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Monday, April 03, 2006

the Devil's dandruff

So Kim 'Bag Of' Trick(s) won the office tourney pool thanks to the win by The Bruins. Now she claims to be a novice, but I think she is a closet Dickie V.
The SC came in third behind the college coach in the pool, so i don't feel so bad.

Maybe because my bracket is so busted but I have not been to into this tourney.

Interesting metaphysical angle from last night's Sopranos. Never though that phrase would come out of my mouth.

Lord Jamar with the nice cameo...and Treach as his lackey. Love it.

New BHF confrmation comeing this week. Should kick, push, and coast its way to the Bodega by Wed

Duke is to lacrosse as Barry Bonds is to baseball.
To keep it real with the Barry Bond situation. We have no idea what drugs Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle or any of those cats were on. the Babe played in the days when the nose candy wasn't so demonized. He might have been getting his toot on.

Who know if the Say Hey Kid was on uppers. A little speed to get through the season.

We may lionize a lot of legends but many of these guys were just as flawed as we are.

This is not to disrespect those legends. It is to say that we simply don't know. So you can't wipe Barry's homers without proof, a positive test.

My argument is that 70% of all pro atheletes are either on the take, or taking something they shouldn't. Maybe popping pain killers for that bad knee or laying a little action on their own game to buy that extra boat. We can't act like Barry is the only bad apple. With the pounding those cats take if you don't do something (either juice or live in the weight room) you end up like Ken Griffey or Grant Hill.


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