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Friday, February 10, 2006

Things not to do when trying to get an internship

Been looking to add some warm bodies to the operation.

Human Resources must suck as gig. It's hard pouring through resumes.
Saying the same schpiel in interview after interview.

Anyway, here are some things I advise not to do, at least if you want to
party with us.

1. Email me at 12:32 asking to re-schedule your 12:30 appointment

2. Talk over the interviewer. Let everyone say their peace.

3. Arrive 2 hours late because you ignored our subway directions.

4. Show up for the interview smelling like weed.

5. Have absolutely no questions

6. Say you guys are a 'little Cornerstone'
(One intern used a C'stone reference to her benfit. The other did not)

7. Tell me 'Monday is no good anymore. Wes, how's your Thursday?' You
ain't Russel Rush yet, homey.

8. Take 3 days to return emails

We got some duds, but plenty of great candidates. Look for some new
faces, knuckleheads.

Some (trifling) things TO do

9. Reference one of my boys in your interview

10. Go to an ACC school

11. Be from the Bronx

12. Have read Kim's profile on www.brooklynbodega.com

13. Tell me you are anticipating the new CL Smooth and Raekwon albums

14. Be an English Major

15. Be ready to work the very next day


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