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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

godd night mom
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Good night to Ms. Coretta Scott King.
At least she got to see the nation celebrate her husband's birthday one more time


Word has it that the Brooklyn Bodega crew was in the house for Starks' press day yesterday. They gots video and all!


XBox better hurry up and step up production. For here cometh the PS3


My Knicks are embarassing again. WTF!!


Homophobes get ready. Brokeback and Capote lead the Oscar nominations.
Nice to see 'Crash' get some real props. Thought it was gonna get lost since it came out so early in the year

Who was gonna get the ax if Red Oyster didn't have to bounce?
I think New York because she wasn't gonna let Flav get his pimp on.

Although she should get something for slobbing Flav down for 8 minutes.
When she gets cut she is gonna go nuts...I was gonna say postal, but today that is the wrong choice of words

Monday, January 30, 2006

one of the best that ever gripped a mic. and from what I hear he proved it last Thursday
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got caught up in the 'In Living Color' marathon on BET saturday night. I forgot how much I loved that show. That was my Sunday night ritual for years. Some classic skits and characters, man!

The Brothers' brothers, Men on Film, Fire Marshall Bill, Homey The Clown, Wanda, Bonita!
The Fly Girls. And the beats were always on point even if they had Sean as their fake ass DJ.

Classic material.

I wonder how current comedians like Chapelle and all of them regard Keenan Ivory Wayans. That show launched 15 years ago. Talk about visionary. I can only imagine how hard it was to get a show like that greenlighted in the ealry 90's. It would probably be nearly impossible today. And it wouldn't be the same.

And talk about the careeres they lanched - Damon Wayans, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carey, J Lo. Plus the B-level characters - David Alen Grier (much funnier than he gets credit for), Tommy Davidson even Chris Rock was on there for a second.
Chapelle Block Party looks like the illest...could be our Woodstock or Monterey (wow - I am getting carried away). Production quality looks awesome.
The R on tour with dead prez!!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Want a copy of this game?? go to www.brooklynbodega.com and email info@brooklynbodega.com the name of one of the contributors. Winners will be chosen a week from Monday 2/6

this is being donated straight out of the stacks of the SC to help promote the brand new Brooklyn Bodega site.

short post today. Lotta work to catch up on, missed 2 days watching Miles Boogs
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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What do you do W?

What do you do George W when Hamas, a supposed terrorist organization (I
would like to see his definition, just to be clear) is democraticaly
elected in Palestine?

The reality is that democracy in and of itself is not always a good
thing. As I tell the kids at lacrosse practice, this is not a
democracy, it's a dictatorship. Why? Because they don't know the game
as well as the coaches. We lead , they follow.
Allowing uninformed or worse mislead people democratic power often does
not produce the desired result.

Ask Karl Rove. He is the king of moving a complex issue away from the
informed, simplifying it, distorting it, and then having the uninformed
-Constitutional Ammendment banning gay marriage (where is that? Exactly
where it was in '04, in republican strategists' minds)
-John Kerry's military record (the only cat in the discuss who was
issued a piece)
and now
-Warant-less wire tapping

The issue is not whether the Democrats are soft on terror or whether
there should be wiretapping on suspected terrorists. The issue is why
did you skip the FISA court? Plain and simple. What are you doing that
you don't want the judges to know about?
W is showing a very Nixonian quality (pointed out Brooklyn Bodega).

I am an independent as I think this 2 party system is a mess. But if the
Democrats let the Republicans paint them out as wussies again I will
lose all respect for them.

Somebody needs to grab their balls (theoriticaly - because Hilary might
do it) and stand up to W and his pimps.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The Gospel of Netflix

You all know I love this site. It is one of the purest uses of the
internets. However, it just occured to me what I love the most. The red

What I love is that Netflix has weaned (sp?) me off of critics'
reccomendations. There are a lot of movies that were smashed by the
critics that I still queue up. With the Netflix business model I don't
feel like I'm taking a risk when I throw some supposed bomb like
'Alexander' on the old queue (insert British accent).

