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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

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"My Girl cousins are gonna rock you"

Listened to the Fishscale last night. About 1 ½ times.
Quick thoughts:

-A lot of cooked crack references. Excuse me sonny, is this trap-hop?

-More introspective Ghost than non-linear Ghost. The joint about getting whoopings (produced by Dilla Dog) is dope. The album feels like more ‘All I Got Is You’ than ‘Winter Warz’

-I tried to compare the albums, but I realized he put so many out so close together that they have blended together in my mind. Add the Theodore Unit album and the Trife/Ghost album there has been a lot of Ghost in the past 5 years

-Very ‘underground’. I wonder how it will translate on the big Def Jam stage

-Outside of the ‘Back Like That’ joint not much for the vultures i.e. radio hits

-A Sandbox smash, not so sure about Best Buy

-Something has got to be done to go beyond the Ghost fanatics (like moi)

-Rae sounds great

-Cap rambles too much

"My Girl cousns are gonna rock you"

Listened to the Fishscale last night. About 1 ½ times.
Quick thoughts:

-A lot of cooked crack references. Excuse me sonny, is this trap-hop?

-More introspective Ghost than non-linear Ghost. The joint about getting whoopings (produced by Dilla Dog) is dope. The album feels like more ‘All I Got Is You’ than ‘Winter Warz’

-I tried to compare the albums, but I realized he put so many out so close together that they have blended together in my mind. Add the Theodore Unit album and the Trife/Ghost album there has been a lot of Ghost in the past 5 years

-Very ‘underground’. I wonder how it will translate on the big Def Jam stage

-Outside of the ‘Back Like That’ joint not much for the vultures i.e. radio hits

-A Sandbox smash, not so sure about Best Buy

-Something has got to be done to go beyond the Ghost fanatics (like moi)

-Rae sounds great

-Cap rambles too much

Monday, February 27, 2006

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I had two posts in my head this morning. One about the sick feeling I had while listening to Hot 97 on Friday night and the other was about the closing of Studio Distribution. I'll rock one today and the other tomorrow.


So I was coming back from Alma's birthday party Friday night. Later than I should have being that I had to be up at 6a.m. I had switched from Johnnie Walker to water early enough so I wasn't too bent. But I am sure the after effects of a few drinks and a quick puff had my ears a little sensitive.

After some damn crackhead broke into the car a month back, the in-ride entertainment hasn't been right.
No iPod, no XM. Just the radio. Usually I'm on WNYC but since it was Friday night I figured I should be a bit less cerebral.
Hence the readout of 97.1 on the way home.

Then that new Biggie song came on, 'Nasty' or whatever. Horrible.
Rather than attacking BIG I am gonna chalk up his sorry performance to Puff's piecing together outtakes from 10 years ago. We all know Biggie has/had skills, although I never agreed with his #1 ranking. But what the money hungry Hip-Hop vultures did that song made me sick. It was either that or the Rum, red wine, whisky mix.

That song takes one of the illest MC's and 'baby food's him.
'Baby-fooding' is taken something fundamentally good and grinding it down to its simplest form to ensure mass consumption.
The song was stripped of virtually all of its artistic merit and reduced to a watery slop.
And in that moment I realized the full reality.
The full reality that the values that I was raised have vanished from the current major landscape.

We all know this, but on Friday I knew it.

The clever and insightful rhymes of De La – ‘no vacancy’
The rich sounds of Pete Rock and CL Smooth – ‘we’re good’
The need to make a point a la Chuck D – ‘UPS is hiring’

It is all about baby food Hip-Hop.
-A product so simple that all ages can digest it.
-So cheap all economic classes can buy it
-And so simple anyone can make it so there is an endless stream of content providers.

And for the 1st time I saw what music snobs meant when they said Hip-Hop is not real music. If all you listened was that mess you would have to say that. What made me feel like an old fart even more is that after ‘throwing up in mouth a little bit’ (joke) I switched to the good WNYC which as all my eggheads know is Classical all night. And that quick juxtaposition of musicianship 1) embarrassed me as a Hip-Hop fan and 2) boosted my appreciation for Classical music.

