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Thursday, January 26, 2006

What do you do W?

What do you do George W when Hamas, a supposed terrorist organization (I
would like to see his definition, just to be clear) is democraticaly
elected in Palestine?

The reality is that democracy in and of itself is not always a good
thing. As I tell the kids at lacrosse practice, this is not a
democracy, it's a dictatorship. Why? Because they don't know the game
as well as the coaches. We lead , they follow.
Allowing uninformed or worse mislead people democratic power often does
not produce the desired result.

Ask Karl Rove. He is the king of moving a complex issue away from the
informed, simplifying it, distorting it, and then having the uninformed
-Constitutional Ammendment banning gay marriage (where is that? Exactly
where it was in '04, in republican strategists' minds)
-John Kerry's military record (the only cat in the discuss who was
issued a piece)
and now
-Warant-less wire tapping

The issue is not whether the Democrats are soft on terror or whether
there should be wiretapping on suspected terrorists. The issue is why
did you skip the FISA court? Plain and simple. What are you doing that
you don't want the judges to know about?
W is showing a very Nixonian quality (pointed out Brooklyn Bodega).

I am an independent as I think this 2 party system is a mess. But if the
Democrats let the Republicans paint them out as wussies again I will
lose all respect for them.

Somebody needs to grab their balls (theoriticaly - because Hilary might
do it) and stand up to W and his pimps.


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