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Friday, January 06, 2006

Been following this Ariel Sharon story. It's funny how when an overweight senior citizen who has phenomenal stress from holding a position where his life is constant danger catches a major stroke people want to blame God. Christians, Jews and Muslims alike.

Whether you call it the power of God or karma there always seems to be a strong sense in our society that the last option is personal responsibility.

Maybe G_D struck Sharon down for giving up land to the Palestinians. Maybe Allah smacked him up for taking land from the Muslims. Maybe Benjamin Netanyahu poisoned his breakfast. Maybe it was Osama or another faceless 'terrorist' organization. Perhaps it was that woman upstairs who watches the 700 Club every day. Maybe it was karma coming to get him for being a solder and comitting a few indiscretions.

Whatever it is, one thing is for sure. There should be no surprise in what Pat Robertson said. I am no Biblical scholar but the idea of a Christian God punishing those who don't do His bidding is as fundemental as 2 naked people, an apple and bad ass children.

This piece I read about Wal Mart and Planet of The Apes is funny. Insensitive racist programmers aside, this actually makes sense. Planet of Apes was a commentary on race relations, right?. (The original, not that Marky Mark/Tim Burton mess.) And the last time I checked MLK had a few things to say about the issue as well.

The Texans should take Reggie Bush. It's the smart thing to do. The Saints take Leinart and the Titans don't really need a QB. hmmm... I wonder who uses the 4th pick for Vince...
and in other bonehead news. I cannot beleive the Jets are gonna let Herm Edwards go. This is perhaps the dumbest front office move I have seen in years. FOR A FREAKING 4th ROUND PICK!!!!! What an insult.
Actually Herm, if they are gonna disrespect you like that go to KC, take the new Grandmama and get some Lombardi hardware.
ESPN did make a good point that the Jets may not have the $ to lock Herm down for 2 more years. The failed stadium bid and Chad's stupidiculous salary have tapped the piggy bank.
Proof that being wack and making money go hand in hand like Miso Soup and lunch from Peas and Pickles


Blogger Ian said...

You're telling me 10,000,000,000 people exchanged money for "The Massacre"?

And I'm sorry to say that the Titans probably do need a QB. McNair's coming back, but I'm not sure they're sold on Volek. The Saints will probably draft young since they gave up on our boy Aaron Brooks and there's no better person to rebuild your franchise's image around. After that happens, I'm pretty sure the Titans will take a long look at reuniting Leinart with their OC, Norm Chow. Maybe the Jets will get D'Brickashaw.

January 08, 2006 1:40 PM


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