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Monday, April 30, 2007

Randomness (Sports mostly)

keep making fun of my name. I am the biggest mf'ing QB that you will ever see

  • Had Miles all to myself so I am understandably tired and busy today. No time to work on the weekends like I prefer. Although there were some Saturday 5am emails.

  • Why I am not interested in the NBA playoffs?

  • Note to MSG if I want hockey I don’t tune into a lacrosse game. I know you love the Rangers but how can just cut off the lacrosse game last night. You bastards.

  • And btw, how can I move things I DVR onto my computer? Tech help anyone?

  • Jamarcus has to be one of the best Black names in pop culture. I used to have a running list of names (Anfernee, Ladanian, D’Brickashaw). Have fun with Randy Moss, Jamarcus

  • Poor, poor, poor, filthy rich Brady Quinn

  • I like the lineman who went fishing with his pops.

  • Fire Steinbrenner not Torre

  • Duke lacrosse bounced back like a mf. Didn’t they?

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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Channel Live - Mad Izm (Feat. KRS-One)

If the Blastmaster is on the East Coast I am getting him!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Nostagia part 2

So we cleaned out the store room last week. Took your man on a trip down memory lane. Lessons learned:

1. I wasted a lot of money on that space. 90 percent of the stuff in there was garbage. Never again.

2. I will never manufcture another CD. I threw out so many returns from retail it made me sick. And the dust triggered my asthma.

3. Posters are really heavy when your are chucking them into a dumpster. Ooooooh my back still hurts.

4. 7H put out some really banging records. If you don't believe me ask Vibe Magazine ....aiiiiiiiiight

5. Even our duds I like and am proud of.

6. there are only 2 records I regret putting out. One of them was a big seller too.

7. Thank you to all the independent contractors and partners who helped make all that magic. Sam Wilson, Elliott Thomas, James Blagden, Frank Franklin II etc.

8. In our first round we did our motherphunkin thing! I'll send you a kite when the next round starts.



I made a comment yesterday about the good looking women down in DUMBO. For the record, they are none more beautiful than a certain pregnant hot mama with her hair pulled back.

Monday, April 23, 2007


Life is better when the sun is out. Especially when you have a 2 year old with more energy than Jim Carey on a Red Bull and yayo cocktail.

Make sure you get out today. Don't get stuck in the office or in the crib. I, myself, am at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park visualizing how f@@@ing dope the Festival is gonna be.

FYI (for single guys only, of course), a lot of good looking women work in DUMBO. Another good thing about the sun. It melts women's clothes.

Guilty pleasure alert: I like 'Get it Shawty' by Lloyd. But maybe that's because of the subliminal classic house sample in the hook.

Gentrification comment: why is the Dekalb side of Fort Greene Park packed while the Myrtle side is damn near empty. And how ill is it that the hill is such a natural border. Come on people, the projects and its residents are not that scary. Don't believe everything Mobb Deep told you about NYCHA.

-Entourage is still my shit but it's time to get the narrative rolling.

-and I am about ready for The Sopranos to end.

Time to do some work in the good weather.
I'll holla.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Naughty By Nature - Everythings Gonna Be Allright

a little NJ in BK?
what y'all think?


The anti-backlash (cool double negative)rhetoric has come quicker than I
expected in regards to the Va Tech massacre. I am glad it's on people's mind
but still it hit the airwaves quicker than I would have thought.

I wonder if people will get as nervous when an asian cat walks into the
student as they do/did when a Middle Eastern brother gets on a plane.
(Asking people to make the Korean distinction gives them too much credit -
these are the same people who beat up Sikhs in anti-muslim rage after 9/11.
That's like beating up Knick fans because the Sixers beat the Celtics. sorry
that probably made the comparison more confusing. Basically Sikhs have more
beef with Muslims than Christians.)

Probably not since Asian Americans enjoy preferred miniority status in the
American country club. However, I do hope what comes out of this is that
one kid out there realizes that evil and mental illness came in all colors.
Columbine and OK bombing was done by white cats. 9/11 - Saudi. The Columbia
grad student was raped by a Black dude.

Race simply does not answer the questions we ask of it.

One more thing. Has the Va Tech shooting been linked to violence in the
media cum Imus cum Hip-Hop yet?


word to Snoop

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Group Home: Supa Star

now we are not Jive Records with 5 top five records but we will have some goodies for you old farts

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Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Say Starksologist, fried fish Halibut

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The Hokies

I went to UVa but rest assured there will be no Hokie/Va Tech jokes today.

I fell asleep before I could watch the various news reports but how do you catch 31 victims with two 9mm's? That dude was focused ... and evil. That level of malice is deeply disturbing. I was up at 4 a.m. with that on my mind.

That, Miles and the pending arrival of the Starksologist on June 23rd.

