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Friday, September 16, 2005

Done Did It Again

Another great show last night. I can’t front the Room Service team is the shiznit. QB’d again by own Alma G (Unit) this year’s CMJ was off the hook. I am slightly hung-over (me, Doug Nyce, James, and John were hitting our complimentary Bacardi all night) and tired (had to get up to take Miles Boogie to his baby music class at 945 this AM) and it’s humid. Soooooooooooooooo………….I am gonna be str8 to the point

-One Block Radius is the best Hip-Hop act you haven’t heard yet. Really impressive

-Stephanie McKay is cool as shit. Fearless. She got in front of that Hip-Hop crowd and won some fans. The reggae joint was hot

-J-Live has still got (although I missed most of the set)

-Wrekonize is not just another contest winner

-Damn! I missed Ras Kass. He was cooler than his reputation led me to believe. Somebody told he was an asshole

-Rhymefest is still my favorite new rapper. Twilite Tone is the man. They all killed it, just like they did at The Festival

-The Justus League is better than you think. Never heard most of them…they did their thing

-Little Brother is hot right now (imagine me speaking like Mugatu from Zoolander)

-The Chancellor actually met someone who reads this silly blog of man. Big up to Impose

-I met Lyor Cohen, Julie Greenwald, and Kevin Liles…a big moment for a nerd like me. Although I think I was the only who got giddy.

-T.I. was in the house…kind of weird but cool. I say what up and he said “Shorty, you don’t know me.” FYI, I got an inch and about 80 pounds on him…he was a small table

-Brother Kweli was in the house. Unfortunately LB didn’t bring anyone up. Why? Me no know

-The camera adds 10 pounds…ask Amanda Diva

Have a good weekend, thanks for coming out last night.
We are going to Sesame Street Live tomorrow…my life as a soccer dad begins


Blogger ian said...

Yeah, congrats Wes, the showcase went real (s)well.

I told heads that Mckay reggae joint was hot.

September 16, 2005 9:23 PM

Blogger Max-Jerome said...

-The Chancellor actually met someone who reads this silly blog of man. Big up to Impose

Actually, yes and no. That dudes isn't the only one who reads your blogs, its just so happens from a hiphop nerds prospective when you read something and its 100% accurate you cant really reply, hiphop heads nowadayz are quick to refute not praise. Its a good feeling to see that I'm not the only "HipHop Dad" in the world.

Its a funny feeling when heads be like, "yo, whats good for tomorrow" back in the day it was like, Yo, Whatever. Now its like, "Nah, Gotta watch my kid".

So yeah man, thats whats up. And when you gonna let some of intermediate DJ's on stage to open up for the real DJ's?

Im around.

September 18, 2005 8:08 PM


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