The mind numbing name dropping of Puff was replaced by a musical composition far beyond my even imagined abilities.

We’ve got work to do people. We must restore the respect in our culture. Support those who are trying to make it better. We cannot let the interlopers and vultures write the history books.

'Fishscale' Tracklisting (stupposedly)

Tracklisting (may not be exact)

1. Shakey Dog (Prod Lewis Parker)
2. Kilos (Feat Raekwon) (Prod Moss)
3. Be Easy (Prod Pete Rock)
4. 9 Milli Brothers (Snippet) (Feat Wu-Tang Clan) (Prod MF Doom)
5. Hi (prod by Jay Dee)
6. Dawn (Feat Cappadonna & Trife)
7. Crackspot (Prod Crack Val)
8. R.A.G.U. (Feat Raekwon)
9. Whipped With A Strap (uses "One For Ghost" beat off Jay Dee’s Donuts)
10. Back Like That (Feat Ne-Yo) (Prod Xtreme)
11. The Champ (Produced by Just Blaze supposedly)
12. Clips of Doom (Feat Trife) (Prod MF Doom)
13. Family Affair (prod Pete Rock)
14. Barber Shop (Prod Studio Steve)

Friday, February 24, 2006

Cheney, the Black VP

Remember how people said Bubba was the 1st Black President because he
cheated on his wife then set up shop on 125th.

Well in the spirit of Dave Chapelle and jokes Black people shouldn't
make public the SC has 5 reasons why Cheney is Clinton's running mate
and more Hip-Hop than Hot 97.

1) In the spirit of Stop Snitching Cheney blasts people in the face with
a shotgun and doesn't cooperate with the police. He is more gangsta than
all you silly rappers.

2) Like Busta and many brothers in Rikers he is involved in a shooting
and is nowhere to be seen for days. (This is kind of like 1a, but
. Then blames the victim. And like an abusive husband convinces
the dude with bee bee's in his mug to apologize for causing the Cheney's

3) He is insubordinate to his boss. While Bush talks about getting off
of fossil fuels the next day Cheney sends his people up to Alaska to
start housing Black Gold.
I get the feeling he listens to Bush with that 'whatever dude ' look
'you're a dumb ass. I've got to do me'

4) He gets drunk and shoots people like Beanie Siegel.
Homie was lit. You know it.

5) Feels like 'the media' is always out to get him. I have never seen a
group of white people like the Republicans complain that the system aka
the liberal media is designed to take them out.
And Cheney is the most paranoid of them all.

6) He has mastered pimping the gub'ment for free money. See:
Cats robbing people for WIC checks on the 1st and 15th wish they had his
what's really sad is that this foolishness is associated with Black Folk and Hip-Hop

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Anthrax in Brooklyn?

City officials say a Manhattan resident has been hospitalized after he was accidentally exposed to inhalation anthrax while working with animal skins in Brooklyn, but investigators say there is no evidence the exposure has anything to do with terrorism. In a press conference at City Hall, Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced the unidentified 44-year-old man became ill last Thursday, February 16th, during a trip to Pennsylvania. The man was hospitalized in the town of Sayre, where doctors diagnosed the inhalation anthrax exposure and traced it back to New York City. The victim is now recovering in a hospital in Sayre, where he is in an Intensive Care Unit listed in fair condition. Investigators believe the man, who made African drums, was exposed to the anthrax after he worked with unprocessed cow and goat hides that he had purchased on a visit to the Ivory Coast in Africa in December. The city says the man told investigators he worked with the animal skins in the days prior to his trip to Pennsylvania. Anthrax is a potentially deadly agent that naturally occurs in animals. As a result of the exposure, the Department of Health has quarantined the man’s work and storage area, and his car, in the DUMBO section of Brooklyn, as well as his residence in the West Village. The DOH also says three people who may have worked with the same animal hides are being treated with antibiotics as a precaution. In the weeks following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, letters laced with anthrax were discovered in several locations around the country, including in New York City. The attacks, which remain unsolved, killed five people and sickened 17.

