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Monday, September 05, 2005


The Swift chancellor is gone…

It’s Miles’ first Labor Day and we are gonna hit the
parade on Eastern Parkway

A little difficult to really max and relax after having watching on this Katrina coverage all weekend. Actually watched a lot of coverage on Fox. On Friday they were doing some hard hitting coverage, but then on Saturday and Sunday they switched to rah-rah USA mode. Geraldo was really bringing it.

But before we bounced I wanted to post a link to the video of Kanye’s
wild out. Please see it before you comment too much. I have been commenting that there is no Rudy type leadership in the aftermath. The Mayor is stepping up. It’s certainly not Skeletor. Odd that Kanye is the 1st cat to really say what we all think. Articulate or not.

Also wanted to link to the video from Jefferson Parrish president Broussard from
Meet The Press. I had to definitely wipe the tears. It is as bad as we think down there times 1,000.

I am scared to hear the ‘stories’ the Mayor was referring to on
60 Minutes last night.

We are planning some extra elements to the CMJ show to raise some dough. Also going through the house to give up as much as I can. Please do the

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