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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

If you can't, then don't

Listening to Jaylib 'Champion Sound' and some Madvillian joints on the 25 Bus on the way to the office this morning. Those are two of the best indie releases since Black Star. I haven't peeped a lot of Stones Throw more recent releases but they have to be the best indie label out there right now. I never got into Quasimoto, but the Jaylib record showed me what is so special about Madlib's production.

I was telling my man Ariel from Fat Beats why I had to put 7H on ice this year. Money (or lack thereof), headaches, drama, personel, the flawed ditribution business model blah, blah, blah. But what I didn't sya was that I don't have the hot records or the great artists. And if I can't produce a record that I enjoy as much as 'Champion Sound', 'Madvilainy' or 'The S and The V' I am going to stay out of the game.

I have made that mistake before - putting out records to keep up with the Joneses or just to 'feed the machine.' Never again. Besides revising my business model and tightening up my own shop, I will be on the sidelines until I can work with another visionary. Someone who is interested in shaking up the game. Moving it another direction. Move it forward.
anyhooo, in other news:

-ooooohhhhhh, Tom DeLay, you're in trouuuuuubbbble

-peep the video streams from my new favorite rapper, Rhymefest. This is the joint with Kanye, 'Brand New'

Real Video Streams: http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_hi.ram http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_med.ram http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_lo.ram

Windows Media Streams: http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_hi.asx http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_med.asx http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_lo.asx

Quicktime Streams: http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_hi.mov http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_fullver_med.mov http://media.bmgonline.com/jrecords.com/various/video/rhymefest-brandnew_lo.mov

-also catch Common's new video for 'Testify' on MTV2
9/29: 10:30am
10/02: 8:30am

- I love this new KORN deal with EMI


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