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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Can I Borrow a $1K?

Scion caught some blogosphere heat, but although their initiatives can seem to be omnipresent at least they are putting some of those dollars in the right place. If there was no Scion most of y'all would be crying about how broke you are. When they are here you complain about being co-opted. Not sure if a healthy solution is possible.

Can I borrow $1,000 ?(thank you Ian for the heads up)

Shout out to KB at XM Radio. Glad you are feeling the Entourage posts.

Look out for the launch of the Brooklyn Bodega this week.

Remember no post on Tuesdays (maybe Thursdays now) -- hanging out with Miles Boogie.

My Hello is not working so I can upload any images - can anyone help?


The third time’s a charm as Scion presents the 3rd annual “Free Up Your Mix” National DJ Contest.

The contest celebrates and rewards DJs for showcasing their skills and creativity by submitting their best mixtapes. This year Scion has opened up the competition by expanding it to include eight categories and deciding to accept digitally altered “street style” mixtapes (like the one’s you’d pick up on the block) in addition to live recordings.

“Without a doubt, DJ’s are some of the most talented musicians of our time. They push the limitations of what can be done with music, make and break records, and set lifestyle trends daily”, said Jeri Yoshizu, Scion Sales Promotions Manager. “The latest evolution of the DJ is being transformed with an increase in the use of downloadable music and hardware players. From our inception, Scion has embraced the DJ and we will continue to do so by executing this contest which encourages DJs to utilize new media technology in order to elevate their trade to new heights.”

Entries are being accepted through October 1st, 2005 and will ultimately be evaluated by professional DJs from each genre. After the success of last year’s contest, which produced over 800 submissions (including last year’s grand prize winners the Oakland Faders) Scion has decided to expand the search.

New categories this year include:

Mash Up, Reggae/Dancehall
Rock/Hip Hop
Rare Groove
Group Performance
Best Produced Remix

Among the judges, the legendary DJ Jazzy Jeff will be evaluating the hip hop mixtape submissions. “DJs identify music, rhythm and trends that touch the pulse of their audience,” said Jeff. Originally a DJ’s skill was based on the ability to rock a party. Now that skill is only one aspect of DJing as it’s evolved into music production, beat juggling techniques, mixtapes and technological hardware and software knowledge. I will be looking for mixtapes that embrace the influence of the DJ in 2005.”

Scion has also taken the contest a step further, realizing the close relationship between the producer and the DJ, and offering the Best Remix category. Quite appropriately, pioneering DJ/Producer and New York mixtape guru Tony Touch will be tackling the task of judging the remix category. “The DJ and the producer are nearly one and the same,” states Tony Touch, “For over two decades, I’ve been doing both, and I’m constantly gaining knowledge and building upon one by sharpening my skills with the other. I think it’s great that Scion’s highlighting both in the same arena.”

Once a finalist has been selected in each category, Scion will evaluate the skill, creativity, and overall presentation of each winner’s submission and choose a grand-prize winner. This year’s grand prizewinner will receive $2,500 and the opportunity to mix a Scion CD sampler (distribution of 500,000 copies and spin at Scion events nationwide.

http://www.scion. com/mix to download the entry form and read more about the prizes, judging, rules & regulations. Don’t sleep.

All entries must be postmarked by October 1st, 2005

Judges: Hip Hop (Live and Street Style): Jazzy Jeff (
www.djjazzyjeff.c om) Mash-Up: D.J. P (www.djpmix.com) Reggae/Dancehall: Max Glazer of Federation Sound (www.djmaxglazer .com) Rock/Hip Hop: DJ Klever of the Allies Best 2 x 4/Group Mix: DJ Haul and Mason (www.haulandm ason.com) Best Produced Remix: Tony Touch (www.tonytouch.c om)

Monday, August 29, 2005

Sunday re-cap

So while y’all were watching Tony Yayo and 50 curse Fat Joe out at the VMA’s. I was making the most of the money I give every month to HBO. It’ not like it won’t be on every day until Thanksgiving. I am sad I missed the R. Kelly joint. Although Straight Bangin’ is telling me I ain’t miss nothing.

