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Saturday, April 07, 2007

Easter and the literal reading

I was watching Court TV and there was a story about a school district that banned easter baskets this year. Giving Easter baskets violated the policy of favoring a particular religion over another. The school did nothing for Passover and has never recognized Ramadan or any Muslim holiday.

The commentator was appalled and the mother of the kid who was making the baskets said something to the effect of 'it doesn't have anything to do with religion. It's just fun for the kids.'

Easter is not about religion - riiiiiight.

As far off to the left as that woman is it makes me think of the people who are equally to the right.

I am of the Joseph Campbell school of thought that the Bible was not meant to be taken literally but is rather a set of parables meant to teach a moral lesson.

There was a piece on the History Channel that attempted to explain some of the miracles in the Bible. one example was the parting of the red sea. A legend that people believe as actual fact.
The parting of the red sea was actually Moses finding the low lands where one could cross wthout a large boat.
Once the people were across, solders stayed behind in the reeds and ambushed Pharoahe's solders. Because they couldn't see their attackers it appeared as though the sea itself swallowed them up. Especially after the waters returned and covered up the site and the evidence.

Now the historical facts need corrobaration but it definitely made me think.


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