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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thanks for indulging my ramblings.
It's been a lot of fun for me.
Be good to each other in '06
That's all that matters

"1) true identity hidden 2) inside secret tabloids 3) breathe oxygen 4) both sides of my jaw carry oxes"
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Friday, December 30, 2005

I forgot to mention a cheesy celebrity sighting I had on Wed.

F***ing Vinnie Chase! That's right Adrian 'so and so' from the good

I was picking up a smoothie while the tire on the Jackson truck was
getting fixed and looked up and Vinnie Chase hit me in the chest. Then
he said 'ooops, I thought you were somebody else.'

No, 'Coming To America' joke aside, I was bugging to see him on Fulton

-Working on my Ghost challenges from Ian and Joey. Should be up this

-I heard perhaps the most ignorant line from a song last night. Some
Cam'ron joint where he rants real quick about how people told him to go
to college.

Anyone heard this?

There are so many videos, songs, and images floating about that simply
make me embarassed to be a part of the Hip-Hop generation. And that may
have been the worst.

Thursday, December 29, 2005

So I have all these articles in my head, but no time to get them down. Instead I have been wasting my free time scouring the Web for images that illustrate Dennis Coles' lyrics.


I hope that new album is banging

1) "...do you in, floor you like Du Koo Kim", 2) "Ghostface gats is fresh squeezed like a glass of O.J.", 3) "Never rock Lugz I'm way above", 4) "Buck bastards in broad day and tuck caskets next to do Uday and Qusay"
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Wednesday, December 28, 2005


1) "Most my n***s smoke like Hillshire Farms", 2) "My clan on the run like Luke and Laura", 3) "Primatene Mist is afraid of my lungs", 4) "Him and Mitch Green shot a fair one near the water fountain"
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"Jamie Summer got trained on the tour bus"

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"Back to Furry Kangols..."

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...Jamaican Walabees

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Monday, December 26, 2005

The avenging Eagle

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Mr. West...

have I posted this pic already? sorry
"Jacob, you lied these ARE conflict diamonds! You bastard. and by the way, talk to me about a Jewish brother making Jesus' pieces. Sonebody told me Mel Gibson said you guys weren't cool with JC."
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Why Kanye is good fo RAP

1. People wear blazers instead of those 8XL white Tees

He has returned reasonable fashion to Hip-Hop. What Ricky D did back in the day.
Rappers weren't always so grimy and shabby looking. As Jay Z said 'go get a suit and get it tapered up.' There is nothing wrong with being freshly dipped. Now of course I am turning into a 'corny old Dad' as Alma once said, but still...come on fellas. Plus, avid readers of the SC know that I am former preppie who revels in the blazers, loafers, pink polos and collared shirts.

2. He takes this shit seriously

One thing you have to give him is that he cares about his music and his
career. More rappers than not look at this as 'the game' and they treat
it as such. [I am gonna write a whole piece on this later this week - once Miles takes his nap. THIS IS NOT A GAME, IT IS OUR HERITAGE AND OUR INDUSTRY]

Don't watch their cheese - I know cats who complain about money and forget to cash checks from shows for over 2 YEARS!

Artists who can't stay awake for interviews, miss in store performances. He may be a diva but he is a proffessional. Every interview has a purpose. (You ever see the MTV Storytelling thing or hear the XM Sessions?) Even the
ranting and raving. [I wonder how Common felt about Kanye's proclamation about 'Late Registration' and the Grammy's.]

The professionalism extends to the live show. While he has set changes,
costume changes, string sections, and a world class DJ. Too many rappers
have never seen a rehearsal. Cats are running the same sets for 2 years. It's like a bad Vegas show at The Frontier or something. $10 ticket or $40 ticket same dude holding his nuts in the center of the stage. Maybe you get a 'backup singer', but after that you are short like Rodney Allen Rippey.

3. He tries to get better

Just as rappers make little attempt to develop their business acumen
many do marginally better improving themselves artistically. 80% of
rhymes consist of the following subject matter: 1) I get mad pussy/ I am
a pimp, 2) I used to sell crack, 3) the industry better look out now
that I'm here, 4)the industry sucks because it has not recognized my
immaculate talents. You get a 'I love my momma song' every now and
then, but that's about it.

