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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ill Out

Every now and then I realize I do this not for the money. I do this for moments like last night. I mean don’t trip I know bills must be paid, Air Terras must be bought, college funds invested in, and bonuses and raises paid. But I really do this for moments last night. What happened last night? Glad you asked.

Last night we recorded the debut episode of Prince Paul’s ‘Ill Out’ show for XM’s The Rhyme 65. “…a combination of classic Hip-Hop, interviews, rare outtakes and demos from Paul’s career and of course jokes.”

It was a blast. Besides the dope beats provided by DJ Avee (‘Just Say Stet’, ‘Talking Al That Jazz’, and rare Gravediggaz joints) and the comedy provided by Paul, Bimos, Mr. Dead, Buster, and Nice there was a dope interview segment with Squirrel and Kenny Calhoo from the original De La camp.

Squirrel who some remember from the WRMS skits on ‘De La Is Dead’ was in actuality De La’s road manager. Kenny who was immortally shouted out on ‘Itzowezee’ also served as De La’s Merch guru. Sitting in the XM Columbus Circle studios listening to them and Paul tell stories about the recording of ‘3 Feet High and Rising’ was a perfect way for a Hip-Hop nerd like myself to spend his evening. It made up for the fact that I couldn’t put my boy to bed.

When I think about the Fall of ’88 when ‘3 Feet High…’ kept me sane in my 1st year of boarding school, I never could have imagined that I would be chilling with these cats who back then seemed larger than life. Even though they are men just like you and me I love to listen to their stories as if they were my Shakespeare professor back at UVa. Speaking with them you get another part of the story. Stories about fighting with fellow acts on the Walking With A Panther Tour. Who brought the ‘Me, Myself, and I’ sample to the table. Why did they record that song. How Dave’s brother pulled Paul to the side during recording to ask Paul what was this crazy shit. How Paul wanted to sign De La to Geffen. And the real possibility of a Native Tongue Tour.

This is why I do this. So I can say I chased my dreams and now look my idols in the eyes as peers as well as elders.

It’s a good feeling.


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