Wouldn’t have been mad to see Eva Longoria although I did see Hammer and that silly number with Omarion.

I think they did Kanye his award to get him out the way.

I did hear a great Artist Confidential on XM with Kanye on Saturday. He broke down every song. It’s being re-broadcast
tomorrow at 8pm. Check it out.

Me and Miles Boogie spent Saturday at the
Brooklyn Botanic Garden. I can’t recommend it enough. That was one of the illest places I have ever been. Absolutely beautiful. Later for the suburbs, I love it in Brooklyn. The trio right there of Prospect Park, The Museum and The Garden is all you need. Not to mention the Library.

Now onto my Sunday HBO report:

great episode of Entourage. Jeremy Piven has to get an Emmy this year. Ari is one of the best characters on TV. In the world of reality TV, he reminds us why we still need real actors.

-On one hand I see why Terrance had to shut Ari down. I have been in that position. Having your subordinates try to scheme on you. It must be dealt with quickly and cleanly.

-However, I love Ari so I was sad to see it happen to him. He wasn’t scheming until Terrance started to scheme on him.

-Will be interesting to see how he will be bouncing back. I love the pledge of allegiance he made Lloyd swear. Their whole interaction is very Jerry Macguire-ish

-Getting tired of Vince’s fickleness. Either do the movie or don’t. Stop acting like a baby.

-E’s new girl is quietly the baddest chick on the show

-Family Guy and American Dad is in trouble because I am clearly gonna be all about
Rome. The 1st show got me hooked. I’ll catch the reruns on Adult Swim

-Speaking of
Adult Swim, new Boondocks show staring in October.

Everyone in Brooklyn, avoid this cold bug floating around.

Friday, August 26, 2005

How annoying was Kanye on that ‘All Eyez On Me’ joint on MTV last night. And I am a Kanye fan. I am a Hip-Hop nerd who went to prep school so I co-signed the pink polos and blazers from jump. But the arrogance last night was a little much.

The thesis that you should get an award because they ask you to perform is simply ridiculous. What about the album sales and show offers the performance generated? I thought that was why you perform on TV.

Although I completely agree, the monologue about homophobia was a bit strange. It sort of came out of nowhere. And he is so pretentious, asking the grip or whatever to be quiet while he spoke. Come on, man.

-The segment about Dame and Jay was cool, but a little melodramatic. The pensive pause was hilarious.

-I do think this is #1 on the Chancellor’s favorites of ’05. But to be honest there hasn’t been too much heat this year.

-They must have just finished this album. Common references the last Tyson fight which was what? 3 months ago?

Songs I am feeling after my second listen:

-Heard ‘Em Say – the dude from Maroon 5 sounds good

-Touch The Sky – That cat Lupe is nice. I like those up-tempo beats

-Gold Digger – video is cool too. I like seeing Jamie Foxx shine

-Drive Slow is my favorite – maybe because it sounds like J-Live’s “Like This Anna”

-The ‘Diamonds’ songs are cool. I wish Jay Z would get some new subject matter, though

-Gone – I hope Consequence gets a chance

-Late – is this on the album?

Other randomness:

My new favorite dance is the Tony Yayo hand wave

The joint with 50 and the MOBB is the shit

I wonder how that Paul Wall album is gonna sound. Have a feeling it’s gonna be too country for me. But I do like him the most out of the Houston triumvirate. I love him on the Kanye joint.

Quietly, I can’t wait for the market to shake out some of these wack dirty south cats (I am not talking about Paul).

I am tired of that Southern foolishness and that avant garde noise. Probably why I secretly applaud Kanye’s arrogance. If someone doesn’t step up Hip-Hop is gonna turn into nasty R&B hybrids, Southern ignorance, and dissonant noise from pseudo intellectuals.

Mobile Podcasting

Thursday, August 25, 2005

one of the best parties in NYC... Posted by Picasa

coming to a fresh website near you Posted by Picasa

A few tidbits

A few tidbits


Caught the tail end of the Ecko Graf jam.  It was not the media circus I expected.  Pretty hardcore for the graf aficionado.  Honestly a little too intense for me.  I wrote when I was a little punk ass kid in the Bronx and was a half ass vandal at UVa, but never anywhere as serious as these cats.  This was the real deal.