Even though the cost of renting at Blockbuster may wind up to be cheaper
it was so much harder digging in my pocket for the 5er for some Lord Of
The Rings knockoff like King Arthur.

Supposed duds that the SC actually enjoyed (there are some cheesy movies
on here - don't you judge me!)

-The Island
-the aformentioned Alexander
-Troy (love those period pieces)
-King Arthur
-THX (that George Lucas pre-Star Wars joint)

Joints that were supposedly dope, but were not
-Wedding Crashers (very dissapointing)

In other news,

Been watching Current TV late at night for some reason. I really like
it. There are some good pieces on there. Great 'pod' about Avarian Flu.
Puts these stories in some sort of real perspective

Poor Ron Ron Artest- I hope he doesn't get blackballed

Isiah - sexual harassment? I didn't think he got down like that (not
that there is anything wrong with that - that's my new Seinfeld borrowed
caviat. Like a 'no homo' but in reverse)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

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Brooklyn Bodega

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new site, Brooklyn Bodega, the newest blog on the block and the official home of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Designed by James and Alma and the brainchild of the geniuses at Room Service.
Go check it out it’s buttery fresh!

I haven’t seen such broad coverage on the Nas signing in a while. AOL, The Times, all of that. That was THE news story.
I hope that Nas actually uses the resources of Jay and Def Jam. What I want to see most is Nasir over some Just Blaze beats.
You know Kanye is gonna get tons of work.
I just hope they work on creating a masterpiece more so than a commercial record to capitalize on the buzz.

Nas is still one of the greatest, but like a great NFL running back the system he is in will determine of he becomes Jerome Bettis or Eddie George

Who would have thought Master P dancing would be big news

Welcome to Okayplayer. Hears they left the City of Brotherly Love and are in SoHo

The era of the CD is over. My friends get out before you go down with the ship. Even the execs at MIDEM believe so
I also agree with their assessment that the iTunes dominance cannot last forever

The S on Sony Connect

Any 24 Fans in the house? I was kicking my homey Jack last night. Until Entourage comes back that may be the subject of my TV rants

Who watches Flavor of Love? My new guilty pleasure. Hoopz is sexy as hell. And I Like Smiley.
I saw Hoopz in an ad in King with Tigger…anyone else peep that
But keep it real Flav, they only want fame. It is kind of embarassing seeing them throw themselves at him, knowing that without PE or better yet The Surreal Life Flav would not get the time of day.

Monday, January 23, 2006

I was looking for a UVA B-ball pic and found this
this is just funnier
I'm not the biggest Al Groh fan
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The Bus rolls to Detroit. Happy Days indeed.
I was rooting for Jerome. Maybe because in my dreams if I was a running back I think I would look something like him. In my dreams I most likely think I am Clinton Portis, complete with the multiple personalities.

But Jerome just seems like a cool ass dude. Humble. Great teammate. All that stuff that I value now that I see things from a coach’s perspective. That’s right not only did the Seahawks and The Steelers catch W’s this weekend. So did the Brooklyn Admirals Youth Lacrosse team. The shorties almost beat Garden City, but the older kids housed Seaport. Anyhoo…

I lost money on another NFC game. AGAIN. Will we he learn, caught something on the Usher Tour. Seahawks look like they were gonna cover the spread by the 1st TV timeout. I slept on them, I am not gonna front. I will have to do my research before I make a pick for the SB. My heart is with The Steelers – no doubt. But where will my money be?

Holmgren did what Lovie and Coughlin somehow missed. Blanket Steve Smith and let everyone else beat you. News bulletin Lovie! – there is no one else.

So much for Denver’s cries for respect – ouch!

As I was reminded yesterday my Jets are at home eagerly waiting the Fishscale album so all my Football rambling is strictly academic.

