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Monday, September 19, 2005

I'm A Genie in a bottle

So this weekend I sold my old mp3 player and put the money towards a 20 gig iPod. For a long time I popped mad shit about the iPod. Saying it wasn't the best player and all that. In the past few days I have proven myself wrong. This joint is dope.

And here are a couple of the patented SCR bullet points (I am late for a staff meeting)

-I tried to be a good boy and buy some songs on MSN music before my trip to DC. and when i got on the train the joints weren't there!!!??!!!!

-quite simply, the syncing of the iPod and iTunes is what all these services have been trying to copy.

-The user friendlessness of the Apple movement is simply unrivaled. The ease of running this device makes me want to change from PC to Mac

-Sometimes when you have 92% of a market, it's because you have the best product. That and phenomenal marketing

-And finally, the issue of copyright infringement in the digital music age is an attempt to put the genie back in the bottle. It is logistically impossible to control all these songs (copyrights) floating around.

I am using my man Dave's old PC and he had a bunch of songs on his iTunes and now those songs are on my iPod. I didn't pay for them. Functionally it is simply too hard to police these songs. There are so many cracks in the system it is a waste of time to try and patch them.

The days of getting paid off of recorded music is over. Let it go. Focus on live performance, writing lyrics and music for 3rd parties, licensing music to media outlets, publish your written works (a bound book of your rhymes akin to a book of poetry), podcast, blog, give seminars, teach children.

We need to stop acting like pre-pubescent kids and act like professionals. Take your craft seriously if you plan on making a living from it. The 'We' refers to all of us -artists and executives alike.

The 'label' is not going to swoop in and put you on easy street. More times than not they won't really help you pay the bills beyond that initial advance. Trust me, I have been on both sides.

Speaking of which, check out Brian Coleman's 'Rakim Told Me'
Nothing like first hand accounts from the elders themselves. The Ultra Magnetic section is awesome. They didn't even receive an advance from Next Plateau, but I wonder how Keith claimed they were paying their bills...

As high as the stakes get when paper get lowI be tellin Derick, "Tell Cara get us a show"


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