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UAE, yeah you know me
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I actually agree with W.
I agree with his position on this port issue and UAE. It is out and out
racism and xenophobia that is fueling this so called outrage on both
sides of the aisle.

Oddly it is W who created the climate that is now coming back to bite
him. The Republicans are the fear and terror party. And they have given
that fear and terror a face. An Arab face. Muslim Arab to be precise.
Not white Muslim like the cats fighting in parts of the former Soviet

We have been taught to fear every Arab male we see. The great
Republican Marketing machine has made us forget about the militia men
(Atlanta Olympics) or the domestic terrorists (OK City) or the Koreans
or potentially South Americans (Hugo) who hate the US and in some cases
have attacked its citizens.

No it's all about the towel heads and sand n*ggers and every nasty slur
we all may have used over the years. They are the ones to fear. And now
we are gonna turn over control of our ports to them?
Now all these fake leaders (again on both sides) want to wave the flag.
Shut up.

The majority of US ports are managed by foreign powers and guarded by Americans.

The ports in question were run by a British company before this
transaction. Where was the outrage about a foreign power in our midst

Quite simply if the country involved was not the United Arab Emirates
there would be no discussion.

This outrage is an attempt to legislate racism. And being a African
American I understand what happens when the gentry in the Senate
legislate against ethnic groups and nationalities.

History will show that this is an embarassing time for this country.


Tomorrow: this is why I am not a Democrat, don't like Hilary and would
most likely for old man John McCain.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

so fresh so clean
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So my boy is ‘walking.’ He can put together 5-9 steps before he takes a spill. It is a great time to be alive


The Chapelle Block party is looking the illest thing in theatres since LOTR as far as the nerdy SC is concerned. And props to whoever designed the poster.
Not only is it a tribute to the old school flyer (a la Jamboree) but the building in the background is one of the illest structures in Brooklyn. It’s called the Broken Angel building, right off of Classon.
Last week when Boogie and I were on a walk we took a second to really peep it.

It looks like it’s falling apart (like Prometheus’s home base for all my DC Comics nerds). But in reality it is one of the most illest things you’ll ever see. It straight up looks like a haunted and abandoned house. But from what this dread told me an eccentric white dude lives in there and charges $60 for a visit. If I ever have an extra $60 and are feeling bold I might do it.

Now I wasn’t there (and neither were a lot of people reading), so somebody tell me if that is the block where the Party was held? And are my profound observations as silly as I think they are.

-Where is Stevey Franchise going?

-Don’t trade Starbury

-Nate is my man, but he didn’t really beat the other AI

-Bonds needs to go away. It’s the juice man, stop fronting

-it is a shame how little I care about the Olympics

-RIP Curt Gowdy

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Monday, February 20, 2006

Martin Lawrence is one of the funniest cats out. After his meltdown his status sort of droppes. Enjoying a rare afternoon off we went to check out 'Big Momma's House 2.'

It's not gonna win any Oscars, but that joint was funny as s**t
Check it out of you have 90 or so minutes to get away from the grind

Busta might get subpoanead by a grand jury. What is he gonna do?
I guess we'll see how seriously people take those silly little T-Shirts

Listening to the Dilated album on Myspace. Nice idea.

Anybody played the Ecko/Kweli graf video game? Hope it's good.

Busy day. No day off for the crew. Got work to do. Holla Tmrw
Taping the inaugral episode of Take It To The Stage. Look for the fresh podcast on the good Brooklyn Bodega Posted by Picasa

Friday, February 17, 2006

yeah Mary!
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this guy is an idiot
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Too much caffiene

Is that Mary rhyming on the Busta remix?
Why I am not mad at her? Always loved Mary


So I got a beef with small businesses complaining about big chains moving in on them.
There was a Starbucks that opened up around the corner that competes directly with the local too ‘cool for school’ café/art supply store. I used to get my occasional cup of joe from the local place before Starbucks. Now I was not a Starbucks guy, but I can’t front when they opened I kind of got hooked. I started going in there almost every morning to pick up my new drug of choice. Then I started feeling guilty about not supporting the small spot. So I went back in there this morning to keep it real. These ‘Bamas straight up stop filling my order put my shit on the side to get cold while they got a cookie and a granola cup for the patron behind me in the line. I mean come on? How do you straight up ignore your customers and then complain that Starbucks is pushing you out. That is some ghetto ass customer service.

