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Monday, January 23, 2006

The Bus rolls to Detroit. Happy Days indeed.
I was rooting for Jerome. Maybe because in my dreams if I was a running back I think I would look something like him. In my dreams I most likely think I am Clinton Portis, complete with the multiple personalities.

But Jerome just seems like a cool ass dude. Humble. Great teammate. All that stuff that I value now that I see things from a coach’s perspective. That’s right not only did the Seahawks and The Steelers catch W’s this weekend. So did the Brooklyn Admirals Youth Lacrosse team. The shorties almost beat Garden City, but the older kids housed Seaport. Anyhoo…

I lost money on another NFC game. AGAIN. Will we he learn, caught something on the Usher Tour. Seahawks look like they were gonna cover the spread by the 1st TV timeout. I slept on them, I am not gonna front. I will have to do my research before I make a pick for the SB. My heart is with The Steelers – no doubt. But where will my money be?

Holmgren did what Lovie and Coughlin somehow missed. Blanket Steve Smith and let everyone else beat you. News bulletin Lovie! – there is no one else.

So much for Denver’s cries for respect – ouch!

As I was reminded yesterday my Jets are at home eagerly waiting the Fishscale album so all my Football rambling is strictly academic.

How is that Kobe dropping 81 was like the 8th story on SportsCenter this morning? I see it’s Front Page on ESPN.com now. For a minute I thought it was getting snubbed.
Thanks for blowing the under Kobe steak

UVa beats UNC and Duke loses. A good couple days for College BB

Knicks need Steph like I need an in house nutritionist

In music news

Nas to Def Jam - so nice to see Black people getting along


Rhymefest at AOL Sessions – still got love even though we got booted (booted in a good way, if that’s possible) off the project, lol

Sergio Mendes streams


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