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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Good night to Ms. Coretta Scott King.
At least she got to see the nation celebrate her husband's birthday one more time


Word has it that the Brooklyn Bodega crew was in the house for Starks' press day yesterday. They gots video and all!


XBox better hurry up and step up production. For here cometh the PS3


My Knicks are embarassing again. WTF!!


Homophobes get ready. Brokeback and Capote lead the Oscar nominations.
Nice to see 'Crash' get some real props. Thought it was gonna get lost since it came out so early in the year

Who was gonna get the ax if Red Oyster didn't have to bounce?
I think New York because she wasn't gonna let Flav get his pimp on.

Although she should get something for slobbing Flav down for 8 minutes.
When she gets cut she is gonna go nuts...I was gonna say postal, but today that is the wrong choice of words


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