When a well funded, highly organized chain moves in it is not time to complain. It’s time t re-visit your business plan. Assess strengths and weaknesses and go to battle. Expecting people to support the little guy just because is ludicrous.

This reminds of the time when indie labels were all the rage. Eventually the lack of quality control succumbed to the machine of the major label.

I bought a Dan Brown paperback from Target on Thursday and felt guilty about the local bookstore going out of business. Then I went into the local shop and remembered that in 3 years never had I seen a recommendation, received a single word of advice. I remembered that there was no rhyme or reason to how the books were organized. No signs. No sections. Nada.

So kiddies, the moral of today’s rambling is…I love Mary J Blige

Have a good weekend

Thursday, February 16, 2006

Dwayne Wade? no
Melo? nah
Bosh? hell no
We want Donnie Darko

And they still won the whole thing

Joe Dumars holla at your boy Zeke. He's dying.
Knicks did win last night. Great game. I'm still with y'all fellas

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Thursday Babble

- What’s the deal with the new LL song with the ‘Planet Rock’ sample and the ‘Going Back To Cali’ flow?
- chi-ching for Bam and Tom Silverman
- explain to me again how pro athletes can compete in the Olympics?
The US Hockey Team is full of NHL Players and almost lost to Latvia. I don’t understand

Ghost-Dini speaks on Dilla:
[Ghost and Dilla] connected in a special way with J. Dilla thru his music, there was a soulful connection, as you will hear on the upcoming Fishscale album, he is most upset that Jay Dee never got a chance to hear the finished song but knows he will love it when he hears it up top with God!

Why did they draft Darco and never play him?

Looks like Sirius may want to re-consider the half billion dollar payout to Stern

Old Dilla interview – we are going to be doing something at the Brooklyn Brewery the 1st week in March. Free Beer. Dilla Sounds. Hope to see you there

Democracy across the world unless my guy loses

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

this network gets major props from the SCR for the J Dilla shout last night during [adult swim]
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the early days
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Ghost on TRL yesterday...life goes on

A look inside the press day of Dennis Coles courtesy of the Bodega

Kanye is not mad - hooray!

Street Lit? are these books any good, folks?


Ghostface Killah Tour Dates

March 2006
5 - Pittsburgh, PA - Mr. Smalls
6 - Cleveland, OH - House of Blues
7 - Detroit, MI - St. Andrew's Hall
8 - Sauget, IL - Pop's
9 - Indianapolis, IN - The Vogue
10 - Chicago, IL - House of Blues
12 - Minneapolis, MN - First Avenue
13 - Omaha, NE - Sokol Underground
14 - Lawrence, KS - Granada Theatre
15 - Boulder, CO - Fox Theater
16 - Fort Collins, CO - Aggie Theatre
17 - Englewood, CO - Gothic Theatre
18 - Park City, UT - Suede
19 - Boise, ID - Big Easy
21 - Seattle, WA - Showbox
22 - Portland, OR - Berbatti's
24 - San Francisco, CA - Mezzanine
25 - Santa Cruz, CA - The Catalyst
26 - San Diego, CA - House of Blues
27 - West Hollywood, CA - House of Blues
28 - Anaheim, CA - House of Blues
29 - Tempe, AZ - Clubhouse
31 - Austin, TX - Emo's

April 2006
1 - Houston, TX - Warehouse Live
6 - Atlanta, GA - The Roxy
7 - Carrboro, NC - Cat's Cradle
8 - Asheville, NC - Orange Peel
9 - Charlottesville, VA - Starr Hill
10 - Washington, DC - 9:30 Club
11 - Baltimore, MD - Sonar
13 - Boston, MA - Paradise
18 - Providence, RI - Lupo's
19 - South Burlington, VT - Higher Ground
20 - New Haven, CT - Toad's Place

Monday, February 13, 2006

Dilla Dog

It is good to see so many bloggers paying homage to the unfortunate passing of Jay Dee. I think most like myself, felt compelled to write something probably realizing that we would be one of the few outlets that would recognize the significance of the brother.

