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Monday, April 10, 2006

You are a dirty pimp, stop fronting like you don't need the hos

This weekend I had a revelation regarding the raging debate on immigration policy. A couple of thoughts

The debate paints an interesting picture of the seemingly cock diesel Republican Party. The fact that they couldn't pass the bill in a Republican controlled Senate plays out like a political Alien v Predator.
The xenophobic, racist, post 9/11 Republicans vs. the capitalistic, greedy, exploitive Republicans. Bush’s ignorant policies have heretofore been able to placate both sides, but we’ll see what happens now. What a legacy this guy is gonna have.

And my question to the xenophobes is who do you think is going to do all the work that the day laborers do? The middle class. Yeah right. Vincente Fox was right. Even Black people won’t do those jobs. You’d better find another brown ethnic group to exploit. You think the middle class is gonna jump on these hard ass landscaping and construction jobs. Not to mention the child care, health care, food services and counseling jobs. If they do, it will be at a much higher cost and will cripple businesses large and small.

And if you want to be so gangsta about this immigration policy you’d better deport all immigrants without papers. For various reasons I think people think this debate is about Mexicans and other immigrants of color. My Mexican brothers are only one group. This policy better not be enforced along racial tones. That Canadian border needs a fence. Deport the Brits, the French, The West Indians, The Canadians, The Italians, The Russians, The Greeks…everybody. And once that is done what do you think this country is going to be like?
I guess big mouths like Lou Dobbs will be working on that new building site since he believes all immigrants is take those jobs away from ‘real’ Americans.

And all this talk about closing borders is ridiculous. This country was built by immigrants. The open door policy is what sparked creative and commercial innovation. Plus let us not forget that this country is built upon the exploitation of immigrants. These great Americans that Lou Dobbs defends every night built their fortune on stolen land from the Native Americans, off the backs of stolen Africans. The Chinese and The Irish have also felt the sting of the Stars and Stripes. So stop fronting, America can’t run if it is not pimping immigrants. It has no experience.

But I realize that in a post 9/11 world there are security issues that must be addressed.
I guess this is when the great leader that America elected twice will show us the way.

I’ll be here. Holla when you have an answer. But if you ask the SC America, this is ‘The Start of Your [our] Ending’ like a Mobb Deep song. George Bush and his 2 administrations have set the wheels in motion that will establish China as the next super power in Miles’ lifetime.


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