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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus dr.ama

I wrote this this morning before Imus got axed from MSNBC. Excuse the typos I wrote this on my wack ass Treo.

I just want to make one point regarding the Imus/Nappy headed/Rutgers situation and my man Big Perm aka The Rev. Al Sharpton. A lot of the backlash has come Perm's way claiming he is picking on Imus because he's white. On WNYC a caller claimed Perm never spoke out against Hip-Hop and its misogyny. A good point if it weren't absolutely false.

Sharpton has spoken out against Hip-Hop on numerous occasions. Most recently when he held a press conference condemning the attack on Jimmy Rosemond's son. I found it interesting and quite ignorant at how people (black and white) revel in prejudjeing Big Perm.

Forget Sean Bell, Diallo, the presidential bid, or Louima it all comes back to Tawanna Brawley. Because of the Brawley case 20 years ago. He is an opportunist. A racist. A glory hound.

Now certainly there is some truth to all the attacks but what is also true is that Perm cuts both ways. Black, white, men, women, domestic, international, Republiccan, Democrat. So before you throw stones do your research.

What else is true is Al Sharpton is the only person a Black person can count to raise a stink when an agredious wrong has been committed. Now whether you want that stink raised is another issue. Or if that stink is helpful is another issue. But what is clear is that without Perm Don Imus
would still be on the radio. The Sean Bell killers may have not been indicted. He affects change. He holds people accountable. Don Imus will think twice before he runs his mouth. Will he regress? Probably, but the young Imus wannabe on the rise will keep his mouth shut.

I like Sharpton because in this world of double talking Negroes who are afraid to speak up about anything of significance we need a fearless rabble rouser who will put Don Imus on blast. We need an outside guy to balance Obama's inside steez. Yeah he makes you uncomfortable or maybe embarasses but when you're the next Rodney King who you gonna call?

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