Congrats to Giant Step on their bowling victory. I should have switched to the heavy ball about 13 frames earlier


Listening to the new Kanye (on mp3 sorry Def Jam).  Only 5 songs deep but I am feeling it.  I will have my unsolicited review by Monday.  Paul Wall sounds great in ‘Drive Slow’ - hope his album flows like this.  ‘Drive Slow’ sounds like an old J-Live song.  Can’t remember which.


Other randomness


Christian Video Games?


Pat Robertson is wild! I wonder if there will be a significant backlash to hurt W


Just know that Kim ‘Bag of’ Trick(s) is the one blowing up Slim Thugga’s shine on the New Madden


Check the flyer for the Jump N Funk 4 Year Anniversary


I always liked Field Mob…Listen to Field Mob's "Friday Night":

http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/geffen/fi eld_mob/audio/light_poles_and_pine_trees/friday_nigh t/00_lo.asx?siteid=rs
http://boss.streamos.com/real/geffen/field _mob/audio/light_poles_and_pine_trees/friday_night/0 0_lo.ram?siteid=rs

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fresh new flyer for our CMJ jam on September 15th Posted by Picasa

Be Nice on Thursday.  Posted by Picasa

today...I was gonna vote for Bloomberg, but now....? Posted by Picasa

Marc Ecko Victorious in Fed. Court Against New York Cit

There was a great piece on this on my favorite radio station, www.wnyc.org with my main man Brian


Ain’t nothing like bad publicity to promote a Hip-Hop event.  I am sure this thing is gonna be off the hook tomorrow.  Gonna check it out before we scrape the Giant Step crew at bowling.





 Fashion designer and entrepreneur Marc Ecko, on behalf of his company *ecko unltd., today announced a favorable decision in a lawsuit the Company filed against New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the City of New York in the United States District Court, Southern District of New York, on Friday, August 19.

As a result, the first-of-its-kind street festival, free and open to the public, will be held as originally scheduled on August 24th on 22nd Street between 10th and 11th Avenues from 12:00PM – Dusk.  The event will feature ten 48-foot-long by 8-foot-high replicas of the legendary NYC transit blue-bird subway cars, which will be transformed into contemporary urban works of art by 20 renowned graffiti writers.

Commenting on the court’s decision, Mr. Ecko stated, “Today is further affirmation that graffiti is without question the most powerful art movement in recent history.  This event was conceived as a tribute to the roots of graffiti culture, a time in New York City’s history that I chose to believe was worth fighting to preserve.   I never envisioned having to go to Court when we started working with the City on this event 10 months ago, but was left with no other choice when the City asked us to change our chosen art canvas and, as such, tried to censor my first amendment rights and those of these great artists by attempting to dictate how we express ourselves.

“Graffiti is an art form without borders, one which touches people of every gender, age, race, income class and political affiliation on a daily basis and today’s decision is further affirmation that it is here to stay.  Graffiti does not, as some in city hall have claimed, have to be a gateway to crime.  It can also be a gateway to opportunity and success when channeled properly, and I hope that the Mayor accepts my offer to join me on Wednesday as we channel our creative energies together.”

Gregg Donnenfeld, Assistant General Counsel for *ecko unltd. added, “We are extremely pleased, though not surprised, by Judge Rakoff’s recognition that graffiti is indeed a legitimate form of art, and that the City has no right to dictate how that art is expressed.  Marc Ecko's block party will therefore proceed as planned, with a live graffiti art demonstration open to the public at no charge, with the world's top graffiti artists using mock subway trains as their art canvases.”

“Should the City attempt to appeal the Judge's decision, we will continue to fight for our First Amendment rights, all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court if necessary.  However, at this point we do not anticipate any appeals, and instead just look forward to what will be a spectacular art event for all of the public and New York's art community to celebrate.,” Donnenfeld continued.

Monday, August 22, 2005

Fest in Newsweek/Sunday TV

Rhymefest in Newsweek

My niece Malaika Joy was in Newsweek too. Gotta send that link after the
staff meeting.

'The Bachelorette' Family Guy was one of the best.