How is that Kobe dropping 81 was like the 8th story on SportsCenter this morning? I see it’s Front Page on ESPN.com now. For a minute I thought it was getting snubbed.
Thanks for blowing the under Kobe steak

UVa beats UNC and Duke loses. A good couple days for College BB

Knicks need Steph like I need an in house nutritionist

In music news

Nas to Def Jam - so nice to see Black people getting along


Rhymefest at AOL Sessions – still got love even though we got booted (booted in a good way, if that’s possible) off the project, lol

Sergio Mendes streams

Friday, January 20, 2006

watch out for the retaliation homey
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Cam'ron is bad for Hip-Hop. I just have to put it out there. I am not attacking his skill or business acumen. I say he is bad for Hip-Hop because as we meet with the commissioner of NY State Parks to get the greenlight to move the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival to one of the best locations in Brooklyn we have to fight the ridiculously negative image of Hip-Hop that he banks his fame on.

I don't see the point of it. I honestly don't care about your beef with Shawn Carter. If you have a problem with jeans and sandals, that means nothing to me. If he stole Rocawear, Rocafella or Kanye - sue him. If you wanna get on some street shit, punch him in his face.
Otherwise leave your therapy to your shrink, senor Giles.

Now I will admit I did check hiphopgame.com when Ryan put me on to the dis. I am sure many of you did too. But honestly, how does that song improve your/our lot in life. It does stimulate our darkest emotions of jealousy, envy, greed and pure hate.
I, for one, have no need to energize those parts of my psyche.


-the song is not that dope outside of the subject matter
-Jay is gonna kill him on the response
-besides KRS and LL, Jay is the last person cat I would go to war with on a global media scale
-someone who wears pink furs and rhinestones should be wary of thinly veiled homophobic wardrobe criticisms
-'me thinkest thou protest too much' or something like that
-and how does Beyonce rhyming on your second album amount to an attack. She is a singer you're a rapper. Features happen all the time genius
-Nas already ran with the 'Joe Camel' dis
-and all the talk about him being ugly...makes you go hmmm...not that there is anything wrong with that

I hope this goes away, but it probably won't for a while

Thursday, January 19, 2006

he is so pissed that Bin Laden was not captured
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Allow me to re-introduce myself, my name is O, S to the A-M-A

You see the Knicks game last night? I am slowly turning into a serious fan again. Much to the chagrin of the Trani boys.

For not having Steph, they played fantastic. Crawford however is no pint guard. And Nate’s height makes him a crazy defensive liability.

They need another backup PG that can run with Nate. That’s right I am saying have him run at the 2!

Or that co PG thing they do when Steph and Nate are in there.

Eddy Curry was just too nervous. He rushed his shots

Ben Gordon is the truth, though.

AD is the man. Protecting his woman. No fines, David Stern
I was glad to see Shaq and Kobe make up. Once I saw them smile at each other it occurred to me how silly the whole beef was. Kobe looked so happy that the big bully wanted to make up.

Is Iran getting so bold because he knows the Global Police aka the US is over extended in Iraq and Afghanistan? Even if Bush could get popular support there are not enough troops or money in the bank. Ladies and Gentlemen I present to you the Bush Policy in all its wonderful failure.

Why am I really scared about this threat from “Osama”you know I still believe he really exists. just by writing these words the SCR is now on some government list


Mark Cuban has way too much time on his hands

Is the digital generation apathetic? Or is it the shoddy state of the content producers

Hip Hop Babylon

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Damn Crackheads

Mad late today. My whip got broken into so I spent all morning filling out police reports and taking it to the shop…IN THE RAIN!
First time I ever had my car broken into. When I saw that broken glass my damn heart dropped. The pitfalls of car ownership. What can you do?

