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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I was gonna come up with something witty to make fun of the Cylon Invader George W, but I don’t think I can beat the Robert Palmer reference that James rocked on the Bodega Blog. They just threw up some ill podcasts from my peoples Kyle and KB as well as fellow cinematic aficionado Mike Jax


I was watching Kobe play this high school team at The Garden, then I turned it off and watched Empire Disc 1 – Hail Caesar!
My man Andy put me onto Empire after he noticed my love for Rome and all Sunday Night HBO programming choices.
(Isn’t cool that Turtle is the most famous of all of them in the off season? Knicks commercials, HIV awareness, Hip-Hop Honors)

Devoured Disc 1 after Boogie went down. I am all about Disc 2 tonight


Why are people attacking Tom and 'War of the Worlds'? I That movie was good, until the ending


Thanks to our friends at Giant Step for hooking up the Heather Hadley tix for the wife. She said the show was off the hook. Heather seems like she is no joke, on several levels – roowwwrrr!


Hopefully Dave won’t get the same tongue lashing as homeboy from A Million Little Pieces, who just got dumped by his agent
That Cam’ron thing is over right? Nicely done Hip-Hop world


So Alito is in. I saw a pic in the Metro Newspaper of Clarence “Doubting” Thomas cheesing like the Kool Aid Man. That dude looks like such a gump.


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