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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

The Cactus

Still trying to knock out this annoying chest cold and found my old 3rd Bass ‘Cactus Cee/D’ and bumped it this morning. Forgot how good an album this was.

Where is Sam Sever? Joints on there from Prince Paul when he was at his hottest. The Bomb Squad.

Listening to that record from beginning to end they really seemed to enjoy the whole process. A lot of music today seems to be work.
Industry work. Gotta have my single, need my single for the streets, for the South, for the West Coast, (no need to worry about New York they just follow the trends now)
Doesn’t seem to be fun anymore.

You know who is fun? Lupe Fiasco and his new video for 'Kick, Push' front page on the Bodega today

And Serch was nice. I forgot that.
Pete was cool, but sometimes I don’t get what he’s trying to say.
They sure did hate the Beastie Boys. And then I heard Serch tried to join the Beasties. sour grapes?

This week’s first trivia question.

What is the name of Pete Nice’s production company as credited on ‘The Cactus’?


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