-'So how's that novel coming along?'

-Quagmire slipping the mickey was kind of ill. He is really a dangerous
criminal. At times I am not sure we should be laughing.

-and that creepy old guy peeping in on Chris. That is kind of disturbing
too. McFarlane is not afraid to push the envelope. And I like that.
The Animal Hose reference was money.

-and the return of the crazy monkey in the closet-love it!

-even he had to draw the line on the JFK joke though

-and in the rerun, should I be concerened about how good they made Lois
looked in the Mystique costume.

Entourage - say what you want about Ari but he is dedicated to Vince. A
7 hour trip to Nappa at the drop of a hat? I am sure he does it for the
dough but even still

And of course my man E hoolding his own. And always staying loyal to the

Nice cameo by Saigon. Turtle about to spread his wings.

-they should do a real Aquaman movie.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

ESPN2 "It's the Shoes" marathon this weekend!

Saturday, August 20, noon to 2pm, ESPN2 presents:

The "It's the Shoes" marathon, hosted by Bobbito
The last 4 shows of the series will run consecutively. ESPN2 will
continue to re-air all 8 shows throughout September. Check your local

September, 2005, Bounce Magazine drops:


Too many high powered photos and articles to mention. Purchase at
www.fromtheplayground.com, or by visiting Barnes & Noble, Borders, or
select newstands near you.
Also, look out for Bounce: From the Playground apparel at our site,
available now!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

An update from the swamp

A quick update as I make my way back to Brooklyn. It will be good to be
back. I have had enough heat and humidity to last me until Miles goes to

Thanks to Kim Trick(ology) for the content

Tommy Boy's 'Hip-Hop Roots' streams:

James Brown “Give It Up or Turn It Loose”

www.outrightmedia.com/~mikeg ee/giveituporturnitloose.ram

Lyn Collins feat the JB’s “Think (About It)”


Charles Wright and the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band “Express

www.outrightmedia.com/~mikegee/ex pressyourself.ram

Exclusive Common footage from his recent AOL Sessions


Features "Go," "Testify," "They Say," and "Faithful" as well as an
interview with Common and Kanye West.

Make sure to check out "They Say" to see the two hit the stage

In the works - Common and D'Angelo "Go" remix


Slum Village to participate in Minneapolis Hip Hop Week

Slum Village will be joining Slick Rick and others for Minneapolis's
"Hip Hop Weekend" on August 19-21. The 4th Annual Twin Cities
Celebration of Hip-Hop celebrates the power of community through Hip-Hop
culture and education. For more information visit Yo The Movement


Common hits the road
August 3: St. Louis, MO- The Pageant
August 6: Atlanta- The Tabernacle
August 8: Miami- Mansion
August 10: New Orleans, LA- House of Blues
August 13: Houston, TX- Hush
August 15: Dallas, TX- Gypsy Tea Room
August 19: San Francisco, CA- The Fillmore

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The Chancellor's guilty pleasures

This is just between us. I'll deny this under oath Rafael Palmero style

1. That Omarion song that sounds like Usher that sounds like Michael

2. Kill Reality

3. More G Unit songs that I woould care to admit

4. Trilville - that 'what it is?' song

5. The Surreal Life

6. The Big Comfy Couch

7. Eonline, the E! Network, and E! on XM Radio

8. The Food Network (that is not so guilty)

9. Destiny's Child - the joint from the new album, the singles at least
are kinda hot. That 1st one, the shit 9th Wonder did and Cater 2U.

10. Dip Set - really Cam and Juelz

Monday, August 15, 2005

Best Album covers of all time

1. Midnight Marauders

2. Takes a Nation of Millions

3. Wish My Brother George Was Here

4. Black Star

5. Licensed To Ill

6. Buhloone Mind State

7. 3 Feet High and Rising

8. Paid In Full

9. Criminal Minded

10. People's Instinctibe Travels

11. Ironman

12. Soon Come... (I have no shame)

13. Hot Buttered Soul

14. Are you Experienced?

15. Organix

16. Yo, Bum Rush The Show

17. Illmatic

I just realized that my favorite album covers are linked to my favorite
albums. So is it the album I like or the cover. May have to come up with
another list, Records I don't like with covers I do like. And vice versa

Thursday, August 11, 2005

I leave you with this...Be Nice to each other Posted by Picasa

CMJ 2005 for all the fly ladies and girls

The Chancellor is taking a much needed break. Going to take Miles Boogie down south to the fam for a little spoiling for him and R&R for the kid.

