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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Imus dr.ama part 2 - before the firing

so Imus is trying to use the rap defense. Rappers use bitch and ho so get off his back.

So we are giving rappers this much power? Excellent.
So when rappers rap about reperations, universal health care, police brutality I expect everyone to follow suit. Grant them the same power and influence then as you do now.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Today in Advertising class, my teacher asked us how do we feel about this situation. She asked being that some point in our career we would have to deal with. People like Imus, being that we may have to pull the plug on him because he is a spokesperson for a company we work for. In my opinon yes he should have been fired. Listing to his comment, it seems to me that his mind wasn't on public radio mood. He slipped into his comfort zone, where his true colors come out. If you listen to it he took it to a personal level convo with the other jerk who should be fired as well. (personal level meaning that this isn't the first time he has unlashed this kind of garbage). A breif sum up. One student said the example of "the rapper", one teacher said "he says things like this all the time on his show", guess what they were. and the other three student, student, teacher where highly pissed. It amazes me how it's so easy to talk about it, let it go, and give examples when the punches aren't throw at your people. Leaving you with this When and how did "the rapper" become the sum up of our life as people? We do other professions well.


April 12, 2007 12:14 AM


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