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Monday, April 23, 2007


Life is better when the sun is out. Especially when you have a 2 year old with more energy than Jim Carey on a Red Bull and yayo cocktail.

Make sure you get out today. Don't get stuck in the office or in the crib. I, myself, am at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park visualizing how f@@@ing dope the Festival is gonna be.

FYI (for single guys only, of course), a lot of good looking women work in DUMBO. Another good thing about the sun. It melts women's clothes.

Guilty pleasure alert: I like 'Get it Shawty' by Lloyd. But maybe that's because of the subliminal classic house sample in the hook.

Gentrification comment: why is the Dekalb side of Fort Greene Park packed while the Myrtle side is damn near empty. And how ill is it that the hill is such a natural border. Come on people, the projects and its residents are not that scary. Don't believe everything Mobb Deep told you about NYCHA.

-Entourage is still my shit but it's time to get the narrative rolling.

-and I am about ready for The Sopranos to end.

Time to do some work in the good weather.
I'll holla.


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