I have gone from shock to sadness to celebration since my man James hit me with the news on Friday afternoon. I am not sure how many of you have had to deal with death in your life, but I find it better to celebrate life rather than mourn death. (Maybe I do that to keep from being overcome with grief.) So to begin the celebration on Friday night I begin compiling the illest Jay Dilla playlist on the good iTunes. Feeling that I was incomplete I went to Stones Throw and peeped the entire discography. Found the joints in my Library that I didn’t have and bought whatever else I could on iTunes (Donuts, some Common work I didn’t have, and Amplified).

After the second Bacardi and Diet Coke the celebration really kicked in.
I remembered the 1st time I heard Fantastic Vol.2. The arguments I got into about that album.
How I almost lost one of my oldest friends after fighting (almost physically) about the lyrical skills of The S.
I remembered when I was working on J-Live’s first album and called Jay Dee looking for a beat tape while he was on tour with Tribe.
I remembered when I first cracked the plastic on ‘Welcome to Detroit’ or ‘Champion Sound.’

I remember when I incurred the wrath of my boys from UVa when I declared ‘Fantastic Vol.2’ was the only classic album I could add to my list since Illmatic. (For the record, my top 7 are Vol.2, Nations of Millions, Criminal Minded, Paid in Full, Illmatic, 3 Feet High, and People’s Instinctive.)
Whether I am right or wrong is irrelevant. What is relevant as this brother sparked those feelings in me. For that I am grateful.

Outside of Rob One Poetic from the Gravediggaz this is the 1st non Hip-Hop mega star that I can recall who has passed. And Jay Dee was one of us. Backpacker, underground, purist, neo-Native Tongue, whatever label floats your boat. He came up in the same era I did. His group rose through the same ranks the brothers I worked with did. And he didn’t die from a drive by or an overdose. Nothing cinematic about Lupus. His ailments like his music were things that every brother and sister could relate too. That makes it all the more tragic. That was what made it hurt so much on Friday.

But I tell you, that brother had a gift that I wish I had.
I hope that his passing will draw some attention to his work and hopefully stimulate a mind or two.
And I am not trying to lionize Jay because as I listened to some of those songs over the weekend I became reminded about his uh… less than PC subject matter. He wasn’t perfect. Flawed like all of us. Materialistic, aggressive, insecure, all of that. But humble, dedicated, passionate, and driven as well.

We are working on putting together a celebration of his music real soon.
Hopefully the SC will see you soon and we can talk some shit over “Players”

Friday, February 10, 2006

On the day Dilla left, Miles Boogie turned one
That's the way it goes
Appreciate the love you get. From phenomenal musicians and beautiful little boys
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I shed some tears when I heard it, for various reasons.
Break out some SV, some of that Ruff Draft, Champion Sound and Donuts and remember how nice he was on the sticks.
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Things not to do when trying to get an internship

Been looking to add some warm bodies to the operation.

Human Resources must suck as gig. It's hard pouring through resumes.
Saying the same schpiel in interview after interview.

Anyway, here are some things I advise not to do, at least if you want to
party with us.

1. Email me at 12:32 asking to re-schedule your 12:30 appointment

2. Talk over the interviewer. Let everyone say their peace.

3. Arrive 2 hours late because you ignored our subway directions.

4. Show up for the interview smelling like weed.

5. Have absolutely no questions

6. Say you guys are a 'little Cornerstone'
(One intern used a C'stone reference to her benfit. The other did not)

7. Tell me 'Monday is no good anymore. Wes, how's your Thursday?' You
ain't Russel Rush yet, homey.

8. Take 3 days to return emails

We got some duds, but plenty of great candidates. Look for some new
faces, knuckleheads.

