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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

"My Girl cousins are gonna rock you"

Listened to the Fishscale last night. About 1 ½ times.
Quick thoughts:

-A lot of cooked crack references. Excuse me sonny, is this trap-hop?

-More introspective Ghost than non-linear Ghost. The joint about getting whoopings (produced by Dilla Dog) is dope. The album feels like more ‘All I Got Is You’ than ‘Winter Warz’

-I tried to compare the albums, but I realized he put so many out so close together that they have blended together in my mind. Add the Theodore Unit album and the Trife/Ghost album there has been a lot of Ghost in the past 5 years

-Very ‘underground’. I wonder how it will translate on the big Def Jam stage

-Outside of the ‘Back Like That’ joint not much for the vultures i.e. radio hits

-A Sandbox smash, not so sure about Best Buy

-Something has got to be done to go beyond the Ghost fanatics (like moi)

-Rae sounds great

-Cap rambles too much


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