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Friday, June 29, 2007

Daddy don't you know...

...things go in cycles

I think I have written about this before but it occurred to me again today about the wonderful cyclical nature of Hip-Hop. I like to romanticize the past as much as anyone but remember:

- The Scream Tour is the New Edition Tour
- just as many people hated EPMD as hate Young Joc
- my dad hated RUN DMC because they called people 'Sucker MC's'
- Just as it seems anyone from Atlanta and the South can fart and make a hit record it was the same way after NWA. Everyone was from Compton and South Central after "F*ck Da Police"
- Slick Rick rocked more gold than R. Kelly has ice on the 'Double Up' cover
- My man Giggy used to tell me how Cold Crush was the real shit just as I tell young'uns KRS is the best ever
- Remember when KRS said 'we'll be the old school artists'
- LL vs Moe Dee is Jay vs Wayne (generation wise)
- 'Chicken Noodle Soup' is 'Pee Wee's Dance'
- Lil Mama is Antoinette
- El Michels Affair is The Brand New Heavies
- Dave Chapelle is Eddie Murphy
- Stones Throw is Cold Chillin'
- the iPod is the Walkman
- New Era is Kangol
- Nike is still Nike, however

and the list goes on...

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Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Fat Joe - The Shit Is Real (Dj Premier Remix)

this is the Joey Crack I like...what was the reaction when he jumped on stage?

Fat Joe - Flow Joe

he should have done this joint

Make it Rain - Fat Joe

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

We made it

Than you to everyone who came out last Saturday.
A lot of people worked harder than hard to make the Festival happen this year.
We overcame some insane obstacles.
Insurance certificates
sponsors filing Chapter 11
$60,000 leaving the table
not being able to sell beer at the last minute
Ghost getting caught up at the Funk Flex car show and almost missing the show
running over and potentially getting the plug pulled
volunteers not showing up for the 7 a.m. call.
But as Ghost said “We Made It.”

6,000 people
Zero arrests
I think there are still some who can’t believe can do that. But we all know the truth.

Thank you for making Hip-Hop look good.
Thank you for reminding people about the other side of our game.
Thank you for bringing your babies out
Thank you for bringing your mom out
Thanks to my dad, brothers, sisters, stepmother, frat brothers, and long time Hip-Hop confidantes for coming out.
Thanks to those who came from Belgium, North Carolina, Maryland, The Bronx, Philly, Baltimore, DC and everywhere else.

Thanks to the donors. It would have been a wrap without y’all.
Thanks to the volunteers who left dusty, sunburned and hungry.
Thanks to the staff who worked until midnight for two weeks straight.
Thanks for those who woke up at 4:30 am with the Festival on their mind.
Thanks to those who flipped out at 11pm every night for a month with the Festival on their mind.
Thanks to Joey for e’ing me Friday night. I was about to flip out before I read that.
Thanks to the woman who gave birth less than a month before but was still out there with her breast pump.
Thanks to mom who rolled up to support her daughter even though the sinuses were killing her.
Thanks to the significant others who suffer through this without recognition and payment

Thanks to the NYPD who told us to do our thing
Thanks to the bureaucrats who stayed up to 10 pm to make sure we made this happen
Thanks to the brewers who cut a check without question
Thanks to rapping Marty
Thanks to Uncle Ralph who was more valuable than we ever realized

Thanks to the Bodega
Thanks to the interviewer who help remind me why we do this.

Once again, 6,000 people, 8 hours, no arrests, no fights, but a little too much cussing.
No soundman that was Akon, we are something different

Hip-Hop is peace. If you don’t know read Jeff Chang snitches!

Next year – bucktown, city of Angels, chi-side


Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Groups and crews that have been together for a looooong time

- The Roots
- Boot Camp
-The Wu
-the M-O-B-B
-De La Soul
-Baby and Weezy
-Jagged Edge (it is an accomplishment)
-Frankie Beverly and Maze
-Hall and Oates
-Slum Village

kudos to y'all

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Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Sean Price-Peep My Wordz/Monkey Barz

Black Moon-I Got U Opin

Black Moon-How Many MC's

Smif N Wesson-Bucktown

Fab 5-Lefluer Leflah Eshkoshka

hoping they do this one

Nas- One Love (1994)

forgot about this until I saw the Bridge last week

Monday, June 18, 2007

You just like my Wild Style

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Thursday, June 14, 2007

My unofficial thoughts on Amp'd's Chapter 11

In bullet form because the kids are all up now and I am on the clock

  • They bailed the Festival out last year when other sponsorship deals fell apart so I can't throw them under the bus

  • All the people I have dealt have all been cool and professional

  • I have run my own business for 12 years and I know how tempting it is to believe the dramatic stories of executive incompetence and failure

  • the reality is is it's never quite that simple

  • Beware of the haters. the difference between a supporter and a 'I Told You So'-er is usually a check

  • When people are making money from you, you are are a visionary

  • When times get rough and money slows you are an idiot...or worse

  • the Amp'd CEO seems like a smart cookie. The idea that this just got away from him seems less than logical

  • I was reading a blog comment where some cat was baffled at how rapid growth can lead to financial problems. Obviously that guy is no MBA nor has he ever run his own shop

  • Fantastic success is often worse than tremendous failure

  • Think about it like this. Miles growing out of his clothes is just as bad as me not being able to buy him clothes in the first place. The result is the same.

  • Chapter 11 is not lights out, that Chapter 7, I believe. Chapter 11 is give me a minute and stop calling me so I can get my shit together

  • This could be a ploy in a power struggle between Amp'd management, the board, and Verizon that we are simply not privy too

Let's all just stay tuned and see what happens.

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

While I have a moment

please stop, some of you

A few ramblings in between work, day care drop offs and feedings.

-The Extra P killed it forreal forreal

- please no rain on the 23rd

- I get it. Chicks want to look like Madonna in the 80's. But guys you cannot wear peg leg, tight pants, flip flops and extra medium shirts. Compromise please

-the best part about that song 'Party Like A Rock Star' is the adlib 'totally dude'

- new favorite commercial song is 'We Taking Over'

- too bad Akon hit the self destruct button

- and back to the Pharell 80's inspired dudes. There is a very distinct line between the retro look and clownwery (is that a word?). please mind it

- there are waaaaay better looking chicks on the C Train than the 25 Bus in the morning

- but no one is foxier than Big Momma

- Sarah Silverman is wack

- so is Borat. That comedy is not funny to me

- too bad Joell Ortiz threatened me and my staff so often. Looks like he has his hustle popping. A lot of people (I respect) are saying he would have been a good fit this year

-life is good. Enjoy yourself

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Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Large Pro, Stax and Uncle Ralph

Let's do it

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between the Festival, Boogie and little SB here the Chancellor has been busy.
I'm still here though.

See y'all tonight with the Large Pro and Uncle Ralph

my little SB (Savannah Beatrice) sleeping

big brother is watching

this is my life from 1am to 5am


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Big Daddy Kane - Smooth Operator (Video)

get well Marley

Big Daddy Kane - I Get The Job Done(Arsenio Hall Show)

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Lo-Lifes (Kanye West Diss)

brain fart! there needs to be a doc on Lo Lifes. They are responsible for the preppyness in hip-hop and as you can see they are not preppy. they're organized boosters, among other things.

"Ralph Lauren was boring till I wore him" - that is the line they are mad about.