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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

"dirty and low, I never do what the Pope says, I'm trying to get money like Felipe Lopez"
The Beatnuts, "Get Funky"
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Monday, April 24, 2006

"we're stepping in hotter this year"
did I post this pic already?
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Had a long post I wanted to do about professionalism in Hip Hop that I wanted to do, but time is of the essence.
So instead of listening of my ranting visit The Brooklyn Bodega. A great link to some video from the Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival ‘05

Great job done by James Blagden

Friday, April 21, 2006

"they ripped themselves off when they started hollering about a broomstick"
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Thanks for the responses on the Festival email.
I guess the original email came from a tirade against yours truly from Joell Ortiz on HipHopGame.
Looking at dude’s journal on hiphopgame looks like he is on his hustle. I am not really sure why dude is so concerned about our event. Honestly, if he were to perform he probably wouldn’t be too pleased with the crowd.
Whatever, good luck to you bro.


So the 2nd stripper made a statement and asked 5W Publicity how she could spin it so her daughter could eat. Not a good look for the accuser.

I would like to see this evidence showing the kids at an ATM and a restaurant.

Delbarton, the school that the accused and the nut who wrote that email went to, used to be one of my high school rivals. As far as I know there were no cannibals playing back in the 90’s.


Another book idea for when I grow up: The connection between Skateboarding, Basketball, and Hip-Hop. We all know it’s there and I can build on the link from b-ball to Hip-Hop, but since I am not a skater I would love to explore that connection. The skaters feel it as much as the ball players.
Maybe I have been listening to ‘Kick, Push’ too much.

It is crazy how skateboarding connects with so many other sports as well as music. The equivalent of Lebron in lacrosse is this cat Mikey Powell. He won the championship at Syracuse and is basically the man. He has a deal with Brine for equipment and apparel. He released a backpack that allows you to carry your lacrosse stick and a skateboard.
Simple, but made me say ?????

I have never seen a star in one sport design equipment for another.
A Terrell Owens football gear bag with space for a basketball would look weird even though he is nice in both sports. Skateboarding is the only sport I can think where there is this cross-polinization (sp?).

Have a good weekend to all and to all a good day from the land of w(h)ine and cheese, Pleasantville, NY

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

So we are getting requests from artists and managers for the BHF. People's lack of professionalism is amazing and comical.

My question to y'all is what is the desired respomse from the following email. How do you think this cat expects me to resond to this request?

Hey Wes, how can you have a hip-hop festival called "Brooklyn Bodega" [sic] have one of the founding fathers of BK,"Big Daddy Kane".....& not have one of it's [sic] sons, [name deleted to protect the grammatically challenged] , he grew up in BK, u [sic] didn't. You moved in the area from pleasantville,USA. He's Brook-nam all day, plus he's real hip-hop. Come on, wake up buddy. You are losing focus
Also, where is Pleasantville? I thought I grew up in the South Bronx. Maybe I have my facts wrong.
This is the whole message. No salutaion or closing.
Party people, tell me what should I do?
Scott Mclellan resigns...wow

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

and oh yeah this is the best song out. hands down. Just as Ian said
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this kid looks like he knows Adebesi is waiting for him inside
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The perp walk

not the crip walk, it's the perp walk
2 arrests made in the complicated Duke Lacrosse rape case

What's next?

still catching lawsuits 18 years later
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Ill Out

Every now and then I realize I do this not for the money. I do this for moments like last night. I mean don’t trip I know bills must be paid, Air Terras must be bought, college funds invested in, and bonuses and raises paid. But I really do this for moments last night. What happened last night? Glad you asked.

Last night we recorded the debut episode of Prince Paul’s ‘Ill Out’ show for XM’s The Rhyme 65. “…a combination of classic Hip-Hop, interviews, rare outtakes and demos from Paul’s career and of course jokes.”

It was a blast. Besides the dope beats provided by DJ Avee (‘Just Say Stet’, ‘Talking Al That Jazz’, and rare Gravediggaz joints) and the comedy provided by Paul, Bimos, Mr. Dead, Buster, and Nice there was a dope interview segment with Squirrel and Kenny Calhoo from the original De La camp.

Squirrel who some remember from the WRMS skits on ‘De La Is Dead’ was in actuality De La’s road manager. Kenny who was immortally shouted out on ‘Itzowezee’ also served as De La’s Merch guru. Sitting in the XM Columbus Circle studios listening to them and Paul tell stories about the recording of ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ was a perfect way for a Hip-Hop nerd like myself to spend his evening. It made up for the fact that I couldn’t put my boy to bed.

