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Friday, April 14, 2006

So the Beatles have finally allowed their music available for digital download. Whop-de-freaking-whoop!
Is this really the news story that CNN would have me believe?
Just take a look at Apple’s quarterly reports since the introduction of the iPod and you should laugh at The Beatles.

Are they just now realizing the financial windfall of digital sales? Ridiculous.
Led Zeppelin and Garth Books are hold outs as well? These cats look like former mavericks turned complacent and out of touch millionaires


The latest on the Duke investigation – dorm room searches.
That DA is going after these cats

And indictments are on the way

Does the DA have the case or has he just been backed into a corner?

What happened to the DNA? If there was any
1) the accuser was in shock and she inadvertently destroyed the DNA (taking a shower?)
2) somehow the accused destroyed it? – not suree how that could have happened
3) there was no DNA because there was no contact. They called the escort service, Black girl arrives, good old boys get upset, curse her out, she takes the money and bounces, drops dime

But then where did the evidence of assault come from?
She beat herself up? Hmmmmm – not sure I am buying that.

And what about this officer who claims she was drunk?
Is he a qualified rape counselor?
How can you tell the difference between drunk and shock visually?


Some more thoughts on this Good Friday

Was watching this show on the Ten Commandments. Explaining some of the cultrual significance of the Mosaic laws.
I am no Biblical scholar and I only find myslef in church for weddings. How do Christians reconcile the images of Christ in the face of the Ten Commandments?

Funny how Jews and Muslims feel similiarly about Jesus. Yet in the Mideast it appears as the conflict is the Christian and Jews vs. the Muslims.
Maybe I have a chip on my shoulder, but I can’t help but see racial undertones.

Anyone see that move Pi:Faith In Chaos? I got a long ass post in my head after peeping that joint

My Jewish brothers – Happy Passover
My Christian Brothers – Happy Easter
My Agnostics – keep it gully


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