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Friday, February 17, 2006

Too much caffiene

Is that Mary rhyming on the Busta remix?
Why I am not mad at her? Always loved Mary


So I got a beef with small businesses complaining about big chains moving in on them.
There was a Starbucks that opened up around the corner that competes directly with the local too ‘cool for school’ café/art supply store. I used to get my occasional cup of joe from the local place before Starbucks. Now I was not a Starbucks guy, but I can’t front when they opened I kind of got hooked. I started going in there almost every morning to pick up my new drug of choice. Then I started feeling guilty about not supporting the small spot. So I went back in there this morning to keep it real. These ‘Bamas straight up stop filling my order put my shit on the side to get cold while they got a cookie and a granola cup for the patron behind me in the line. I mean come on? How do you straight up ignore your customers and then complain that Starbucks is pushing you out. That is some ghetto ass customer service.

When a well funded, highly organized chain moves in it is not time to complain. It’s time t re-visit your business plan. Assess strengths and weaknesses and go to battle. Expecting people to support the little guy just because is ludicrous.

This reminds of the time when indie labels were all the rage. Eventually the lack of quality control succumbed to the machine of the major label.

I bought a Dan Brown paperback from Target on Thursday and felt guilty about the local bookstore going out of business. Then I went into the local shop and remembered that in 3 years never had I seen a recommendation, received a single word of advice. I remembered that there was no rhyme or reason to how the books were organized. No signs. No sections. Nada.

So kiddies, the moral of today’s rambling is…I love Mary J Blige

Have a good weekend


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