I will be bloggimg remotely, but I may miss a day, and I may have fewer flicks. Hopefully the great Mark Cilantro will be filling in the gaps as well.

Before I head out, here a few tid bits.

This T.O. thing is too much. Just let him go and let him get his money. He is gonna bring down that team soon.

Watching the MTV special on the Anger Management Tour. I think I am beginning to like 50 (yikes!) most of the music is still too 'in the box' for me, but spreading the love to the great M-O-B-B and the MashOutPosse (rugged, never smooth) How can you be mad?

And I like his stand on The Game situation (that kid from Compton just killed himself, whose side did he really think Iovine, Em and Dre would take?)

and now for some shamelss self promotion:

August 10th, 2005

Room Service Productions announced today the initial lineup for its 4th Annual CMJ Showcase in New York City. This year’s event is being presented in conjunction with North Carolina’s Justus League and will feature Little Brother, Rhymefest, J-Live, The Away Team, L.E.G.A.C.Y., Joe Scudda, and One Block Radius. The event will once again be held at the legendary BB King’s Blues Club and Grill on September 15th.

“Last year’s showcase with De La [Soul], [Talib] Kweli, and RES really raised the bar on our CMJ performances. So this year we had to come correct,” said Room Service president Wes Jackson. “Little Brother and Rhymefest rocked The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival so we had to bring them back for CMJ. And of course having my brother, J- Live, rock with us again is satisfaction guaranteed. And that is not all; we are working on a few more Hip- Hop super heroes.”

For 25 years, the CMJ Music Marathon has been one of the most pivotal events in NYC. Showcasing talent from major and independent labels to upcoming unsigned acts, the marathon is an excellent way to make a lasting impression on music industry participants, DJs from all over the country, and adoring fans alike. 2005 marks the 25th anniversary of the CMJ Music Marathon.

The conference will be held from Wednesday September 14th- Saturday September 17th. With no other opportunity existing like this in New York CMJ continues to fills the void of providing a productive and efficient forum for like minded companies to connect and network. CMJ still is the only major music networking event in New York City.

Little Brother, Rhymefest and J-Live will be supporting their new releases “The Minstrel Show” (Atlantic Records), “Blue Collar Poppin” (J Records) and “The Here After” (Penalty Records) respectively.

Event producer Alma Geddy-Romero had this to add, “Rhymefest, J-Live, and Little Brother represent the next generation. They are the perfect balance between old school skills and new skills flows. This year’s lineup represents the music and the artists that we as a company want to support and help succeed. CMJ gives them a great opportunity to play in front of a large cross section of tastemakers in one of the City’s biggest venues.”

Room Service promises more confirmations regarding artists and partners in the coming weeks.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

'Gettin Up' Block party should be dope. The game is fresh too Posted by Picasa

Still working on my best artwork list but in the meantime...a little tidbit on the music technology tip

Yahoo! Rolls Out Digital Music Search Engine

Amazon eyes music downloads

Monday, August 08, 2005

you're not drunk...the picture is hazy Posted by Picasa

'Brand New' Dwele and Fest

New streams from Dwele

He kind of got lumped in that neo-soul backalash (which I never agreed with). I like the term 'Neo-Soul'

But whatever, dude is nice and the new album should be hot.

a lil info on Dwele G from 'Lil' Kim Trick:

“Music is what I do and who I am,” he says. “It’s my release.”
While music has certainly transformed in the two years since 27-year-old Dwele stepped up to the plate with his debut, “Subject,” he’s made slight adjustment to his surroundings. Cornrows aligned, symmetric, and Midwest cool in full effect, there’s no denying that Dwele stays repping for the (313) – he’s just moved to downtown Detroit where he watches as the sun rises, and sets, over Lake Eerie. “Changing scenery offers you a different mood and energy for creating,” he admits. “If the sun is up and it’s hot in the loft, I’m coming with a hype song. But once the sun starts to go down, it’s a beautiful time to make music – baby-making music.”