Wanted to write about Shaq and Kobe. Hopefully tomorrow

Dilated/LB tour dates. Good show to catch

Date City, St. Venue

2/22 W. Hollywood, CA House of Blues
2/23 San Francisco, CA Mezzanine
2/25 Portland, OR Merbati’s Pan
2/27 Vancouver, BC Commodore
2/28 Seattle, WA Showbox

3/2 Park City, UT Suede
3/4 Boulder, CO Fox Theatre
3/6 Minneapolis, MN First Avenue
3/7 Chicago, IL Park West
3/12 Burlington, VT Higher Ground
3/13 Boston, MA Paradise Rock Club
3/15 New York, NY S.O.B.’s
3/16 New York, NY S.O.B.’s
3/18 Baltimore, MD Sonar
3/21 Atlanta, GA Roxy
3/23 Houston, TX Warehouse Live
3/24 Austin, TX The Parish
3/25 Dallas, TX Gypsy Tea Room
3/27 Phoenix, AZ Marquee Theatre
3/28 Solana Beach, CA Belly Up Tavern
3/31 Anaheim, CA House of Blues

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

"you ain't never met Martin Luther the King"
"yes I did, here's the picture. That's me with the fresh fade"
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Took Monday off as probably most of you did. Happy belated MLK Day to all. Hope you enjoyed it.

Some reflections after a long weekend

- I can’t stay up until 7 a.m. like I used to. After going hard in A.C. for my man Harrigan’s bachelor party I needed MLK day to recover. Recover, earl, and fight a fever

-FYI kids, don’t drink a wine glass fill of Hennessey at 5 am. It will come back to haunt you. In more ways than one, unfortunately

-I tell you those Knicks are looking good. The Friday game was hot, took a nasty ‘L’ from the Raptors. And they were one turnover away from possibly taking that T’Wolves game into overtime
-Hope Steph isn’t hurt too bad. Cheap Shot Wally? Not so sure

The meltdown of Peyton Manning tells me several things:

1) F*&k the drop back quarterback. This is why Vince Young should be the 1st QB taken. At that level of play you need an athlete. Someone who can think on his feet and get out of trouble when protection breaks down. Someone who can run a QB Draw on 3rd and 2 with the game on line.

2) With Peyton Manning you only have to worry about one thing. Him passing the ball. Cover the receivers put pressure and it’s a wrap. His ego is too big to hand it off to Edge and he can’t run. With Vince, you simply have more options. What does he do when bully ass Joey Porter takes him down? Blame the line. I actually don’t have a problem with that as most commentators did.

3) The line got punked. But Peyton, man, you gotta move. Avoid the rush. Something. Didn’t you guys learn anything from that SD game? You better learn now.

4) The window to win the big one does not stay open all night.

What agame though. That fumble had me jumping out of shoes and socks

5) I feel bad for Vanderjagt, but I am glad the Bus is not going out like a sucka

-I lost on every game so I am not betting on Nathan until the Super Bowl

Couple of cool links

Better start studying Chinese. I know retail kiosks

my commentary on Liberals and Conservatives. I am sick of it
Dilated Tour Dates and more annoying rambling

Friday, January 13, 2006

the champ is here
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Ghost Dates and Streams!!!!!

New Streams from the Fish Scales, homey
Back Like That - Starks feat Ne-Yo

Plus Starks will be on the tour with the Clan for the following Reunio Dates"
2/7/2006 New Haven, CT Toads Place

2/8/2006 Boston, MA Palladium Nightclub

2/9/2006 Boston, MA Palladium Nightclub

2/10/2006 Philadelphia Electric Factory

2/11/2006 Philadelphia Electric Factory

2/12/2006 Baltimore, MD Sonar

2/13/2006 Washington DC 930 Club

2/14/2006 New York, NY HammersteiN

2/17/2006 Ft. Lauderdale Revolution

2/18/2006 St. Petersberg, FL Jannis Landing

2/19/2006 Orlando, FL Hard Rock Live

oh grow up already
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8 Reasons why I am embarassed and Sa Ra review

  1. A Pimps Theme Music
  2. Hard On A Bitch
  3. Where The Pimps At?
  4. I'm Pimpin
  5. Keep It Real Hoe
  6. I'm A Pimp
  7. Pimpin Forever
  8. I Wanna Pimp You Hoe

Taken from the forthcoming Too $hort mixtape

my people, my people


No post yesterday. You know the deal.

