade I" CD

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

New question

Since Steph answered the question and doesn't want the game here is a
new question.

Why are people setting Gonzaga when they barely beat the wack teams in
their own weak conference? Like LMU

Sorry that's not the question, just a rant after watching SportsCenter.

Real question in keeping with the government name theme.

What are the GZA and Raekwon's gubmn't names? Full names please.

Winner gets a Dilated '20/20' CD and/or the 50 Cent game.

Steph, holla at me about the book idea and the Festival. Call the office
this week.

Pasadena farewell

The SC has been out in Killa Cali for a minute. Not for the Soul Train
Awards or the Oscars. My invite must have got lost in the mail.

Shout out to my man who hit me with the answer to the Common lyric.
Gotta get your addres and send that DVD. I'll hit you when I get back.

A lot of talk out here about Studio Distribution. The big winner looks
like Pete and BBE. If they are a free agent (I thought they were with
Caroline) they are gonna have some interesting offers.

Also be hearing some talk about the Dilla tributes in NY and LA. Radio
City? Tribe reunion?

More Dilla albums form his personal library?

After a little red tape we are able to finally announce our date and
venue for the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. June 24th at the Tobacco
Warehouse in DUMBO. Right at the base of the Brooklyn Bridge, on the
water. Press release is soon come.

Trivia question - was watching the Flavor Flav 'Driven' on VH1 coming
out on Jet Blue

What is Flavor Flav and Chuck D's government name?

Winner gets a PS2 50 Cent Bulletproof game.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

One reason why Common is one of the best

Mega niggas in box throwing suggestions. Had myself checking and double

Popped in Ressurection and only heard my reflection

Let me hold mics while you hold dicks in CD collections and at Musicland
and coupes we could make connections

What album?
What song?

Winner gets a shout out (whoopty whoop) and a Dilated Peoples DVD

Friday, March 03, 2006

Ralph McDaniel

The SC is on his way out of town.
But before I go wanna send love to the original video king Uncle Ralph.

Caught this show 'The Bridge' on WNYC TV. Old school videos. 'One For
All', 'Manifest', 'Black Steel In The Hour Of Chaos', 'Fight The


I wish there was a 24 hour channel with just that.
Thanks Uncle Ralph. You're still the man.

Video Music Box, Classic Concepts, The Vid Kid, Chammel 31, 3 o'clock,
then 4 o'clock, 'Five Minutes of Funk'

Trivia question:

Name three artists in the 'Black Steel' video.
I'll give you 3 - Audio Two and Eric B.

Be safe

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

I won't be emasculated

Wasn't Dave Chapelle talking on Oprah about how famous Black men always wind up dressing in drag? That was one of the reasons he bounced on Comedy Central. Well, here is exhibit A.

This is crazy. I am all for a joke, but this makes you say hmmmmm...on many levels
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