Entitled simply, “Some Kinda,” Dwele’s sophomore collection is 13 songs deep including a few groove-infused interludes reminiscent of those he brought the first time around. Along with tapping into his own songwriting and producing talents on nine tracks, he enlisted the expertise of fellow writer/producers Mike City (Bilal, Sunshine Anderson, Dave Hollister), Jay Dee (of Slum Village fame) as well as G1 with whom he partnered on the first single from the last album

Windows Media HI: http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/virg001/dwele/audio/2005/dwele_i__think_i__love_you_00.asx?siteid=Roomservice
Real Player HI: http://boss.streamos.com/real/virg001/dwele/audio/2005/dwele_i__think_i__love_you_00.ram?siteid=Roomservice

also have some streams from my new favorite MC, Rhymefest.
Saw him at Blvd. last week. Show was dope, but the 'too cool for school' industry crowd was too much. Standing there all night with the dummy look on their faces.
'Brand New' is the new single featuring the Louis Viton Don

Brand New (feat. Kayne West) (Clean Version)

Brand New (feat. Kayne West)

These Days

New list coming tomorrow - Best album covers of all time. Feel free to hit The Chancellor with some suggestions.

Friday, August 05, 2005

and here is a nice image because I know y'all like reading with pictures Posted by Picasa

A couple of interesting articles on the technology

A couple of interesting articles on the technology/sports/business tip


Slim Thug in the new Madden.  Along with a bunch of new acts


New Xbox to be economically priced


No more landlines?


More drama from the ‘roided up MLB.  I am sure my man Doug Nyce is loving this


Nice article on the Atkins bankruptcy.


There was a great piece on WNYC about this.  I wanted to call into Brian Leher that day almost as much as I did when the RZA was on.  Eb and I followed Atkins pretty tough before Miles was born.  We have since slacked a bit (her more than me), but when we were on it hardcore it definitely worked.  Weight down, energy up.  And contrary to popular belief we were not eating devouring meat and cheese like some insane Roman emperor. 


If anyone bothered to read Dr. Atkins initial book they would realize that Atkins discourages you from overeating and encourages the eating of lean meats, fish, fruits and vegetables.  As soon as they filed for Chapter 11 it was amazing how many people were ready to schedule the diet’s funeral. I didn’t understand it.  I secretly suspect these were people who couldn’t stick to the diet because of self discipline or laziness and decided to blame the concept of the diet.


Now besides me being a proponent of the diet I also see an interesting business story.  When Atkins reached its peak of popularity about 18 months ago traditional producers of refined carb products hit their nadir.  Wonder, Breyer’s, Nabisco etc. saw their sales drop dramatically.  Pizza shops were going out of business. Steak houses were popping up.  The response was amazingly quick by these gigantic multinationals. 


Breyer’s launched a low carb ice cream.  Arnold’s launched Carb Controlled bread.  Nabisco launched CarbWell breakfast bars.  Quite simply, a Long Island diet company cannot compete with Breyer’s in the ice cream market.  It was only a matter of time before the economics caught up with Atkins.  They went from having a monopoly to going toe to toe with billion dollar companies in less than 2 years. 


Anyone who used to eat that Atkins bread knows what I’m talking about.


It was no the loss of popularity that caused Chapter 11, but its incredible popularity and effectiveness.


Running a small company I feel their pain.  I have seen this happen countless times in the record biz.  In fact it is happening right now.  The majors have gotten a taste for dirty south, crunk music and they are devouring it at a record pace.  Webbie, T.I., Slim Thug, Swisha House, Boyz In Da Hood.  This regional music was initially run by local entrepreneurs, but now their ability to live in the marketplace is no doubt severely limited.  But soon the majors’ belly will be full and they will be on to the next.


The infatuation with the South is nothing new. Ask Eightball and MJG. There was a time when Queens griminess was the rage, afrocentricity, and G-Funk all had their time in the sun.


The little guy with the great idea must always be watchful of the big boys on the block.  Make them work with you, not against you.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Chapelle is over?

