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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Brooklyn Bodega

I am pleased to announce the launch of our new site, Brooklyn Bodega, the newest blog on the block and the official home of The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival. Designed by James and Alma and the brainchild of the geniuses at Room Service.
Go check it out it’s buttery fresh!

I haven’t seen such broad coverage on the Nas signing in a while. AOL, The Times, all of that. That was THE news story.
I hope that Nas actually uses the resources of Jay and Def Jam. What I want to see most is Nasir over some Just Blaze beats.
You know Kanye is gonna get tons of work.
I just hope they work on creating a masterpiece more so than a commercial record to capitalize on the buzz.

Nas is still one of the greatest, but like a great NFL running back the system he is in will determine of he becomes Jerome Bettis or Eddie George

Who would have thought Master P dancing would be big news

Welcome to Okayplayer. Hears they left the City of Brotherly Love and are in SoHo

The era of the CD is over. My friends get out before you go down with the ship. Even the execs at MIDEM believe so
I also agree with their assessment that the iTunes dominance cannot last forever

The S on Sony Connect

Any 24 Fans in the house? I was kicking my homey Jack last night. Until Entourage comes back that may be the subject of my TV rants

Who watches Flavor of Love? My new guilty pleasure. Hoopz is sexy as hell. And I Like Smiley.
I saw Hoopz in an ad in King with Tigger…anyone else peep that
But keep it real Flav, they only want fame. It is kind of embarassing seeing them throw themselves at him, knowing that without PE or better yet The Surreal Life Flav would not get the time of day.


Anonymous Stephanie E. said...

Flavor of Love is genius! Someone over at VH1 deserves an award. The funniest is when Hottie said all her friends tell her she looks like Beyonce, and NY said she looks like Luther! It actually looked like Flav was emotional when he talked about how Sweetie wasn't really feeling him. Hoopz seems the most real of the crew, and is physically & gear wise the least busted. I'm hoping Goldie ends up the winner, just because she's funny as hell. But does anybody really win? It's Flav after all.

January 25, 2006 10:52 AM


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