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Friday, April 07, 2006

Riding the train with no dough...

Being sick sucks, but finally getting better is the shit.
I am the latter, thank goodness

Riding the bus in today listening to Common’s ‘Nag Champa (Aphrodisiac)’
Damn I loved Dilla’s work. Now that the trendiness of mourning Jay Dee has passed we are gearing up the plans for the Dilla House Party.

I had to hold my tongue while cats who have announced they hate Hip-Hop charged stupid amounts of money for their Dilla Tribute party. I wonder if any of it went to his Mom. Spinna’s party was the only legit one I heard of…and I couldn’t make it.

Still trying to find the right spot. I would do it at my crib, but don’t I could get that pass the wife.

One thought that got a brother choked up on the bus was that Dilla Dog’s spirit and my Mom’s are somewhere having a rum and coke.

-Teddy Pendegrass may be my favorite old school crooner. 'TAKE 'EM OFF!!!' From Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes to the solo career you without me is like harold melvin without the blue notes, you'll never go platinum
-I've been playing lacrosse since '89. I know pricks like this. They give the sport a bad name. These guys give it a good one
-The Bridge, the place to be on Thursday nights. Rocked 'Peachfuzz' last night


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