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Monday, April 30, 2007

Randomness (Sports mostly)

keep making fun of my name. I am the biggest mf'ing QB that you will ever see

  • Had Miles all to myself so I am understandably tired and busy today. No time to work on the weekends like I prefer. Although there were some Saturday 5am emails.

  • Why I am not interested in the NBA playoffs?

  • Note to MSG if I want hockey I don’t tune into a lacrosse game. I know you love the Rangers but how can just cut off the lacrosse game last night. You bastards.

  • And btw, how can I move things I DVR onto my computer? Tech help anyone?

  • Jamarcus has to be one of the best Black names in pop culture. I used to have a running list of names (Anfernee, Ladanian, D’Brickashaw). Have fun with Randy Moss, Jamarcus

  • Poor, poor, poor, filthy rich Brady Quinn

  • I like the lineman who went fishing with his pops.

  • Fire Steinbrenner not Torre

  • Duke lacrosse bounced back like a mf. Didn’t they?

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