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Friday, April 21, 2006

Thanks for the responses on the Festival email.
I guess the original email came from a tirade against yours truly from Joell Ortiz on HipHopGame.
Looking at dude’s journal on hiphopgame looks like he is on his hustle. I am not really sure why dude is so concerned about our event. Honestly, if he were to perform he probably wouldn’t be too pleased with the crowd.
Whatever, good luck to you bro.


So the 2nd stripper made a statement and asked 5W Publicity how she could spin it so her daughter could eat. Not a good look for the accuser.

I would like to see this evidence showing the kids at an ATM and a restaurant.

Delbarton, the school that the accused and the nut who wrote that email went to, used to be one of my high school rivals. As far as I know there were no cannibals playing back in the 90’s.


Another book idea for when I grow up: The connection between Skateboarding, Basketball, and Hip-Hop. We all know it’s there and I can build on the link from b-ball to Hip-Hop, but since I am not a skater I would love to explore that connection. The skaters feel it as much as the ball players.
Maybe I have been listening to ‘Kick, Push’ too much.

It is crazy how skateboarding connects with so many other sports as well as music. The equivalent of Lebron in lacrosse is this cat Mikey Powell. He won the championship at Syracuse and is basically the man. He has a deal with Brine for equipment and apparel. He released a backpack that allows you to carry your lacrosse stick and a skateboard.
Simple, but made me say ?????

I have never seen a star in one sport design equipment for another.
A Terrell Owens football gear bag with space for a basketball would look weird even though he is nice in both sports. Skateboarding is the only sport I can think where there is this cross-polinization (sp?).

Have a good weekend to all and to all a good day from the land of w(h)ine and cheese, Pleasantville, NY


Anonymous james said...

lemme know when you plan on writing that book -- that's a subject near and dear to my heart. that's where i came from - 12 years old riding skateboards and listening to GZA -- it's youth culture yo, there is entire generation of kids who came up with both passions.

i had roni watching the zoo york classic 'mixtape' just the other day - the whole thing was spliced with footage from the strech and bob show - diamond d, ghost and meth, ill al skratch, busta circa 91 with curious jorge in the back... classic material

April 22, 2006 11:58 AM


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