So here is a quick rundown of the Sa Ra show.

-Line was down the block. Luckily the SC caught the RS crew at the front

-missed 2/3 of the show

-Every trendy hip person in Brooklyn, M'hattan, and Queens got the memo to show up

-lot of blazers. some velvet. no tweed

-industry heavy. no clapping at the end of songs. wack. More networking than listening. They were a nice amount of real fans though

- Interesting my man W El was in the house. Suprised he would support GOOD Music after that anti Kanye song. But I guess Kanye is Kanye and Sa Ra is Sa Ra

-Chairman and president of Sony in the house. A good sign. Hopefully they will get the support they need.

-Show was interesting. Song structure was loose, but free flowing. I like the back up dancers. Nice touch. Drums, keys, DJ, and the 3 of them on the mic. They looked like they were having an absolute ball. Good energy.

-Good to see Brian and Jarret of Rawkus fame who manage Sa Ra. They are enjoying their rebound.

-Make get Sa Ra for the Festival. Would be a good look

-Best quote of the night "Black, Bohemian, drugged out jam band" - That is actually appealing to me

Water, The SC

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

sa ra creative partners - canal room - nyc - disevenin
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N.E.R.D. - ish

So it seems like the Sa Ra show is the move tonight. The SC will be in the house as long as his old ass can stay awake. I'm not that old I need to stop talking like that.

Listening to their 'Cosmic Follies..." mixtape courtesy of the always open minded Jeff Sledge. I have known of these guys since they did that joint for Monch for Rawkus. Then they got signed to Ubiquity then at some point Lord Kanye (as he is referred to on this tape) scooped them up. Anyone know the sopa opera on that?

I remeber that Brian and Jarret from Rawkus were managing them, not sure if that is still the case. At some point last year they and Platinum Pied Pipers became the poster child for the trendy, preppy, private school educated colored folks as well as the torch bearer for the ultra cool multiracial bi-gender Hip-Hop intelligentsia. PPP have gone quiet (anyone know what is up with them? It is hoghly possible that I am just in the dark...I didn't know Mary sold 700k her 1st week. Did you?). And it seems as though Sa Ra waited for the PPP train to come in and leave. Now tonight looks like their Sweet 16 party. There is quite a buzz on this show. I hope they do well.

From listening to the CD thy seem like a Pharell/NERD spinoff mixed with a Bootsy Collins/George Clinton, Black, funked out, smoked/coked/X'd out vibe. I actually like how that would sound, I meant to be sarcastic when I wrote it Honestly with Kanye involved I see a red flag warning of overhyped trendiness that may not stand the test of time (M.I.A. anyone? sorry had to slip that one in for Alma. I swear I just don't get that lady).

Now you know the SCR keeps it positive so I am not wishing any ill will on the brothers. I hope the red flag is unwarranted and these cats set it off tonight. I am just worried.

I think tonight will be filled with a lot of fair weather fans who pick one Hip-Hop outfit a year to exalt as the Messiah. I dislike partying with those cats as much as I dislike the $40 ticket crowd.


Knicks, four in a row!!
Larry Hughes was out, but Bron Bron and Idrunas were still there.
Let the LB (pound for pound the best coach in the game) era begin.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

George's little voice says
"you remember what the f*&k Dick said...the president has the authority for warantless wiretapping based on...you know the rest punk. Say it! real smart like"
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War of the Masses, outcome's disastrous

-The Times is running a great piece on the diabetes epedemic in the City. Interesting stuff. My frat brother just got diagnosed and he is not even 30 years old.
1 in 8 people in New York have diabetes. That is insane. Our diets are terrible.

