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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

New Slum Village drops October 25th; Ringtones a week earlier


The new Slum Vill self-titled heater drops on 10/25. Everyone knows how big of a Slum fan (drunken tirade in Maryland anyone? Sorry D.)

The package will feature a bonus DVD and in a marketing move I am especially proud of the album will be available as ringtones on October 10th. In an innovative deal with Ringtone leader, Zingy, Room Service has put together a deal that will give the technologically adept Slum nerd a chance to peep the whole album 2 weeks before the rest of you plebes.

SCR Bullets (because who needs complete sentences?)

-J Dilla returns. Dilla and BR Gunna produced most of the album

-13 exceptional tracks and an up-close and personal DVD , discussing the changing lineup in the group

-no Capitol Records, this one os on the indie Barak, helmed by my man RJ Rice

-first single, “Ez Up”
real: http://www.barakrecords.com/audio/slum village_ezup.ram quick time: http://www.barakrecords.com/audio/slum village_ezup.mov windows media player: http://www.barakrecords.com/audio/slum village_ezup.wax

-features newcomer J. Isaacs, a singer from Minnesota.

-video directed by Mike Taylor (Boyz in ‘da Hood)

-it's better than their last two, TRUST ME

Track Listing

1. Giant

2. Set It

3. Can I Be Me

4. Call Me

5. 05

6. 1,2

7. Multiply

8. 1-800 Slum

9. Hear This

10. Def Do Us

11. Hell Naw

12. EZ Up

13. Fantastic


Blogger ian said...

> it's better than their last two, TRUST ME

Yo, I actually thought Detroit Deli was crazy hot.

This new single can't fcck with that Kanye lead single from their last album though. It's like a weirdo, left-field underground version of that. Similar subject matter but with an almost complete lack of commercial radio hit single potential.

September 21, 2005 4:11 AM


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