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Friday, September 09, 2005

Off and On

-As always for Katrina coverage check my peoples Ian, J-Smooth and their extensive list of links

- Rhymefest gets Kanye's back

-first head has rolled. That is a good sign.

-What is the deal with those $2,000 debit cards? You know there is gonna be a lot of theft and hustling with those.

-Great piece about the knucklehead FEMA director on WNYC this morning. Of course on the fairest man in media's show, Brian Lehrer. You can always get it on podcast.

- Trendz of Culture's Grapevine on 'Cuts' last night. Why I was watching 'Cuts' - don't ask. I won't tell

-Listening to new Sadat from Female Fun. Some good, Some bad

-Common's 'Be' video is not a commercial, says Geffen. No matter what it looks like. no matter
belated Entorage review:

-Was Ari's advice to E wholesome or did Ari realize that was his only way to keep Vince. Remember Ari is seasoned vet who has not only been around the blocs, owns a piece of it.

-I did not realize Ari ran that office. Thought he was just one of the top agents

-Is Saigon that good?

-Glad Vince grew some cojones, but it is a bit weird how all three of the guys livliehood is based on Vince

-I bet we won't even see any shooting of Aquaman, like we never saw the shooting of 'Queens Village'

-Funny how little we see Vince work. Only that commercial really

-Those are stil the best foursome since George, Jerry, Kramer, and Elaine or Stringer, Avon, McNolte, and... you get my point

sorry for the anemic posts. busy week. little sleep

(on a really seperate note there should be a rule, if you are gonna get on message boards and pop shit, you have to put your name, email, and phone number so you can't hide behind cowardly mis-informed posts. And so you can be found to catch your ass-whooping)


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