Be good to each other. Anything can happen on any given day.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Rules

New Rules inspired by the Don Imus saga

  1. Don’t blame Hip-Hop for the world’s woes.

  2. Cite references – stop using phrases like rap artist, rap business, and record labels without citing one actual name, title, or executive

  3. old white men with a history of bigoted behavior can definitely not use Hip-Hop as a scapegoat

  4. if you don’t know Hip-Hop, don’t speak on it and show your ignorance

  5. and if you don’t know, do your research

  6. When we (Hip-Hop) have nothing to do with drama keep our name out of your mouth

  7. Don’t invite website editors (Aqua Boogie, allhiphop) to your show (Sat morning on MSNBC) and not do any research of the aforementioned editor’s and his writers published opinions. “Why was there no protest about Three Six Mafia winning the Oscar?” There was plenty, idiot host. Ever heard of a Google search?

  8. If your name is Pat Robertson or Fat Tony from the McLaughlin Group stay away from me. Because after the garbage you spewed on Sunday I will punch you in the face if I see you. “Don Imus did no evil. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are evil.” But thanks for exposing yourselves as the sick bigots that you are. I love it when the shroud of the Dark Side drops. Regardless of what you think your boy got axed, learn from it.

  9. All in all I feel bad for Imus. His ignorant ass got a 50 year education and ass whooping in about 10 days. Which inspires my last rule: It is 2007, bashing of women and endorsing racial stereotypes will no longer be tolerated. When you run your mouth, be prepared for the heat.


Friday, April 13, 2007


I'm not saying...but I'm saying...official on Monday

love you ma

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Ghostface Killah

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Ghostface Killah - Chercez La Ghost

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Ghostface Killah- Mighty Healthy

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Those damn rappers

Imus has done a great job rallying his supporters around an misinformed attack on hip-hop.
I find it presporous that a 66 year old white, male shock jock is so overwhelmed by the negative language in Hip-Hop that it is to blame for his degrading comments.

Did I miss the I-Man (as pseudo journalist Joe Scarborough lovingly called him) down on Fulton Street shopping for mixtapes. Is Don Imus parked in front of 106th and Park after his show? Does he bump the Drama King while commuting back and forth to work.
I highly doubt it.

So how can he blaim the misogyny in Hip-Hop for HIS comments?

and please can one reporter cite a lyric, artist, or song that corrupted poor I-Man's precious psyche. Stop grouping Hip-Hop as one monolithic voice. What Jeezy feels and says is not what Consequence feels. Nor do Three Six speak with the same voice as Common.
And while you're at it stop speaking about 'civil rights leaders.' Be specific. Call out Al and Jesse. Let's deal with their track record for standing up against misogyny. And let's also look at Imus's record of bigotry (Gwen Ifill).

Also recognize that there are people in the industy who condemn those pesky rappers for their overwhelming negativity. Some of thise people are in this very office.
but bottom line stop it. Be an adult you cannot pin your demons on T.I., Cam or Jay Z. Be a man Imus. You wilded out and got called out. Take your licking like a man and call Kramer over to the crib. Y'all can pop some popcorn, snuggle and watch a marathon of Tarantino flicks.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus dr.ama part 2 - before the firing

so Imus is trying to use the rap defense. Rappers use bitch and ho so get off his back.

So we are giving rappers this much power? Excellent.
So when rappers rap about reperations, universal health care, police brutality I expect everyone to follow suit. Grant them the same power and influence then as you do now.

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Imus dr.ama

I wrote this this morning before Imus got axed from MSNBC. Excuse the typos I wrote this on my wack ass Treo.

I just want to make one point regarding the Imus/Nappy headed/Rutgers situation and my man Big Perm aka The Rev. Al Sharpton. A lot of the backlash has come Perm's way claiming he is picking on Imus because he's white. On WNYC a caller claimed Perm never spoke out against Hip-Hop and its misogyny. A good point if it weren't absolutely false.

Sharpton has spoken out against Hip-Hop on numerous occasions. Most recently when he held a press conference condemning the attack on Jimmy Rosemond's son. I found it interesting and quite ignorant at how people (black and white) revel in prejudjeing Big Perm.

Forget Sean Bell, Diallo, the presidential bid, or Louima it all comes back to Tawanna Brawley. Because of the Brawley case 20 years ago. He is an opportunist. A racist. A glory hound.

Now certainly there is some truth to all the attacks but what is also true is that Perm cuts both ways. Black, white, men, women, domestic, international, Republiccan, Democrat. So before you throw stones do your research.

What else is true is Al Sharpton is the only person a Black person can count to raise a stink when an agredious wrong has been committed. Now whether you want that stink raised is another issue. Or if that stink is helpful is another issue. But what is clear is that without Perm Don Imus
would still be on the radio. The Sean Bell killers may have not been indicted. He affects change. He holds people accountable. Don Imus will think twice before he runs his mouth. Will he regress? Probably, but the young Imus wannabe on the rise will keep his mouth shut.