Miles was on a play date on Saturday with a bunch of kids. One of them (not even 2 years old) only eats McDonald's and does not eat vegetables. His mom said it was a phase. I hope so.

-Caught a piece of the Alito hearings on WNYC before I bounced this morning. That is some high class lying going on. I didn't catch any Roe v Wade questions, but his answers on the internal surveillance was hilarious.
I wish he would just say "I am W's b&%$h and of course what he is doing is clearly illegal. A 1st year law student could tell you that. I am not an idiot, I just want this job reaaaaal bad."

-A future for Hip-Hop publishing? (from Ian yo, I went to a different computer and still couldn't post a comment) I llike, I like

-Digital Music industry is on the up swing

-Reccomended reading - The Fall Of Rome, especially for my boarding school colored folks

Monday, January 09, 2006

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I am not even gonna mention the Giants. A mess.
A shutout? NFL Playoffs!? A lot of work to be done.
Hopefully both my teams will bounce back. Mainly the J-E-T-S , that's my real squizad.

As Ian "little did I know you were a college FB fan" Steaman commented the Jets may end up with D'Brickashaw from UVA. Although I hope Vince is still available (fat chance) a quality OL is the cornerstone of a strong offense. Plus anyone named D'Brickashaw needs to be in the general vincinity of the SC.

What about those Knickerbockers? Undefeated in '06 as The Daily News says.
Seriously though I think Larry Brown is starting to get to them. They are playing with confidence, defense is still not in effect but I like what I see.

My man Nate Robinson is the s*&t. Any cat that short balling his ass off is gonna get props from the SC. He is fearless and as Bobbito and Turtle remind us during every commercial break...he's got UPS!

As for football I guess I am rooting for the Steel Curtain, my favorite team from my youth. I used to want to be Franco Harris. I think my brother was (governor) Lynn Swann.
I love the Bus. Not only does he seem like a good guy, like Nate anyone that short and wide is gonna get love from the SC.


It's not fair that while I was forbidden to spread the Ghost mp3's they slipped through the net over the weekend. With any lick mu man Mark C and James Blag will get an interview for Brooklyn Bodega.


Speaking of Ghost I have been listening to 'Ironman' and 'Forever' in preperation for the 'Fish Scales'. I have come to the conclusion that Ghost is one of the greatest MC's of all time. The non-sequitirs, the random references, the passion.

Who rocks like Starks? Honestly, who?
This is a question. Joey posed the question when I was on my lyrical illustration kick.

Where does Starks rank within the proverbial list?
Kiddies before you put him behind D4L or Lil Flip keep in mind that he has been recording for over 10 years. With and sans mask.

And in other revelations, De La Soul may be the best group of all time.
caviat: Outside of Run- DMC and P.E. I don' neccesarily agree, but I can't form an argument against what Joe, D, Jay, Chuck, Flav, X and Griff did for the culture.

Found my 'Buhloone Mind State' and have been working it. A true masterpiece. I still haven't fully digested 'Breakadawn'


Friday, January 06, 2006

"you play to win the game..."
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Been following this Ariel Sharon story. It's funny how when an overweight senior citizen who has phenomenal stress from holding a position where his life is constant danger catches a major stroke people want to blame God. Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

Whether you call it the power of God or karma there always seems to be a strong sense in our society that the last option is personal responsibility.

Maybe G_D struck Sharon down for giving up land to the Palestinians. Maybe Allah smacked him up for taking land from the Muslims. Maybe Benjamin Netanyahu poisoned his breakfast. Maybe it was Osama or another faceless 'terrorist' organization. Perhaps it was that woman upstairs who watches the 700 Club every day. Maybe it was karma coming to get him for being a solder and comitting a few indiscretions.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure. There should be no surprise in what Pat Robertson said. I am no Biblical scholar but the idea of a Christian God punishing those who don't do His bidding is as fundemental as 2 naked people, an apple and bad ass children.

