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Tuesday, January 17, 2006


Took Monday off as probably most of you did. Happy belated MLK Day to all. Hope you enjoyed it.

Some reflections after a long weekend

- I can’t stay up until 7 a.m. like I used to. After going hard in A.C. for my man Harrigan’s bachelor party I needed MLK day to recover. Recover, earl, and fight a fever

-FYI kids, don’t drink a wine glass fill of Hennessey at 5 am. It will come back to haunt you. In more ways than one, unfortunately

-I tell you those Knicks are looking good. The Friday game was hot, took a nasty ‘L’ from the Raptors. And they were one turnover away from possibly taking that T’Wolves game into overtime
-Hope Steph isn’t hurt too bad. Cheap Shot Wally? Not so sure

The meltdown of Peyton Manning tells me several things:

1) F*&k the drop back quarterback. This is why Vince Young should be the 1st QB taken. At that level of play you need an athlete. Someone who can think on his feet and get out of trouble when protection breaks down. Someone who can run a QB Draw on 3rd and 2 with the game on line.

2) With Peyton Manning you only have to worry about one thing. Him passing the ball. Cover the receivers put pressure and it’s a wrap. His ego is too big to hand it off to Edge and he can’t run. With Vince, you simply have more options. What does he do when bully ass Joey Porter takes him down? Blame the line. I actually don’t have a problem with that as most commentators did.

3) The line got punked. But Peyton, man, you gotta move. Avoid the rush. Something. Didn’t you guys learn anything from that SD game? You better learn now.

4) The window to win the big one does not stay open all night.

What agame though. That fumble had me jumping out of shoes and socks

5) I feel bad for Vanderjagt, but I am glad the Bus is not going out like a sucka

-I lost on every game so I am not betting on Nathan until the Super Bowl

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