When I think about the Fall of ’88 when ‘3 Feet High…’ kept me sane in my 1st year of boarding school, I never could have imagined that I would be chilling with these cats who back then seemed larger than life. Even though they are men just like you and me I love to listen to their stories as if they were my Shakespeare professor back at UVa. Speaking with them you get another part of the story. Stories about fighting with fellow acts on the Walking With A Panther Tour. Who brought the ‘Me, Myself, and I’ sample to the table. Why did they record that song. How Dave’s brother pulled Paul to the side during recording to ask Paul what was this crazy shit. How Paul wanted to sign De La to Geffen. And the real possibility of a Native Tongue Tour.

This is why I do this. So I can say I chased my dreams and now look my idols in the eyes as peers as well as elders.

It’s a good feeling.

Monday, April 17, 2006

the feces is approaching contact with the wind generating device

Rape Victim ID's 2 players and 90% on a 3rd, but no indictments today.

word to Talib Kweli

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Was poking around okayplayer this morning and found this post on their boards via the front page.
Someone was complaining about the M1 album and evidently Kweli caught feelings about amateur critics.

I do this for a living,like for real, not pretend over the internet. I really get on stageand travel and go to the studio and buy albums and pay producers andstart labels, on top of raising my family and trynta [sic] be active in thecommunity. Sometimes the artist on OKP don't get the respect thatthey give the fans. I haven't heard M1's entire album, but I'm downby law, and I now music well enough to know that it CAN'T beterrible..
That's not because he's family, it's because I study thegame, and I know what he brings to the table.Personally, I like the first dead prez album more than the second, but to fix my mouth to sayit's terrible would be a travesty. I'm sure stic and M like theirsecond album better, that's how it usually goes. There is nothingconstructive about the criticism…more

Opinions are cool and welcome, but have some respect for those who do this for a living and feed their families off of it.
Hate helps no one. Constructive criticism, however, is absolutely necessary.

I cannot stand people who love to tell people how to do their job when all they do is sit on the sidelines and throw stones. In addition this ‘hater-ism’ shows a tremendous lack of respect for Hip-Hop in general. People still feel like this is so easy and that anyone can do it. This business is just as difficult to navigate as any other industry. It takes the same amount of skill and dedication to excel here as it does in a law firm or a private medical practice.
You can’t watch The Ultimate Hustler (btw where is that guy?) and become an exec anymore than you can watch Law & Order and become a detective.

And to those who think I’m wrong, here is my challenge:
If there is more money in the deal, then you put it together.
If you know better artists, then you sign them up.
If you have a better marketing strategy then you devise and implement it.
Get busy, it’s a free country for the time being.

Otherwise leave the real businessmen (and there are plenty) alone and let us do our thing while you do yours…and as they say I’ll see you at the platinum party

Friday, April 14, 2006

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So the Beatles have finally allowed their music available for digital download. Whop-de-freaking-whoop!
Is this really the news story that CNN would have me believe?
Just take a look at Apple’s quarterly reports since the introduction of the iPod and you should laugh at The Beatles.

Are they just now realizing the financial windfall of digital sales? Ridiculous.
Led Zeppelin and Garth Books are hold outs as well? These cats look like former mavericks turned complacent and out of touch millionaires


The latest on the Duke investigation – dorm room searches.
That DA is going after these cats

And indictments are on the way

Does the DA have the case or has he just been backed into a corner?

What happened to the DNA? If there was any
1) the accuser was in shock and she inadvertently destroyed the DNA (taking a shower?)
2) somehow the accused destroyed it? – not suree how that could have happened
3) there was no DNA because there was no contact. They called the escort service, Black girl arrives, good old boys get upset, curse her out, she takes the money and bounces, drops dime

But then where did the evidence of assault come from?
She beat herself up? Hmmmmm – not sure I am buying that.

And what about this officer who claims she was drunk?
Is he a qualified rape counselor?
How can you tell the difference between drunk and shock visually?


Some more thoughts on this Good Friday

Was watching this show on the Ten Commandments. Explaining some of the cultrual significance of the Mosaic laws.
I am no Biblical scholar and I only find myslef in church for weddings. How do Christians reconcile the images of Christ in the face of the Ten Commandments?

Funny how Jews and Muslims feel similiarly about Jesus. Yet in the Mideast it appears as the conflict is the Christian and Jews vs. the Muslims.
Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder, but I can’t help but see racial undertones.

Anyone see that move Pi:Faith In Chaos? I got a long ass post in my head after peeping that joint

My Jewish brothers – Happy Passover
My Christian Brothers – Happy Easter
My Agnostics – keep it gully

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My bad

My bad on the posts y'all.
Please hang in there with me, been a busy week.

I am completely riveted by this Duke rape case.
Between that and the immigration debate and Iran I am convinced the US is right now a latter day Roman Empire. Or maybe British makes more sense.

