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Friday, January 13, 2006

8 Reasons why I am embarassed and Sa Ra review

  1. A Pimps Theme Music
  2. Hard On A Bitch
  3. Where The Pimps At?
  4. I'm Pimpin
  5. Keep It Real Hoe
  6. I'm A Pimp
  7. Pimpin Forever
  8. I Wanna Pimp You Hoe

Taken from the forthcoming Too $hort mixtape

my people, my people


No post yesterday. You know the deal.

So here is a quick rundown of the Sa Ra show.

-Line was down the block. Luckily the SC caught the RS crew at the front

-missed 2/3 of the show

-Every trendy hip person in Brooklyn, M'hattan, and Queens got the memo to show up

-lot of blazers. some velvet. no tweed

-industry heavy. no clapping at the end of songs. wack. More networking than listening. They were a nice amount of real fans though

- Interesting my man W El was in the house. Suprised he would support GOOD Music after that anti Kanye song. But I guess Kanye is Kanye and Sa Ra is Sa Ra

-Chairman and president of Sony in the house. A good sign. Hopefully they will get the support they need.

-Show was interesting. Song structure was loose, but free flowing. I like the back up dancers. Nice touch. Drums, keys, DJ, and the 3 of them on the mic. They looked like they were having an absolute ball. Good energy.

-Good to see Brian and Jarret of Rawkus fame who manage Sa Ra. They are enjoying their rebound.

-Make get Sa Ra for the Festival. Would be a good look

-Best quote of the night "Black, Bohemian, drugged out jam band" - That is actually appealing to me

Water, The SC


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