Musically, the beats are whatever trend is in. Whether that be Madlib,
Just Blaze, J-Dilla and his knockoffs, Premo and the merry troupe of
Primo posers, 'Ye, Lil Jon, Cool and Dre, Scott Storch, Neptunes, etc.
These composers essentially define the soundscape. On Late Registration
Kanye added some instrumetation (in a unique way I cannot recall done by
anyone else). Yes he had the same sped up soul samples, but the
arrangment were careful and rich.

As for his lyrics, most of Kanye's content falls into the aformentioned
categories, but he does give you interesting takes. 'Roses' is a
beautiful take on the I Love My Momma theme. 'Drive Slow' is a personal
and detailed shout out 'to the homies' as out of touch middle aged
newscasters on CNN say. One of my favorite rappers called 'Late' too
'Coldplay'd' out. I assume because of the Maroon 5 cameo among other
things. At least that is better than the knee jerk cameo offer to the
Houston Underground (I know Paul Wall is on the joint. My argument is
not waterproof) or worse.

I was watching Chuck D on the NBA pre-game yesterday and he made a great point in regards to the NBA dress code. He said he didn't mind the NBA trying to control Hip-Hop's influence on the NBA because Hip-Hop cannot even control itself. I will get into that later this week, but that is probably the main reason I am a Kanye fan. He realizes the totality of his career and he approaches it with that bourgie work ethic [did anyone read the end of year XLR8R issue where some cat attacked adult hip-hop. As if wallowing in our own drug use and poverty is Hip-Hop. F**k you! I have a wife, son, mortgage and a business - I am an adult Hip-Hop fan].

And you know what, that is not a bad thing. The sooner we stop acting like homo-erotic pimps with perms and painted nails, or low level crack dealers who wind up fighting off rapists off the coast of Queens, or angst ridden teenagers complaining about their mother's drug use the better off we will be.

[I apologize for the 1st part of this article. It sounded better on the plane back from Vegas. Reading it now it's kind of weak.]

Jan 3rd

we shall return after the Bowl Games, except the Rose Bowl
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Some links for the Day After...

...if I get some time this week I have several end of year of ramblings I want to get out

-Starbucks is leading the way in the 'new' retail world

-Sales still headed south while downloads are up. When will we learn?

-iTunes project just got a dooky fat bonus

Wednesday, December 21, 2005


1. Losing too much money in the afternoon - sucks
2. Winning it all back after dinner - dope
3. 'Investing' it at the Crazy Horse later that night - PRICELESS

Tonight? BAM! Another notch

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Roger, No Rerun, No Rent

Party people,

Know that I am out of town but with you during the strike. Looking at
the weather it looks like they could not have picked a worse time.

All my New Yorkers post some comments and let me know the deal.


I watched more Fox News yesterday than any man should. On the plane (the
good Jet Blue) and in the hotel while I recovered from my chest cold.
These guys are absolutely ridiculous. Howthey defend W about this
wiretapping is shameful.

From the morning show to that idiot Bill O'Reilly (that cat needs a
booster journalism class).

Am I the only one who sees a crazy parallel between this and Star Wars
I,II, and III?

W is Palpatine, Feingold is Jimmy Smits or something like that. Cheney
is Dooku or Grievous. Ted Kennedy or Kerry is Mon Mothma. I don't know
if all those work, but you get my point.

W is creating a scenario where citizens are going to willingly and
gleefully give up their civil liberties to fight the Seperatists

You probably need me to tell you this. 'OutFox'd' says it all. I just
bore witness to the carnage.


(A dude on CNN just said the strike was 'all about the benjamins' - WOW)

Sunday, December 18, 2005


the return of Starky Love-Hon is soon come...
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25 to Life

If getting a lapdance is a crime I know a gang of people who should be doing 25 to Life

Tiki bust out for 220 and the Cowboys get smashed. Love it.
Get your Festivus poles before the season is over!
I am feeling those Lebron commercials. The Afro'd Lebron is the sh*t

Friday, December 16, 2005

Happy Festivus to all and to all a good morrow

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The last post for a minute

We are closing the office until the New Year and the SC is taking some time off as well. I will try and post from the road next week, but I ain't making no promises.

