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Monday, October 31, 2005

so I excited I passed out and missed the parade at Fort Greene Park

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'these costumes are so damn stupid' Roxy the Dog

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Happy Halloween from Miles G. Jackson and James T. Kirk

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Friday, October 28, 2005

early sketch of the 'Soon Come...' album cober for anyone who cares. Just looking for some images to spice up the SC

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for my people in London who haven't left the house yet

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A lil sumthin for the weekend...

...as you celebrate this most famous of all pagan Holidays. (Again pagan in a Dan Brown sort of way not a Vatican way)

-Sunday, October 30th, 2005
GrandWizzard Theodore & Jazzy Jay
Hip Hop pioneers GrandWizzard Theodore (inventor of the scratch & needle drop) and The Original Jazzy Jay

GrandWizzard Theodore and Jazzy Jay perform a special DJ routine together!
10pm, $5 before 11pm, $10 after
Table 50 643 Broadway @ Bleecker NYC 10012 www.table50.com, rsvp for $5 reduced list/info: nicole@table50.com
-Will we finally see the end of the Bush Empire. I damn sure hope so

-I am desperately seeking some Nike Lava Domes. Anybody got a lead, pleas holla at the SC

-I also would love to snap out with the Mowabb's. That was 1st year at UVa steez

-Can somebody explain to me these Air Max prices? $149??!! For why? as we used to say

-I do like those Pro-Keds

-And speaking of Dame Dash. Death of a Dynasty is a great flick. I told y'all Dame's legacy will be in cinema.

-nice moment for Hip-Hop last night courtesy of President Hova

-You see those Kniocks commercials with Bobbito and Turltle. AWESOME!

-How do I get to teach a class at The Learning Annex. All 32 of you can come see me

Taking Miles to his 1st Haloween party tomorrow. Enjoy your weekend

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

It's Sadat, but you can call me X Man

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Jump and Fizunk!

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what the hell is a Noreaster?

Tuesday's lessons from the SC

-if you are returning Netflix DVD's that you have seen that your wife hasn't because she takes too long. Don't ask her to drop them in the mail

-Don't bet on the Jets, no matter how good the line is. I love them, but they are not gonna do squat this year

-The New York Football Giants are gonna go far this year

-The Knicks? I am not too sure of, yet

SC Randomness

-Bertelsmann Set To Launch Legal P2P Service

-A Christmas Kanye video?

-The Source is like the Fox News of Hip-Hop. Journalists fromting like they care about journalism instead of their own private agenda

-Rappers are more like Republicans than you think...think about it

fiscally conservative


Hard on crime

Corrupt and under indictment

Not very bright

and Violent

Monday, October 24, 2005

that's how the SC's abs look

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Just another Manic Monday...

just some randomness today. The SC is fighting a cold, so he will be taking it light today.

-buy,rent, netflix 'Crash'. I netflixed it this weekend. An awesome piece of cinema. Don Cheadle is the man. And he is the only Black actor besides Denzel who has never shucked nor jived.

-Ludacris did a great job as well. A real performance like WIll Smith's 1st role. Before he became a matinee idol

-Also reccomended to buy is The Wu Tang Manual. Check page 160

-Sin City was also on the Netflix list for the weekend. Much better than I thought. Rodriguez really pulled off the graphic novel on film. Real groundbreaking stuff

-Jessica Alba is a dime +!

Some interesting links to give you a chuckle throughout the day

Thursday, October 20, 2005

It's all about Danger Doom, ladies

So I am now an iTunes flag waver. Once I said I would never pay for
downloads, but I am not sure which p2p's are the move these days. That,
combined with my lack of patience has led me to the iTunes music store.
When I do buy music (my jaded industry ass expects everything for free)
I don't see myself buying any more CD's or vinyl. Zap that thing str8 to
the iPod.

It does suck that these online retailers are woefully inadequate when it
comes to classic hip-hop.

Criminal Minded - no.
The Big Daddy - no.
Labcabincalifornia - no.

