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Monday, April 17, 2006

Was poking around okayplayer this morning and found this post on their boards via the front page.
Someone was complaining about the M1 album and evidently Kweli caught feelings about amateur critics.

I do this for a living,like for real, not pretend over the internet. I really get on stageand travel and go to the studio and buy albums and pay producers andstart labels, on top of raising my family and trynta [sic] be active in thecommunity. Sometimes the artist on OKP don't get the respect thatthey give the fans. I haven't heard M1's entire album, but I'm downby law, and I now music well enough to know that it CAN'T beterrible..
That's not because he's family, it's because I study thegame, and I know what he brings to the table.Personally, I like the first dead prez album more than the second, but to fix my mouth to sayit's terrible would be a travesty. I'm sure stic and M like theirsecond album better, that's how it usually goes. There is nothingconstructive about the criticism…more

Opinions are cool and welcome, but have some respect for those who do this for a living and feed their families off of it.
Hate helps no one. Constructive criticism, however, is absolutely necessary.

I cannot stand people who love to tell people how to do their job when all they do is sit on the sidelines and throw stones. In addition this ‘hater-ism’ shows a tremendous lack of respect for Hip-Hop in general. People still feel like this is so easy and that anyone can do it. This business is just as difficult to navigate as any other industry. It takes the same amount of skill and dedication to excel here as it does in a law firm or a private medical practice.
You can’t watch The Ultimate Hustler (btw where is that guy?) and become an exec anymore than you can watch Law & Order and become a detective.

And to those who think I’m wrong, here is my challenge:
If there is more money in the deal, then you put it together.
If you know better artists, then you sign them up.
If you have a better marketing strategy then you devise and implement it.
Get busy, it’s a free country for the time being.

Otherwise leave the real businessmen (and there are plenty) alone and let us do our thing while you do yours…and as they say I’ll see you at the platinum party


Anonymous Anonymous said...

i hear what you're saying but i think the bigger issue with kweli specifically (and a lot of the "stop hating on me...") mc is that folks such as myself are not trying to hate but say, "we're not feeling it".

wes, can you honestly say that you think that all of kweli's albums post "Train of Thought" are top quality? I REALLY want to put money down an a Kweli album but find mysekf udnerwhelmed every time. I'm not knocking his marketing scheme, just curious why he can come off on "Get By" but fall short so often.

as a fan, i want all artists to make dope albums. i dont care if its marketing on mtv, bet or vh1 classics. just give me the bangers!

take the new little brother mixtape for example. i was a little thrown off the "gangsta grillz" label but after hearing it, i think its dope and hope it gets them the airplay the deserve.

as a long time supporter of artists like kweli (i've got an orig. pressing of "2000 seasons/once in a lifetime") it sound to me like sour grapes when i can't tell him on message board to "step his game up" and get hi-tek on the phone.

April 17, 2006 1:06 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

I am not going to front. I think Kweli's latest work is certainly not his best. And we all have the right to have an opinion on that and comment. It just must be done in a more constructive way. Don't say you suck and sign off. State your reasons in an intelligent and respectful manner.

I do agree that many people lay the blame on haters when it is really their own incpmpetence. I have certainly been guilty of that.

Some people also have thin skin and large egos. They cannot conceive that everything they touch is not golden. No worries about those folks because it has been my experience that they evetually snuff their own light.

Thanks for reading brother

April 17, 2006 2:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed. depsite it all, i'm really hoping he brings it on the next album and silences all of the critics ("haters" and contructive criticizes all).

- anonymous poster from earlier today

April 17, 2006 4:49 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

hopefully he will lock himself in Ohio up with Hi-Tek and make some Black Star/Reflection level shit for '06

April 17, 2006 5:04 PM


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