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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

All those who want to call the girl in the Duke lacrosse scandal a liar hold tight .
75 - 80%of all rape cases do not have DNA proof.

There is some info we need to hear on this. Regardless that dude who sent that email should catch a metaphysical if not Karmic beatdown.


Now supposedly Darren Daulton is crazy for believing in metaphysics, the end of the world and astral travel but we are in the midst of celebrating the son of God who walked on water, healed the sick with his touch, came back to life after being crucified and could feed a whole bunch of people with a fish and a loaf of bread. And he comes from a tradition where people conversed with burning bushes as well as talking snakes, parted waters with a staff and lived for hundred of years.

It seems like both stories are equally fantastic. And who are we to discount either one. If you believe in one you certainly cannot scoff at the other.

Personally, I think they are both right.


Anonymous the matzah kid said...

did you watch the fabulous ABC made for tv '10 commandments' remake this week? moses was runnin shit. they all had british accents.

As much as i enjoyed the mini-mini series (admittedly for mostly ironic reasons) it made me itchy thinking about all of the folks who take these types of stories as historical fact, rather than (and i mean no disrespect to the power of belief) moral food for thought.

I'm wondering, when you say 'i think they are both right', do you mean to suggest ideologically or literally?

respectfully yours,
hebrew by birth in brooklyn

April 12, 2006 3:26 PM

Blogger Swifty said...

i guess both. I think they are literal facts that have turned into moral myths.

I do think it is possible that Moses heard voices from a higher power. Now was that a god with a white beard? I, personally, don't think so. An alien? possibly.

If history is kind Dalton could be a prophet. Without the right marketing and PR he is a nut.

Did people take whatever Moses heard and pimp it for their own racist, sexist, nationalistic desires? Without a doubt.

thanks for commenting on the blog

April 13, 2006 11:51 PM


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