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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Unacceptable incompetence

Poking around the web about Katrina. Check veteran blogger Ian at Different Kitchen. He is doing an excellent job at posting information that will keep the pressure on.

My blog will be resigned from my big mouth commentary and the occasional distraction because if the Katrina atrocities are all I ever read I will not be able to function.

Enotourage post tomorrow. and R. Kelly's performace at the VMA's was genius.

In the meantime, Kanye was absolutely right.
I don't want to see Barbara and George Bush crack another fucking (excuse my French, Dad) smile on TV. Smug bastards. Out of touch, elitist assholes

How can George Bush talking about sitting on overtly racist Trent Lott's porch while people are drowning in e. coli contaminated water.

He must resign, and I hope Congress brings him up on charges of criminal negligence.
Twice now he has refused to read research at his disposal and thousands of Americans have died. He is wicked, and incompetent at best. I run my own business and if anyone under my employ (Bush works for us, remember that) with these 2 blunders under their belt would be terminated immediately.

How many tragedies will he let this country walk into before we can fire him.

And this is not partisan talk. It is common sense. Bush's management style is simply ineffective and deadly when faced with extraordinary circumstances. He is a business man, he must understand this viewpoint.

Please let's keep this in the forefront and do not let the Larry Kings of the media allow us to gloss this over.

People have died while I wrote this post.

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