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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Hip-Hop pops a 'Woodie'

The C to the O and Dante Beze have been nominated for mtvU's 'Woodie' award. Their version of the VMA's.

If you are not hip to mtvU (it's only broadcast on certain college campuses) peep their broadband site Uber. My man Yomi over there has been trying to make it happen and has done an excellent job incorporating some excellent Hip-Hop programming over there.

Plus they support our events, so they get extra love.

Here is the skinny (SCR bullet time)

-Common received 4 nominations for the mtvU Woodie Awards in the categories of "Woodie of the Year," "Road Woodie," "Good Woodie," and "Alumni Woodie."
vote now for Common at mtvU.com as many times as you want!

Woodie of the Year - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/theyear.aspx
Road Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/road.aspx
Good Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/good.aspx
Alumni Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/alumni.aspx

-Mos Def received a nomination for the mtvU Woodie Awards in the category of "Alumni Woodie."

vote now for Mos Def at mtvU.com as many times as you want!

Alumni Woodie - Vote Here - http://www2.fanscape.com/mtvu/alumni.aspx

Here are some links to some more Katrina songs like they Black Lantern joint I posted on Sunday:

Big Sty 'Cry 4 US'


Big Sty made noise a couple of years ago with a song called ‘It’s a Problem’ here he took swipes at everyone from Ja Rule to Suge Knight…This time we get a softer side of this ATL rapper as he takes major swipes at George Bush in a song called ‘Cry 4 Us’ .. Drop Sty's peep a line with your feedbackdantanalv@yahoo.com


Jahi 'New Orleans'


Jahi originally from Cleveland nows makes noise overseas in Denmark. he expresssed major frustration at only being able to get a little bit of news via CNN and Fox about the Hurricane victims. He knew what he was seeing was false… He decided to record a song addressing the issue… Drop Jahi a line and let him know how you feel about his song...onefammusic@hotmail.com


K-Otix-George Bush Doesn't care About Black People


Radio version


This song comes courtesy of Houston based rap group K-oTix..This is a cool remix of Kanye West’s hit song Gold Digger.. Big shout out to them for this hook up. It’s already big news in the Lone Star state... Drop them aline and let 'em know what you think.... mic@k-otix.com

Mos Def 'New Orleans Dollar Day (Katrina Klap)


Mos Def comes with a wicked remake of the Juvenile’s hit song Nolia Clap… Mos gives this song some much needed political substance and even takes some shots at Bono and U2 for being absent when the ghetto really needs their Live 8 help…



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