Check Joey’s post


from Mark Cuban's Blog - I friggin love this!

The definition of insanity.. The Music Industry

There is an old saying that the definition of insanity is, “Doing the same thing over and over again expecting the outcome to change”

I think of this saying everytime I hear about music industry efforts to impact piracy.

Insanity is thinking that kids with more time than money will stop finding ways to get music for free. Even if the industry found the end all be all DRM solution that stops 100 pct of duplication, kids will sit in front of their radios with recording capability or redirect digital music from any source to their hard drives and then spend the time to pick out the music they like and burn it.

Insanity is thinking that piracy is the reason music sales are down and then focusing most of your  business on selling music to the exact demographic that has the most time to spend on finding free music and most energy to spend on cracking whatever protections you introduce.

Insanity is ignoring year after year, the demographics with more money than time. Those who aren’t willing, or don’t have the time to troll through the net to figure out which network has the most music to download, searching for songs, picking out which peers to try to download from and then hoping it all worked out right. Those who would prefer to just buy music in the easiest way possible so they can get on with enjoying their music and their lives.  Isn’t that why we buy bottled water? It’s easy and convenient?

Check out the whole post





Adidas buys Reebok

In a word. Wow!


The news hit late Tuesday night with the blockbuster headline: Adidas To Buy Reebok.

Like most major mergers, it seemed too big to be real. Wendy's doesn't usually buy Burger King. Hilton doesn't buy Marriott.

But these deals do happen, often when top officials with one behemoth realize that that their goals will be best accomplished by joining instead of competing. Mergers have reordered the rank of companies in the energy and telecommunications businesses in recent years. Sports is no exception: In July 2003, Nike bought Converse for $200 million, and in April 2004, Reebok bought The Hockey Company for roughly the same price.

But never something like this -- two of the world's largest footwear and apparel companies teaming up to create a company that grossed $11.1 billion in revenues last fiscal year.

For lovers of the Reebok brand, word out of Germany is that the Reebok vector isn't going to disappear any time soon. They'll essentially operate as two separate brands under adidas' watch, which means that Reebok logos will still appear on NFL jerseys (as part of the company's exclusive apparel deal with the league) and Reebok pumps won't have to wait for the shoes to be refitted with the three stripes.

So why would adidas do this?

Although the brand was doing well in Europe (adidas controls 35 percent of the world's soccer cleat market), it wasn't making any progress in North America. Last year, adidas had a 9 percent share of the $9 billion U.S. athletic shoe market, compared to Reebok's 12 percent and Nike's 36 percent. Adidas had an 11 percent share of the U.S. shoe market in 2001, but the brand was never able to eclipse that mark.

On the surface, the deal appears to be very favorable for Reebok, with adidas agreeing to pay $59 per share, a 34.2 percent premium over Tuesday's closing price. But the legacy of Reebok chairman and CEO Paul Fireman, who will still be at the helm of the Reebok brand, will partly be in the hands of his company's German acquirer. If adidas destroys the Reebok brand, the 61-year-old Fireman -- who reportedly put in an initial investment of $35,000 in 1979 -- still will make hundreds of millions when the deal closes in the next six to nine months, but the move will tarnish how people perceive him.

As a result of the alliance, adidas will automatically double its share in the United States, but in order for the deal to work out financially -- as with any merger, the company will have to effectively consolidate, or as Adidas chairman and CEO Herbert Hainer says, investing in both brands is "what is necessary to drive them forward."

Adidas officials are expected to embrace Reebok's sports and entertainment strategy, with the recent signings of 50 Cent, Jay-Z and Nelly. Adidas has dabbled by signing Missy Elliott, but Reebok has made a greater commitment in recent years in letting entertainers sell their shoes and apparel.

"They have brought a new kind of business to the table -- the fusion of sport and lifestyle and music," Hainer said. "I would say they have done it


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3 Ways



I haven’t dropped a real post in a minute.  My apologies.  But you know the deal.


Real quick.  Just heard some joints from the new Slum Village album.  I like these more than most of the Detroit Deli joints.  Shout out to RJ. Let’s get this done.


Now for the real post aka my latest theory:


There are three models that cats used to make a Hip-Hop album.