And a lot of the best indie stuff is nowhere to be found. In terms of
selection, iTunes is only minorly more diverse than a Tower Records. As
usual the Wes Jackson demographic is ignored. However there is help on
the way...

Tired of trying to find redeeming qualities in the Southern Hip-Hop
invasion. Sick of boring, uninspired indie releases. Fed up with
overhyped major label forays into real Hip-Hop. Want to stop playing
albums from '95 just to remind why you got into this biz. Well help has

I have seen thy face, thou art 'Danger Doom.'

I have not listened enough for a Mark Cilantro level review, but I will
tell you this is off the top, one of the best long players of '05. We
all know Doom. He does his thing. His performance is still not on the
level of Doomsday, but just as good of a performance as Madvilliany, for

As for the beats, when Danger Mouse came out with the Grey album, I was
thoroughly unimpressed. I began to change my tune when I heard that
Gorillaz joint with Dave from De La. With the 'Mouse and The Mask' I am
a believer. Jazzy samples, interesting 3 bar loops and overall
production that compliments Doom's lazy flow.

Danger Mouse is the new Madlib.

However, the best part is the cameos from the Adult Swim lineup. Shake
from Aqua Teen Hunger Force pops up I think 3 times. Leaving messages
for Danger. Carl, Meatwad, Space Ghost and Ur make cameos. Although
these contributions can sound like a Cartoon Network commercial it's all
to the good-dood.

Go get it.


The SC aka The Sofa King

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

'now Miles if you look real close you can see where Milk comes from'

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some tidbits for the day

-In game advertising, the next wave of marketing

-Listen to Jaheim’s “Every Time I Think About Her” featuring J to the 'Mwohhh'. Jaheim aka the Hip-Hop Teddy Pendegrass.
Jaheim is currently putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album to be released via Warner Bros Records.


some parties to check out this weekend (in advance)
Friday, October 21st, 2005
Q-Tip the Abstract (live DJ set)
GLO, 431 W 16th St (btwn 9th & 10th).
The cover is $15 at the door, ladies free before midnight. 21+ w/ID.
1 to 18th St.; A, C, E, L to 14th St.-Eighth Ave (near the Maritime Hotel)

Sunday, October 23rd, 2005
Pete Rock & Jer2
10pm, $5 before 11pm, $10 after
Table 50 643 Broadway @ Bleecker NYC 10012 www.table50.com rsvp for $5 reduced list/info: nicole@table50.com


The SC aka Biggis

another busy day at HQ which means more pics...go support my man J-Live

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Monday, October 17, 2005

So here's the deal on Mondays...

...it's real busy in the office so the chances of a real update are slim. So Monday will be very image heavy.

Went down for the UVA/FSU game this weekend (BTW, my 'Hoos got in that ass) so here a pics of all the DC area babies I was able to see.
My niece and godson.
No pics of lil Asheru or Medina - damn! And no pics of the seeds of Rock, el Grande. My bad.

Also a rare pic of the SC and my Ace, CWIII

Enjoy the day...

The SC aka Pollo Loco

Godson across the belly...

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will the real MJJ please stand up...that's my niece aka Miles' cousin aka the seed of Blue Black right there!

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rush the stage..

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Pandemonium ensues...

this is what happens when you finally whoop a team after 10 years Posted by Picasa

That's Sunshine Scooter, Sweetheart!

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Thursday, October 13, 2005

I'm about to build an ark up in this b*^%h...

Rainy day. The SC is on babysitting duty.

some randomness

-being a father is dope. Ain't nothing like singing 'itsy-bitsy spider'
with your little dun

-that new Monk/Coltrane album is dope...mainly because it put Miles to
sleep for his nap today

-watching Making The Band 3...Andre Harell in the house. That guy keeps
a job, huh?

-tomorrow is the SC's born day. Buy yourselves a drink...on me

Enjoy the day as best you can

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

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This Rain Sucks

All my people in NYC know what the hell I'm talking about.

Some randomness for the day

-This Murder Inc investigation thing is fully on blast. wow

-After a firestorm of pre-release pub I haven't heard much about the Little Brother album. What's the word on the street? Is the SC just out of the loop?