Thanks to the RS crew who came over for the Holiday Party.

Diet Cokes and Rums, Apple martinis, poached Salmon, stuffed red peppers and banging garlic vinagrette chicken was in full and total effect!

Best line of the night - 'GIVE ME ALCOHOL!'

Leftover Randomness:

-any Ultimate Hustler fans in the house? The Black girl in the Finals reps the oova
-Brian was mad arrogant, but that final pitch was on point
-how do you not present your financials. That other cat should have been asked to leave immidiately
-Do those dudes get a job at Pro-Keds or something
-Dame looked a little uncomfortable when that chick Seven started snapping out again. Another knucklehead

-Artest on the Knicks? Do it, Do it
-Even thoug that NAACP cat sounds like a bonehead I think I have surmised his point. I think this is it. Not my position, but my take on his...Donovan sold out by not playing his game. The 'Man' doesn't like the athletic, running Black QB. They want clean cut, pocket passers like The Mannings. By allowing that pressure to influence his game Donovan should be admonished.
Now, if that were the case I would be mad at McNabb as well. But I doubt it. Warren Moon's comments on Outside The Lines make way more sense. You learn to stay in the pocket so you don't knocked the f*&k out and break your leg like Vick. Extend your career.
The whole thing about him neing mediocre and giving money to T.O.? I have no idea where he got that from.
Have a good weekend and be good to each other

Thursday, December 15, 2005

880 Boynton...

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Has it been 10 years?

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McNabb under fire from the Brother Man, not the Other Man

What is the deal with this bonehead from the Philly Chapter of the NAACP calling Donovan out for not running the ball. And calling him mediocre? Homey, mediocre QB's don't go to the NFC Chapionship and the Big Game 3 straight years.

This reinforces my opinion that unqualified people should not comment on things they know nothing about. It shows your ignorance.

And my admiration of Bob Johnson continues. His announcement of a partnership with the Carlyle Group is big business that most of could not fathom let alone execute. I take back everything I said about you Bob. Remember me when you see my pitch for AUTOGRAPHTHAT.
reading this Walter Mosley book, FUTURELAND. Awesome
I am on babysitting duty so these are stolen moments.
Be good today y'all.
I will be thinking about you while I eat my smashed cauliflower at the Room Service Holiday Party

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

This one is just to brighten yor day

have a good one...and my apologies to any investment banker/yuppie friends for yesterday's post
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Fumie and Boogie

"girls I got 'em locked"
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My man

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Busy day, so today's post is about Boogie

so cute you can cook him in a pot
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

just had to post this

freakin Ian and the Mike Jones - classic. He's such a baller!
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Kweli says...

"if you shoot me with a laser while I hold this mirror I AM INVULNERABLE"
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this is not from last night, but Red Alert is the man regardless

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Breed Love and the $45 ticket

So we checked out the Mos/Kweli/Monch/Jean Grae/K'Naan tour last night.
Big up to Tuma and Dawn for the tickets, even thought they had us standing in the freeeeezing cold for like 30 minutes.

-K'Naan was impressive. Quality opening act. He is from Somalia and injected a traditional African drumming vibe into his set. It was different for sure. He was mad animated on the mic, but when he was talking to the crowd his voice got way low. All in all, he has some joints I am gonna be looking for

Instead of doing a full blown blow for blow (which I was about to do) I just want to share an observation.

The ticket for the show was $45. That is alot of cheese for a Hip-Hop show. When you do the math, though this lineup justified it. You would easily pay $20 for Mos and $20 for Kweli. But I think a $45 ticket draws a crowd I simply do not enjoy partying with. I felt the same way at the big Ecko show at Central Park this summer.

at $45 you price out 'the heads.' What you get instead is a mix of industry cool guys - too cool to dance, drunk frat/sorrority boys and girls who step all over your Wally's while screaming to every song as if they know it, investment banker/yuppie looking types who are there for reasons I don't get quite yet.

Mixed in there are the REAL heads who save the $45 or deem this event worthy of such an expenditure. But the overall mix creates a really ill vibe.