I like Sharpton because in this world of double talking Negroes who are afraid to speak up about anything of significance we need a fearless rabble rouser who will put Don Imus on blast. We need an outside guy to balance Obama's inside steez. Yeah he makes you uncomfortable or maybe embarasses but when you're the next Rodney King who you gonna call?

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Don Imus Calls Rev. Al Sharpton And Listeners

the woman is actually a US Congresswoman

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Imus on Sharpton

just in case you haven't had a chance to keep up with the drama

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nappy Headed Hos

but wait it gets worse! The Jigaboo comment is even better. I cannot fathom why these words came out of his mouth. the ignorance is hilarious.

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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter and the literal reading

I was watching Court TV and there was a story about a school district that banned easter baskets this year. Giving Easter baskets violated the policy of favoring a particular religion over another. The school did nothing for Passover and has never recognized Ramadan or any Muslim holiday.

The commentator was appalled and the mother of the kid who was making the baskets said something to the effect of 'it doesn't have anything to do with religion. It's just fun for the kids.'

Easter is not about religion - riiiiiight.

As far off to the left as that woman is it makes me think of the people who are equally to the right.

I am of the Joseph Campbell school of thought that the Bible was not meant to be taken literally but is rather a set of parables meant to teach a moral lesson.

There was a piece on the History Channel that attempted to explain some of the miracles in the Bible. one example was the parting of the red sea. A legend that people believe as actual fact.
The parting of the red sea was actually Moses finding the low lands where one could cross wthout a large boat.
Once the people were across, solders stayed behind in the reeds and ambushed Pharoahe's solders. Because they couldn't see their attackers it appeared as though the sea itself swallowed them up. Especially after the waters returned and covered up the site and the evidence.

Now the historical facts need corrobaration but it definitely made me think.

Friday, April 06, 2007

Ever think about when you're outta here?

Had to dip out of town. Not so much as for Easter but because Eb's Easter break.

On the way out of town we listened to good old commercial radio. Not by choice, crackheads or methadone patients stole my XM receiver then last week my iPod transmitter got vicked. Anyway, after Ebonie took all the NPR she could handle she forced me to switch it up and here is what I learned:

- Commercial radio is still a powerful medium despite the new media revolution. 50 percent of all homes have broadband access. Terrestial radio access has to be in the 90's.

-MIMS has grown on me. The main reaspon is the use of the term 'gwap.' Some real uptown lingo. Haven't heard that word in 15 years. He seems like a good dude.

- R Kelly is still the king of R&B.

- that 'Pock Lock and Drop it' song is garbage.

- Omarion should no longer be judged by the B2K via 'little hoe Imature n@@@@s wearing bobs' (Common) standards.

- I don't know one lyric to 'Lean With it Rock With it'

-remember most people in charge of delivering you content are not and have never been content producers. They tell you what's hot and what's next but all they are doing is waiting for the real innovators to set it off. Then they just fall in line and feign profoundness.
At the end of the day they have no taste. They're just keeping their head down and collecting a check.

You real innovators, follow your voice first. The function of many in the biz is to follow ypou and provide support and counsel. You don't know everything so be humble (there are good, smart people out there) but make sure you are pushing forward.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

She got...I got...we're in love

Young Jeezy & USDA are assembling all-white female street teams in various cities across the country, as part of the promotion for the group's latest single "White Girl." The ladies will join Jeezy's field marketing team on the remaining dates of the Street Dreams Tour and help promote the upcoming Def Jam/CTE release, Young Jeezy Presents USDA: Cold Summer. According to reps for CTE, Young Jeezy, Blood Raw and Slick Pulla will personally review each photo. "For the first time in the rap game history, we finna get us a street team of nothing but pretty white girls to promote this single," Slick Pulla said. "The blondes, the brunettes, the green eyes, the grey eyes, the red heads, the freckles, all that man."

What in the hell is going on?

Now I have no problem with the interacial dating like Big Pooh but when did Jungle Fever become part of marketing plans.

This combined with the Three Six promos where dude is like 'I Like white girls' these duses are looking like bufoons.

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Monday, April 02, 2007

Stressed out

-There is nothing like the smile of your baby boy to brighten things up and give you some perspective.
Was a little stressed out on Friday, but it was noting that Miles Boogie couldn’t fix.

-Was at the gym listening to ‘Late Registration.’ A while back Ian had called it a masterpiece and with a few arguments that’s what it is. Some joints are better than others but there are some real monsters on there. ‘Late’ and ‘Gone’ – those are songs that many MC’s simply could not pull off. I am an unashamed Kanye fan. Tantrums and all.

-So what’s with the new okayplayer.com?

-Florida and Ohio State AD’s are chiiiiiiiiilin’

- Pilates looks hard as sh*t!

- Brooklyn Bodega so fresh and so clean

- So we got Skillz, Cons, Tanya Morgan, and ______, and ________ confirmed. And about to confirm ___________ and _________!?!?!? Gonna be a nice day for sure

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