-Enough already about the Yankees. I am from the Bronx and I don't care!

-New Ricky Martin - AWESOME!!!!!

-new Slum Village album is available via ringtone. What brilliant company put that deal together? All my real Slum fans peep 'Fantastic' on the new album...Elzhi is a monster

-Common leaves the Kanye tour to get his acting hustle on

-I love podcasts. Yahoo is in the game now. we are working on our own over here

-ESPN, please stop showing Big Ben's knee injury. It's killing me

-and it is never too early to start pontificating about the Knicks

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

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Rainy Tuesday

-New Mos Def/Kweli tour and music? Honestly, I hope it's better than their last 2 albums respectively. I had to struggle to find records to sink my teeth into. I tried, trust me.

-if you have 10 minutes to kill check this out, it's hilarious. Toss W's ass around for a while

-How is that Danger Doom record. i have high hopes

So as you know I sweat HBO for Rome, now that Entourage's season is over. For those not up on this great show here are a few reasons to spend your Sunday nights with Gaius Julius Caesar

-last week had an unexpected lesbian love scene involving a good looking MILF

-the other participant in the lesbian love affair als had a self masturbation scene that was nice

-for the ladies (or those into it - we don't discriminate here) last week there was significant male nudity. A rare TV full frontal penis shot - twice

-Tutus Pullo and Vorenus are like Danny Glover and Mel Gibson. Ecxept they are both white, Roman and for some reason have British accents. Pullo is my man though!

-Marc Anthony is like a pre Christian era pimp. Complete with fresh body guards in red sack cloths

-Fellow English major nerds like the SC will appreciate the writing

-Verinus's wife Niobi is baaaad!

-History nerds are also telling me it is pretty accurate

Check it out, you won't be dissapointed. Also Curb Your Enthusiasm and Extras is cool too.

In other news

-I met the only other person besides C Rayz Wallz who read my piece in Elemental. The small victories are all i ask for

-Off to the good Charlottesville this weeked to see my Cavs take on the Seminoles. Let's hope they don't get their ass whopped too bad.

Monday, October 10, 2005

'shouldn't you be working??!?!' Posted by Picasa

'Fumi, there is an easier way to crack that thing open' Posted by Picasa

This what they were doing when they should have been working on Friday Posted by Picasa

'Shut up! there is no Santa Claus!?!?! I didn't even get one XMAS to pimp the myth" Posted by Picasa

The office went apple and pumpkin picking on Friday... Miles says "while they pose for anther picture I am gonna GUM THE SHIT out of this pumpkin" Posted by Picasa

too busy for a real update, so here are some pics....Roxy says "keep f*&^ing with me and these hats. I'll leave a present for that ass in your Reeboks" Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

time for another episode of Be Nice tomorrow Posted by Picasa


-I love that Whistle song by Juelz. Is that on his album or one of those Dip Set compilations?

-A nice gig we should all try and make tomorrow

Thursday, October 6th
Take Back TV w/ De La Soul, Fishbone, Slum Village, Suffrajett, Rich Medina & Special Surprise Guest Take Back TV is coming to NYC - This is more than just a show, it’s a launch celebration for Current TV. Current is a new TV network whose mission is to empower young adults to help create the TV they want to watch. Come out and show your support for a TV network that believes your voice must be heard!
6:30pm-12:00am, Central Park @ W 69th St.

-New Digable Planet joint coming out on Blue Note. Sounds fresh. I await my copy from the good folks at Giant Step

-Seems kind of random, but hey:
Dwele will be competing against fans on Thursday, October 6th in Xbox Live’s “Game with Fame.” Dwele will be racing in Forza Motorsport, the most realistic driving simulator to date. He will be logged on to xbox.com/gamewithfame from 4:00-5:00 pm EST under the gamertag dwelelive.

-God don't like Playstation (or ugly)

-Trapped in the Closet is Contagious

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

I tried to publish some other album covers, but we are having tech. difficulties Posted by Picasa