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Friday, February 24, 2006

Cheney, the Black VP

Remember how people said Bubba was the 1st Black President because he
cheated on his wife then set up shop on 125th.

Well in the spirit of Dave Chapelle and jokes Black people shouldn't
make public the SC has 5 reasons why Cheney is Clinton's running mate
and more Hip-Hop than Hot 97.

1) In the spirit of Stop Snitching Cheney blasts people in the face with
a shotgun and doesn't cooperate with the police. He is more gangsta than
all you silly rappers.

2) Like Busta and many brothers in Rikers he is involved in a shooting
and is nowhere to be seen for days. (This is kind of like 1a, but
. Then blames the victim. And like an abusive husband convinces
the dude with bee bee's in his mug to apologize for causing the Cheney's

3) He is insubordinate to his boss. While Bush talks about getting off
of fossil fuels the next day Cheney sends his people up to Alaska to
start housing Black Gold.
I get the feeling he listens to Bush with that 'whatever dude ' look
'you're a dumb ass. I've got to do me'

4) He gets drunk and shoots people like Beanie Siegel.
Homie was lit. You know it.

5) Feels like 'the media' is always out to get him. I have never seen a
group of white people like the Republicans complain that the system aka
the liberal media is designed to take them out.
And Cheney is the most paranoid of them all.

6) He has mastered pimping the gub'ment for free money. See:
Cats robbing people for WIC checks on the 1st and 15th wish they had his
what's really sad is that this foolishness is associated with Black Folk and Hip-Hop


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