  1. The Marley Marl model


This is the one MC/one producer model.  I use Marley because I don’t think he gets enough credit in Hip-Hop annals.  And he really perfected this model and nursed it into the modern era.

In this model the beatmaker is really a producer.  He/she is responsible for the creative direction of the album and is very much the Svengali. 

-Marley did this for The Juice Crew (Kane, Biz, Ace, Craig G, Shante, and G-Rap).

-This could easily be called the Dr. Dre method as well.  Snoop, NWA, DOC, Miche’le, Eminem (at least at first).

Other examples: Pete Rock - INI, DeDa, and Pete and C.L. (sort of).  Pete is also part of another major category

-Those cats from Hypnotized Minds

-Mannie Fresh

-Mobb Deep (Havoc)

-Slum Village (especially the 1st 2 albums)

-Eric B. and Rakim

-Swizz Beats and early Ruff Ryder projects

-Little Brother and many of the 9th Wonder projects




  1. The Nas Model


This model runs the industry currently.  Here the album more closely resembles a compilation where the artist is featured over various producers’ beats.  I call it the Nas model because this was the path Faith Newman and Serch followed for Illmatic.  Rather than pair Nas up with one producer and create a sound, an all star team of producers and beatmakers.  Never before had Primo, Pete, Q-Tip, and The Extra P (and LES) worked on the same album.  Even though it seems like a no brainer these days that was a real innovative approach.


In fact it worked so well everybody and their mama has adopted it.  Indie as well as major artists now normally look to assemble an all star team. 

I still think Illmatic is the only classic produced using this method.




-Common (One Day… and Chocolate)


-Ready To Die

-Memphis Bleek

-J-Live (The Best Part)

-Vast Aire

The list could go on forever….


  1. The Puffy method


This is really a variation of #2.  But whereas the Nas model assembles the ‘best’ producers, in a purist sort of way, the Puffy model assembles a cast of beatmakers based on regional and marketing appeal.  This method was perfectly executed on Biggie’s second joint, ‘Life After Death.’  For the 1st time you had an East Coast M.C. clearly making songs specifically for different demographics. 


There was ‘Notorious Thugs’ with Bone, “Fucking You Tonight” with R. Kelly for the R&B Thugs, ‘Going Back to Cali’ for the West Coast and so on.

But you also had your Primo cuts to appease the purists and the backpackers.  Even RZA got a cut on there because Puff needed to have the Wu Tang fan in the fold. 


This style has been copied relentlessly and because of the inherent marketing advantages it outperforms all the others. 


There is no bigger example of this model than the god MC himself and BIG’s heir to the throne.  Jigga Man.  ‘Big Pimpin’ got Texas. ’99 Problems’ caught the attention of the Linkin Park fan, Primo rocked ‘Friend or Foe’, 9th Wonder brought the young purists, Timberland brought his audience, Beyonce brought hers, etc.


So there is my theory.  Interesting that DJ Premier is the one constant here….hmmmmmm


Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Triple % and Triple P Posted by Picasa

Triple 5 Soul Sessions - real update later today

Join Triple 5 Soul, THE FADER, and Ubiquity Records to celebrate the
release of Triple 5 Soul Sessions Vol. 3:

Friday, August 12th @ Triple Crown
108 Bedford Ave. @ N11th in Brooklyn
Red Stripe & Smirnoff Open Bar 9pm-11pm
Waajeed Soul Sessions CD Listening & Giveaway 10pm-11pm
DJ Sets By:
WAAJEED (Platinum Pied Pipers/Bling 47)
BLU JEMZ (Money Studies/Turntable Lab)
LINDSEY (Negroclash/Triple Crown)
DJ MYLES (Triple Crown)
RSVP to events@triple5soul.com with “SOUL SESSIONS” in the subject
line no later 12:00pm Friday August 12th.
15 RSVP’s will be randomly selected to receive the rare Japanese
edition of the Platinum Pied Pipers Album, TRIPLE P

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"My daddy is busy this monday morning so he told me to update the blog. i decided to upload some pictures of...me. Peace, love, and rice cereal" -- Miles Boogie Posted by Picasa