Some (trifling) things TO do

9. Reference one of my boys in your interview

10. Go to an ACC school

11. Be from the Bronx

12. Have read Kim's profile on www.brooklynbodega.com

13. Tell me you are anticipating the new CL Smooth and Raekwon albums

14. Be an English Major

15. Be ready to work the very next day

Thursday, February 09, 2006

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Grammy redux

- De La opened the show. Never thought I would see that. Awesome.

- I like how all three of the plugs got some shine. Even though it's
really a Dove song (with Mase on the ad lib)

- Madonna must be the baddest MILF around (next to you know who)

- what was up with Kanye's purple suit?

- No shirt? (Taco meat on the side as Asheru said)

- but it was the gloves that killed me-even hard for me to defend that

- tough when you have to bang against the world-saver Bono

- any word on a Kanye tirade yet?

- John Legend had the best GOOD Music night

-LOVED the 'Touch The Sky' video. Hopefully we are gonna get Lupe for
the festival. I guess it's trendy to like Lupe, but whatever. I was
feeling him from the 1st listen of 'Late Registration'

- the video (and Kanye) reminds more and more of Puff about 2 years
after Biggie died
The video reminded me of that Puffy song with Jimmy Page and the one in
the desert with Betha

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

"Mommy, I don't think they teach you how to count timeouts at Michigan. Now please get me away from this man."
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anyNBA team interested in a 99lb two guard with horrible selection who thinks he can run point. Take him off our hands and I'll give you $5.
No draft picks needed
for more info email ishoudnthavetakenthisjob.coachlb@nyknicks.com or damnjoedumarswassecondfiddlenowlookatme.gm@nyknicks.com
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this picture was edited...don't tell my wife
I used to have a crush on Lisa Loeb. I think it's that school teacher thing she has with the glasses. Very Naughty America.
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Monday, February 06, 2006

"they call me Siddy, I run this City"
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Some say it was the worst called, most boring, Super Bowl of all time.
I was happy the Bus won and a player like Hines Ward got some shine.

In the age of TO and Drew I’ll’ Rosenhaus ‘you’ I like the story of the future Hall of Famer who takes a pay cut to help the team. I know the owners are rich farts who can afford it, but leave that out. It’s all about Hines Ward crying last year because he thought he couldn’t deliver a trophy to the Bus and sucking it up this year and getting it done.

It’s all about rocking the throwback ND jerseys for your captain
It’s about your momma crying in the luxury box
And finally it’s all about Tight Ends thinking twice the next time they run their mouth about your leader. Every needs to get popped now and again. Literally and figuratively.

I actually dislike cats who run their mouth too much, which I think Joey Porter did. But a taste of those dudes on your team is cool. I know he had those Hawks shook, I’ll tell you that. What is bad is when you get too much of that and you turn into TO and Michael Irvin. I would never want those guys on my team because when you are winning (Irvin) it’s all gravy, but when things get rough (TO) they sell you out like a neighboring king in pre-colonial West Africa.

Irvin instigated that whole mess with Donovan and TO. That damn question about Favre was rehearsed and planned. On several occasions Irvin has made it known how he felt about TO’s re-negotiation. And that interview was an attempt to spray Lysol on the bonfire.

And Irvin’s silly comments about Donovan interview during SB week were asinine and juvenile. While McNabb’s were thought provoking and appropriate. I hope Michael Irvin does not return to ESPN.

He drives me crazy. He and arrogant players like his ilk are bad for the kids. Good for NFL owners and major Universities, but horrible for the youth. Coaching kids now I see all of this stuff from a different perspective. The concept of team and sacrifice that I was taught in 3rd grade does not exist in too many of my kids. And I have to attribute it, to a certain extent to clowns like Irvin.

He talks over his fellow commentators. I hope Steve Young slugs him if he comes back next year.
He is lucky we looked the other way when he got caught with the glass bitch like T-Money.

As far as I am concerned give me Boomer, TJ, Jaws, and Stu and I’m good-dood.

