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Monday, February 06, 2006

Some say it was the worst called, most boring, Super Bowl of all time.
I was happy the Bus won and a player like Hines Ward got some shine.

In the age of TO and Drew I’ll’ Rosenhaus ‘you’ I like the story of the future Hall of Famer who takes a pay cut to help the team. I know the owners are rich farts who can afford it, but leave that out. It’s all about Hines Ward crying last year because he thought he couldn’t deliver a trophy to the Bus and sucking it up this year and getting it done.

It’s all about rocking the throwback ND jerseys for your captain
It’s about your momma crying in the luxury box
And finally it’s all about Tight Ends thinking twice the next time they run their mouth about your leader. Every needs to get popped now and again. Literally and figuratively.

I actually dislike cats who run their mouth too much, which I think Joey Porter did. But a taste of those dudes on your team is cool. I know he had those Hawks shook, I’ll tell you that. What is bad is when you get too much of that and you turn into TO and Michael Irvin. I would never want those guys on my team because when you are winning (Irvin) it’s all gravy, but when things get rough (TO) they sell you out like a neighboring king in pre-colonial West Africa.

Irvin instigated that whole mess with Donovan and TO. That damn question about Favre was rehearsed and planned. On several occasions Irvin has made it known how he felt about TO’s re-negotiation. And that interview was an attempt to spray Lysol on the bonfire.

And Irvin’s silly comments about Donovan interview during SB week were asinine and juvenile. While McNabb’s were thought provoking and appropriate. I hope Michael Irvin does not return to ESPN.

He drives me crazy. He and arrogant players like his ilk are bad for the kids. Good for NFL owners and major Universities, but horrible for the youth. Coaching kids now I see all of this stuff from a different perspective. The concept of team and sacrifice that I was taught in 3rd grade does not exist in too many of my kids. And I have to attribute it, to a certain extent to clowns like Irvin.

He talks over his fellow commentators. I hope Steve Young slugs him if he comes back next year.
He is lucky we looked the other way when he got caught with the glass bitch like T-Money.

As far as I am concerned give me Boomer, TJ, Jaws, and Stu and I’m good-dood.

The SC usually doesn’t like to go negative, but I had to. Please forgive me.


Why was the last person who got the key to the city of Detroit (Detrwoi) Sadaam 'my prices are in' Hussein

Do the Boondocks really need to drop ‘nigga’ so much? I am not as caught up on the word as some, but damn.

What happened to 'Did You Know' on SportsCenter?


Blogger Ian said...

Agree on the "Boondocks" front. A lot of that seems forced sometimes. And dude, Michael Irvin was holding the pipe for his brother, man. Bulletproof testimony. I was really hoping Steve Young would've talked ish to him about being in the Hall of Fame.

February 06, 2006 7:06 PM


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