This piece I read about Wal Mart and Planet of The Apes is funny. Insensitive racist programmers aside, this actually makes sense. Planet of Apes was a commentary on race relations, right?. (The original, not that Marky Mark/Tim Burton mess.) And the last time I checked MLK had a few things to say about the issue as well.

The Texans should take Reggie Bush. It's the smart thing to do. The Saints take Leinart and the Titans don't really need a QB. hmmm... I wonder who uses the 4th pick for Vince...
and in other bonehead news. I cannot beleive the Jets are gonna let Herm Edwards go. This is perhaps the dumbest front office move I have seen in years. FOR A FREAKING 4th ROUND PICK!!!!! What an insult.
Actually Herm, if they are gonna disrespect you like that go to KC, take the new Grandmama and get some Lombardi hardware.
ESPN did make a good point that the Jets may not have the $ to lock Herm down for 2 more years. The failed stadium bid and Chad's stupidiculous salary have tapped the piggy bank.
Proof that being wack and making money go hand in hand like Miso Soup and lunch from Peas and Pickles

RIP Lou Daddy

'you'll never find, no matter where you search..."
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Thursday, January 05, 2006

"thank you ladies for helping me get my face out of Reggie Bush's ass" - says ESPN Golden Boy Kirk 'I am not a' Herb - Striet
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it's Vince's World

The only thing better than seeing Vince Young do his thing last night was making money off it. Thank you Sportsbook.com

I listened to my man Carl and not Joey... (-:... and took Texas as the underdog. And I took the over 70. A good night for the Jackson household and country ass Vince Young.

How stupid do all those ESPN clowns, escpecially Herbstreit look today. For the past three weeks they have been ready to annoint Bush and Leinart as the Holy Father and Holy Spirit. As they say, that's why they play the game.

Reggie Bush's last touchdown was perhaps the illest run I have ever seen. He turned that corner faster than I have ever seen.

Vince Young though, wow! He looked like the kid in pee wee football who was overdeveloped for his age. What is he 6'4" or something? He was just walking out of those tackles.
Vince, don't come back. Go Get Your Paper. wouldn't it be great if the Jets could get him. Hey, that might happen. Leinart may be the 1st QB.

I have not had this much fun watching the bowl games since I was undegrad.
Next up March Madness.

In other news, I went to school with this cat. Crazy. Not a good look for good 'ol UVa.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

BTW, my man Carl is telling to take Texas +8.
Doug Nyce, Joey - what you think?

oh, they grow up so fast - pics from day one
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Up late watching the PSU/FSU game

...when i should have been resting getting over my damn chest cold. So I am now on my road to recovery. Hence the lateness of today's post.

What a game though!!! It was well worth it. That is something you need to see live not on SportsCenter.

Rather than rambling today I need to take it easy while Miles Boogie is at his play date.
The 1st birthday is coming up...I am getting excited. Elmo, Grover, Dora will be in the hizouse!

In other good news we just got the Ghostface account so I will be blessing you with streams and images straight from Starks Enterprises.


Tuesday, January 03, 2006

I did much better blogging while on vacation than I had expected. The 10 people who logged on seemed to like it.

I am grateful that my readership has grown beyond Joey, Ian, James and my pops. Hopefully I can add another 3 people by Miles birthday.

Some randomness for the start of the work week

Can the hammer please fall on these Republican thugs

Yeah UVa! If Ga Tech hadn't been punked my three team parlay with Va and Ga Tech would have bought me some Dunks or some new Wally's

Thank you to that UVa traitor Bash for claiming Memphis as his alma mater. He jinxed Minnesota and gave us the win. That RB from Memphis is the truth, however

Go Joe Pa tonight

Please listen to WNYC whenever you can. Great segment on the genocide in Darfur today.

There are a lot of year end wrap ups. Mostly random or maybe I am not cool enough to get, but Joey's is dope