Also I had a run-in with a Grade A capitalist (the more I think about it I agree with my man John Moore, I am a socialist) the other week that has had my head spinning. This was the type of cat that makes the 'industry' what it is. Just emailing these type of pricks can just suck the life out of you. I need to avoid these cats like a deportation notice from Chertoff.

Til tomorrow

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

what he really likes are the rims on Yayo's coupe
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All those who want to call the girl in the Duke lacrosse scandal a liar hold tight .
75 - 80%of all rape cases do not have DNA proof.

There is some info we need to hear on this. Regardless that dude who sent that email should catch a metaphysical if not Karmic beatdown.


Now supposedly Darren Daulton is crazy for believing in metaphysics, the end of the world and astral travel but we are in the midst of celebrating the son of God who walked on water, healed the sick with his touch, came back to life after being crucified and could feed a whole bunch of people with a fish and a loaf of bread. And he comes from a tradition where people conversed with burning bushes as well as talking snakes, parted waters with a staff and lived for hundred of years.

It seems like both stories are equally fantastic. And who are we to discount either one. If you believe in one you certainly cannot scoff at the other.

Personally, I think they are both right.

Proof from D-12 and maybe Bizarre?

Proof from D-12 shot in the head


This is a shame.  Proof seemed like the coolest and best MC out of all of D-12

I hope we only lost one brother.








Monday, April 10, 2006

"Hi, my name is Lou Dobbs and if you need any 'middle class' help I will be available from 3 to 3:15 on the 2nd Thursdays of every other leap year on the lunar calendar
God Bless America. Now let's build that wall."
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You are a dirty pimp, stop fronting like you don't need the hos

This weekend I had a revelation regarding the raging debate on immigration policy. A couple of thoughts

The debate paints an interesting picture of the seemingly cock diesel Republican Party. The fact that they couldn't pass the bill in a Republican controlled Senate plays out like a political Alien v Predator.
The xenophobic, racist, post 9/11 Republicans vs. the capitalistic, greedy, exploitive Republicans. Bush’s ignorant policies have heretofore been able to placate both sides, but we’ll see what happens now. What a legacy this guy is gonna have.

And my question to the xenophobes is who do you think is going to do all the work that the day laborers do? The middle class. Yeah right. Vincente Fox was right. Even Black people won’t do those jobs. You’d better find another brown ethnic group to exploit. You think the middle class is gonna jump on these hard ass landscaping and construction jobs. Not to mention the child care, health care, food services and counseling jobs. If they do, it will be at a much higher cost and will cripple businesses large and small.

And if you want to be so gangsta about this immigration policy you’d better deport all immigrants without papers. For various reasons I think people think this debate is about Mexicans and other immigrants of color. My Mexican brothers are only one group. This policy better not be enforced along racial tones. That Canadian border needs a fence. Deport the Brits, the French, The West Indians, The Canadians, The Italians, The Russians, The Greeks…everybody. And once that is done what do you think this country is going to be like?
I guess big mouths like Lou Dobbs will be working on that new building site since he believes all immigrants is take those jobs away from ‘real’ Americans.

And all this talk about closing borders is ridiculous. This country was built by immigrants. The open door policy is what sparked creative and commercial innovation. Plus let us not forget that this country is built upon the exploitation of immigrants. These great Americans that Lou Dobbs defends every night built their fortune on stolen land from the Native Americans, off the backs of stolen Africans. The Chinese and The Irish have also felt the sting of the Stars and Stripes. So stop fronting, America can’t run if it is not pimping immigrants. It has no experience.

But I realize that in a post 9/11 world there are security issues that must be addressed.
I guess this is when the great leader that America elected twice will show us the way.

I’ll be here. Holla when you have an answer. But if you ask the SC America, this is ‘The Start of Your [our] Ending’ like a Mobb Deep song. George Bush and his 2 administrations have set the wheels in motion that will establish China as the next super power in Miles’ lifetime.

Friday, April 07, 2006

it is this loveable grandfather's birthday today
point your head towards North Carolina and begin singing 'Happy Birthday' like Stevie Wonder
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it's true
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Riding the train with no dough...

Being sick sucks, but finally getting better is the shit.
I am the latter, thank goodness

Riding the bus in today listening to Common’s ‘Nag Champa (Aphrodisiac)’
Damn I loved Dilla’s work. Now that the trendiness of mourning Jay Dee has passed we are gearing up the plans for the Dilla House Party.

I had to hold my tongue while cats who have announced they hate Hip-Hop charged stupid amounts of money for their Dilla Tribute party. I wonder if any of it went to his Mom. Spinna’s party was the only legit one I heard of…and I couldn’t make it.

Still trying to find the right spot. I would do it at my crib, but don’t I could get that pass the wife.

