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Sunday, April 15, 2007

New Rules

New Rules inspired by the Don Imus saga

  1. Don’t blame Hip-Hop for the world’s woes.

  2. Cite references – stop using phrases like rap artist, rap business, and record labels without citing one actual name, title, or executive

  3. old white men with a history of bigoted behavior can definitely not use Hip-Hop as a scapegoat

  4. if you don’t know Hip-Hop, don’t speak on it and show your ignorance

  5. and if you don’t know, do your research

  6. When we (Hip-Hop) have nothing to do with drama keep our name out of your mouth

  7. Don’t invite website editors (Aqua Boogie, allhiphop) to your show (Sat morning on MSNBC) and not do any research of the aforementioned editor’s and his writers published opinions. “Why was there no protest about Three Six Mafia winning the Oscar?” There was plenty, idiot host. Ever heard of a Google search?

  8. If your name is Pat Robertson or Fat Tony from the McLaughlin Group stay away from me. Because after the garbage you spewed on Sunday I will punch you in the face if I see you. “Don Imus did no evil. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are evil.” But thanks for exposing yourselves as the sick bigots that you are. I love it when the shroud of the Dark Side drops. Regardless of what you think your boy got axed, learn from it.

  9. All in all I feel bad for Imus. His ignorant ass got a 50 year education and ass whooping in about 10 days. Which inspires my last rule: It is 2007, bashing of women and endorsing racial stereotypes will no longer be tolerated. When you run your mouth, be prepared for the heat.



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