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Thursday, September 22, 2005

Notes from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden

On baby sitting duty today, but thanks to our on the field
correspondent, the Alma G, we have some nice breaking info.

Seems like the Luis Viton got caught with his pants down. Although I
find it hard to believe that Def Jam would allow an uncleared sample on
the lead single of the biggest album of the year. Read on...


BASSEY BLASTS KANYE: British diva Shirley Bassey is reportedly fuming
over Kanye West sampling her 1971 hit, “Diamonds Are Forever,” for
his single, “Diamonds From Sierra Leone.” Bassey claims to be
considering legal action. "He didn't ask my permission to have me
singing on the his song,” she told London’s Daily Mail. “I didn't
even know it existed until I heard him performing at the Live 8 concert.
I didn't even hear from his record company, which wasn't very nice. One
way or another, he is going to have to pay me a lot of money."

The SCR will keep our eyes on this. May be an old crooner looking to
cash in.


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