One thought that got a brother choked up on the bus was that Dilla Dog’s spirit and my Mom’s are somewhere having a rum and coke.

-Teddy Pendegrass may be my favorite old school crooner. 'TAKE 'EM OFF!!!' From Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes to the solo career you without me is like harold melvin without the blue notes, you'll never go platinum
-I've been playing lacrosse since '89. I know pricks like this. They give the sport a bad name. These guys give it a good one
-The Bridge, the place to be on Thursday nights. Rocked 'Peachfuzz' last night

Thursday, April 06, 2006

these kids are out of control. Well at least the one kid
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What the f**k is going on down at the Duke with the lacrosse team. This is what this animal said after the dancers left the party

To whom it may concern," the player says he has "decided to have some strippers over" to his dorm room, "however there will be no nudity."
"I plan on killing the bitches as soon as they walk in and proceding to cut their skin off," the author of the e-mail says, adding in vulgar terms that he would find the act sexually satisfying.
WTF?! That is out of control. For more read here

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

'what are you looking at?'...'my new video for Kick, Push?"...'cool. See you in Brooklyn on June 24th'
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The official word from the Squad

The Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival expands its stellar 2nd anniversary lineup to include Chicago native, Lupe Fiasco.

Hailing from the windy city, Lupe has recently gained notoriety for his verse and appearance in Kanye West's "Touch the Sky". His debut solo album, Lupe Fiasco's FOOD AND LIQUOR is slated for a June 27th release on 1st & 15th/ Atlantic Records.

In tune with the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival mission statement, Lupe has a positive outlook on the mark he plans to leave on Hip Hop. "[When I retire], I want to step away on a positive note," says Lupe. "What you put out in the world comes back to you. You actually change the world with what you do. I want to put some good in the world."

For more information on Lupe Fiasco, please visit: www.lupefiasco.com.

The official word from The Chancellor:
With Lupe's album coming out the following Tuesday this is gonna be a big gig. He is the draft pick that everyone is waiting to see. Kind of like the Vince Young of Hip-Hop. Just as I think we were ahead of the curve last year with Rhymefest we are gonna put people on to Lupe.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Chef Shallah Raekwon on links
(lifted from The Fader)
an image that you may have never expected to see
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The Cactus

Still trying to knock out this annoying chest cold and found my old 3rd Bass ‘Cactus Cee/D’ and bumped it this morning. Forgot how good an album this was.

Where is Sam Sever? Joints on there from Prince Paul when he was at his hottest. The Bomb Squad.

Listening to that record from beginning to end they really seemed to enjoy the whole process. A lot of music today seems to be work.
Industry work. Gotta have my single, need my single for the streets, for the South, for the West Coast, (no need to worry about New York they just follow the trends now)
Doesn’t seem to be fun anymore.

You know who is fun? Lupe Fiasco and his new video for 'Kick, Push' front page on the Bodega today

And Serch was nice. I forgot that.
Pete was cool, but sometimes I don’t get what he’s trying to say.
They sure did hate the Beastie Boys. And then I heard Serch tried to join the Beasties. sour grapes?

This week’s first trivia question.

What is the name of Pete Nice’s production company as credited on ‘The Cactus’?

Monday, April 03, 2006

oooh wee! this is gonna be a good time
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the Devil's dandruff

So Kim 'Bag Of' Trick(s) won the office tourney pool thanks to the win by The Bruins. Now she claims to be a novice, but I think she is a closet Dickie V.
The SC came in third behind the college coach in the pool, so i don't feel so bad.

Maybe because my bracket is so busted but I have not been to into this tourney.

Interesting metaphysical angle from last night's Sopranos. Never though that phrase would come out of my mouth.

Lord Jamar with the nice cameo...and Treach as his lackey. Love it.

New BHF confrmation comeing this week. Should kick, push, and coast its way to the Bodega by Wed

Duke is to lacrosse as Barry Bonds is to baseball.
To keep it real with the Barry Bond situation. We have no idea what drugs Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or any of those cats were on. the Babe played in the days when the nose candy wasn't so demonized. He might have been getting his toot on.

Who know if the Say Hey Kid was on uppers. A little speed to get through the season.

We may lionize a lot of legends but many of these guys were just as flawed as we are.

This is not to disrespect those legends. It is to say that we simply don't know. So you can't wipe Barry's homers without proof, a positive test.

My argument is that 70% of all pro atheletes are either on the take, or taking something they shouldn't. Maybe popping pain killers for that bad knee or laying a little action on their own game to buy that extra boat. We can't act like Barry is the only bad apple. With the pounding those cats take if you don't do something (either juice or live in the weight room) you end up like Ken Griffey or Grant Hill.