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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Congressman Jefferson

Before I get started let me point out some evidence backing up yesterday’s post. 

Kanye announced new tour and speaks on the importance of hitting the road

Where them dollars at?


I am sure many of you have heard about the story about Congressman William

Jefferson, whose is the congressman for the N.O.


Let me preface this by saying I have met the Congressman and his family

on several occasions. My brother Torey Bullock is married to the

Congressman's daughter Jalila who's is state rep in La. The family is

all good people from the top to the bottom. I jave broken bread in the

house in question, so I am probably far from objective.


I saw the interview on CNN last night and several isssues were raised

that has had my mind racing..


1. The house were raided over a month ago. Why is this story just now

'breaking'? Because the Congressman is the perfect discraction. He's

Black, Democratic, and paid. While the 'liberal' media attacks Bush,

FEMA, and Skeletor, the Republican spin machine launched the story the

Black Democrat who abused his power to check on his house while people

died. Although that it is true, it should be noted that the Congressman

never asked for a National Guard taxi, but also did not refuse it when

he should have. that has been admitted.


2. Does the Republican power structure really want a story about a

politician who mis-used his power or authority in the wake of Katrina?

Because I can think of several cats who could really suffer from that

argument. In purely nuts and bolt terms, how many people potentially

died b/c of the Congressman's bad choice and how many died b/c of Bush's

poor choice. And with that nursing home facing negligible homocide

charges this could be a situation that both Democrats and Repubs should



3. There is a decidedly socialist response to Katrina.  A sense that the government must come in and provide all pertinent assistance to its citizens, when the citizens are unable to provide for themselves.  This is completely understandable and a viewpoint I agree with.  The problem is we live in a capitalist society where if you can’t afford health care you die on the street.  This conflict seems to be the elephant in the room.  I say this to say that essentially what the Congressman was wrong in hindsight I bet most of us would have done the same.  We are taught to take care of ourselves and pull yourself up by the bootstraps.  So are we really that outraged that the Congressman went to check on his private property and the belongings of his daughters.  You think those cats in the Superdome would not have done the same if they could.  You think George Bush would have waved off the help if his Crawford Ranch was possibly being looted.


This issue has added for me another level of discussion. 


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