-A few people didn't even know who Jean was.
-Way too many had no idea who Monch was until he rocked 'Simon Says.' (He did 'Queens' and the blank stares broke my heart)

Mos and Kweli came out and performed some Black Star joints, but I was suprised at how un-excited I was. Something has happened to me, the scene, and those artists since those crazy times when the Black Star, and Mos and Kweli's debut albums dropped. What it is, I am not sure. And I don't want to take a negative tone as I love those guys and want to put positive energy out there.

After they rocked some Black Star joints Mos went into some of his R&B, Rock stuff and I had to check out. On my feet for 4 hours, missed putting Miles to bed, and a nagging cold. I couldn't ride with them any longer.

On another note, good to see the Live N Direct guys back in the mix. They are throwing a killer show at the Nokia Theatre in January. Doom, Little Brother, Pete Rock and someone else.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Rest in Peace...

to one of the greatest that ever did it
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And the Oscar goes to...

The Rapper Big Noyd for his portrayal of Fresh in 'Murda Muzik'

I saw that joint last night. A Netflix banger for a Sunday night. And for what it's worth it was dope. I am beginning to love this low budget, ultra ignorant, straight to DVD works from these rapper types. State Property (1&2), Death of A Dynasty, this joint, Streets Is Watching (need to peep that one again).

They are like the East Coast versions of 'Bout It, 'Bout It. As an aside that was probably the most non-sensical movie, next to Donnie Darko I have ever seen.

-Written and Executive Produced by P, the HNIC.
-MC Shan and Nas on the cameo. Although their parts had absolutely nothing to do with the story
-My biggest dissapointment is that although he was clearly listed on the credits there was no appearance by Ronald Artest
-The sex scenes straight up bordered on porn --- OUT!
-The first scene with the beat down was toooo funny
-Next time I am gonna count how many times they said 'dun', 'thun', and 'sun' -- gotta be in the hundreds

-On the TV tip I also caught the 25th Celebration of BET. I tell you the BET programming is much better these days. That show was decidely dope. A lot of performances to coordinate and it looked like it went off without a hitch. (Editing was in effect I am sure).

But amidst the Ceasar like tributes to Bob Johnson an interesting thought occured to me. The programming is better because the people who are running the show grew up on BET. Bob Johnson has not only raised a generation of consumers, but also raised a generations of executives. Who knows where the VP's over there, like my man Kevvy Kev, would be if there were no BET. Trying to kill the Mantan Lupan show over at UPN most likely. Instead he is booking Method, Mary, EWF, and the R. to rock on national TV.

Hip-Hop simply would not be the billion dollar industry that it is today w/o BET with all its problems. Ralph McDaniel couldn't handle it all. We needed Prince De Jour and the Mayor and even Tigger.

All those college kids who complained about the programming on BET are now calling the shots.


-Those Rhymefest posts I threw up are fire!
-Face it producers, Just Blaze is better than you. Stop hating and start digging.

-'Sony, I will not buy another product from you. No PSP, no PS3 not even a Walkman...
..until you break me off with some of those advertising dollars' - said the broke graf artist

Friday, December 09, 2005

Lil Malaika Joy

It was this beautiful little girl's 1st birthday yesterday
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Miles and his grandpa

'You wouldn't believe how many pictures I have taken in 10 short months' - Miles aka lil Jack Frost
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Snow Storm (fake)

What a fake ass snow storm. It kills me how people how New Yorkers panic when it snows. As if we are gonna be snowed in like some remote town in Nebraska...not that there is anythin wrong with Nebraska, of course

New joints from my favortite Hip-Hopper, Mr. Blue Colllar, Rhymefest.

Chicago Rillaz

Real Audio


Real Audio

-Marck Ecko takes Kweli to the moving pictures cinema

-Get ready for the Kanye tirade at the Grammy's

-You can only duck but so many rape charges

-All I want for Xmas...Kwanzaa...Hannukah, etc

Have a good weekend y'all

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Winter is here ladies and so is...

the Q-Unit
one of the more interesting blend tapes (I refuse to use the word mash-up) of the recent craze

Stay warm, and always stay cool

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

another one

another 'Marcus' Vick from The Fader
this joint is hot

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