The SC usually doesn’t like to go negative, but I had to. Please forgive me.


Why was the last person who got the key to the city of Detroit (Detrwoi) Sadaam 'my prices are in' Hussein

Do the Boondocks really need to drop ‘nigga’ so much? I am not as caught up on the word as some, but damn.

What happened to 'Did You Know' on SportsCenter?

Friday, February 03, 2006

'nuff said Posted by Picasa

Windows of opportunity are constantly opening and closing all around us. What sparked this post was the piece I saw on SportsCenter about Edgerrin James’ expected departure from the Colts. That is the sound of their window closing. That team is not the same team w/o Edge. Without a deadly running game Peyton's lack of mobility will be exposed like Miles' butt at bath time.

But this is not an NFL post, but a pseudo philosophical SC rant. The question is what do the Colts do now? What do you do when your carefully laid plans begin to unravel? When you business model expires. When your all-stars begin to see the green spots of envy?

Adapt or die.

I have faced these same questions throughout my career which is now officially 10 years old as an entrepreneur and 15 years old if I want to make myself feel better. And as I contemplate yet another major change, the re-launch of 7Heads, the Colts story gives me pause.

The wisest man knows when the party is over. When it's time to let bad things die and cut loose the weeds. To throw another sports reference, this is something the Knicks cannot or will not do. We must allot time for death and rebuilding. Without death there is no life. Something must end for something new to begin.

Many in our business refuse to die, and somehow convince themselves that this a worthy attribute. So as I look back at Feb '96 when I officially struck it out on my own (287 Armstrong, Chilltown, JC) I think today all those cats who are not here. All the MC's who were 'it' that are now nowhere to be found. The class of ’95 MC’s who pissed away their chances. My fellow businessman who have also disappeared and/or are clinging to the same plan hatched over a decade ago.

I also take joy in thinking about my friends in the business who have bounced back or sailed to heights that we never dreamed of. What triggers these thoughts is seeing Mos Def getting co-billed with Bruce Willis in ’16 Blocks.’ Who would have thought the Universal Magnetic b-boy would be working with Cybil Shepard's former co-star.

How does one decide if you should find the money to re-sign The Edge? Or when do you cut him loose and pull a Shannahan and build through free agency or the draft? or make the Edge take the supporting role and still be the star a la Jerome Bettis.

Who knows?

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sergio and will.i.am on the Tonight Show TONIGHT!!

Catch Sergio Mendes and will.i.am performing "Surfboard" on the Tonight
Show with Jay Leno airing tonight at 11:35 pm PST on NBC!!!

BEP haters - do not attack Sergio. The album is pretty good

Tomorrow - why I hope ESPN fires Michael Irvin

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

what do Sticky and Snipes have in common?
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I was gonna come up with something witty to make fun of the Cylon Invader George W, but I don’t think I can beat the Robert Palmer reference that James rocked on the Bodega Blog. They just threw up some ill podcasts from my peoples Kyle and KB as well as fellow cinematic aficionado Mike Jax


I was watching Kobe play this high school team at The Garden, then I turned it off and watched Empire Disc 1 – Hail Caesar!
My man Andy put me onto Empire after he noticed my love for Rome and all Sunday Night HBO programming choices.
(Isn’t cool that Turtle is the most famous of all of them in the off season? Knicks commercials, HIV awareness, Hip-Hop Honors)

Devoured Disc 1 after Boogie went down. I am all about Disc 2 tonight


Why are people attacking Tom and 'War of the Worlds'? I That movie was good, until the ending


Thanks to our friends at Giant Step for hooking up the Heather Hadley tix for the wife. She said the show was off the hook. Heather seems like she is no joke, on several levels – roowwwrrr!


Hopefully Dave won’t get the same tongue lashing as homeboy from A Million Little Pieces, who just got dumped by his agent
That Cam’ron thing is over right? Nicely done Hip-Hop world


So Alito is in. I saw a pic in the Metro Newspaper of Clarence “Doubting” Thomas cheesing like the Kool Aid Man. That dude looks like such a gump.