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Monday, April 02, 2007

Stressed out

-There is nothing like the smile of your baby boy to brighten things up and give you some perspective.
Was a little stressed out on Friday, but it was noting that Miles Boogie couldn’t fix.

-Was at the gym listening to ‘Late Registration.’ A while back Ian had called it a masterpiece and with a few arguments that’s what it is. Some joints are better than others but there are some real monsters on there. ‘Late’ and ‘Gone’ – those are songs that many MC’s simply could not pull off. I am an unashamed Kanye fan. Tantrums and all.

-So what’s with the new okayplayer.com?

-Florida and Ohio State AD’s are chiiiiiiiiilin’

- Pilates looks hard as sh*t!

- Brooklyn Bodega so fresh and so clean

- So we got Skillz, Cons, Tanya Morgan, and ______, and ________ confirmed. And about to confirm ___________ and _________!?!?!? Gonna be a nice day for sure

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Blogger ian said...

I like that kid Cons' music. Curious whether he's any good live though??

April 07, 2007 1:17 PM


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